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Friday, October 29, 2021

Democracy on the Fritz


Friends, one of the few things that leftists and conservatives can agree on these days is that our democracy is sick.  It faces headwinds including misinformation, corruption, cynicism, unequal justice, fiscal incontinence, and even outright political violence.  There's increasing talk of "civil war".  It's important, though, to understand that, when the Left bandies about these terms, it's talking about an entirely different set of problems than we are.  For the Bolshies, it's "voter suppression" and SCOTUS and the filibuster and Trumpers with offensive lawn signs that represent the death knell of democracy.  For us, it's voter fraud and open borders and depolicing and CRT and the rise of socialism and Big Tech censorship and...and...and...well, it's a long list.


Just for today, let's explore the Dem/progressive perspective.  Check out these articles (which you assuredly won't like) that delegitimize the filibuster and claim that the fulfilment of the democratic aspirations of the American people are impossible so long as such "anachronisms" are allowed to impede the Democrats' work.  In Steny Hoyer's case -- and he may very well be the next leader of the Democrats in the House -- he essentially claims that the Senate itself is an abomination, but at a minimum he demands that the Senate stop blocking all the glorious legislation flowing like a torrent out of Nancy Pelosi's House.  Similarly, the Left's attacks on the legitimacy of SCOTUS have become incessant and increasingly overwrought.  SCOTUS, in fact, has barely done anything so far to vindicate the faith that conservatives have placed in it, but still the Left is itching to throw it to the wolves.


Consider these leftist arguments carefully.  Right now, they're just (hyperbolic) words, but consider that such a fundamental rejection of the basic institutions of American democracy (as we know it) could put the Democrats in a place where, sometime soon, they have to destroy democracy in order to save it.  I mean, what's a Democrat to do if SCOTUS repeals Roe v. Wade, and then the Senate blocks the Democrats' federalizing of elections, and then -- heaven forbid! -- the American people vote to reinstall Donald J. Trump in the White House in 2024???  I mean, seriously -- what would they do?  Go quietly into the night?  I doubt it.  I think they would do virtually anything to prevent their enemies from retaking control of the system, regardless of the wishes of the "American people" they pretend to care about so much.  And, if I'm right, reelecting Republicans in 2022 and 2024 may feel good, but it will only push us closer to the brink, i.e. to the point at which Democrats will have to decide whether another "peaceful transfer of power" is acceptable to them or not.  And if they decide it isn't?  All bets are off, my friends.  All bets are off.  For one thing, our endless grumbling about how persecuted we are could start to look mighty prescient!


Here's a great summation of the flawed nature of the "process" that produced Joe Biden's "win" in the 2020 election. 

Well, the speculation over whether Adam Kinzinger, Trump-hating Republican, could win renomination, or reelection, in 2022 is now moot.  He's not running.  Good riddance!


It's official: Letitia James is running for Governor of the great state of New York.  In other words, New York won't be such a great state for long. 

Turns out Trump won't be going to Virginia to campaign for Glenn Youngkin, but he will be appearing at a tele-rally.  That's an interesting way for Youngkin to reap the benefits of Trump's support, while keeping his distance from Trump himself.  Will it work?  According to the latest Fox News poll, Youngkin is ahead!  According to most other polls, it's a dead heat.  We shall see.


There's a trend with respect to those "insurrectionists" incarcerated for their role in the events of January 6th: they can receive leniency if they "repent", as this article suggests, and acknowledge that their Trumpism was all a horrible mistake.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: actions are (sometimes) criminal.  Thoughts are not.  Leftists do not seem to grasp this simple concept, and that's reason number one to oppose them.


Racial bias -- against whites -- is everywhere you look.  In fact, anti-racism more or less requires us to be racists.  Be that as it may, you'll find few examples of racial discrimination against whites as blatant as this one.  A selection committee simply refused to select anyone, because it didn't like the race of the applicants.  Any self-respecting Department of Justice would be all over this.  Biden's DOJ is probably quietly nodding its approval.


Finally, it looks like my own cell carrier, AT&T, is subjecting its employees to indoctrination in critical race theory.  The sad part is that AT&T, relatively speaking, doesn't have a reputation for being outspoken in its wokeness.  I once reviewed a list of companies that were vaguely friendly to conservatives and to Chirstians, and AT&T was on it...and now this!  Where's a savvy, but principled, right-wing consumer to turn?  Seriously, I'd appreciate your advice. 


  1. Hey Nick,

    Sorry, but I'm getting a bit tired of your articles on mundane things like the economy and whatnot. You need to start focusing on the really IMPORTANT things. For example, a male student at a Columbia, Missouri High School was crowned Homecoming Queen last week. And yet, I see nothing about this on your blog. Did I miss something?

    Nick, it is events like this that will restore confidence in our great nation's "build back better" future. Frankly, who cares if the PRC invades Taiwan. Who cares if we have an energy crises this coming Winter. Who cares if our borders are flooded with immigrants, legal or illegal.

    What really matters is that an American High School has set a trend for male homecoming queens. So let us move forward and hope that more high schools in our ever progressive country will elect more male homecoming queens, and hopefully people of color. How about female Prom Kings?

  2. Hear hear, Ray! As usual, you have your finger on the pulse of America -- or maybe you have your finger elsewhere. It's all good! America doesn't judge. Actually, it does. From now on, FEMALE homecoming queens are gross, disgusting, cisgendered, reactionary, fascist hags!!! There, I said it. But otherwise, we don't judge.

    1. I want you to go to Columbia and interview the Homecoming Queen. I want you to dedicate an entire blog article to this, with videos. Let's get cracking on this Nick!

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack:Re the Hoyer article. Hoyer argues creditably but he is completely disingenuous. He is a dyed in the wool leftist, which is probably why Madame Pelosi tolerates his close proximity. Were the Senate doing their bidding now it would be just aces with him. I'm going to check; what did he have to say about the House's impeachment of Slick Willy? He probably denounced it, whatever his catbird seat at that time within or without the House. Rep. Stoyer: How 'bout dat, what did you think of the People's house then? Also, thanx for noting that Wyoming citizens are more powerful than those of other states in taking advantage of the protection the Founding Fathers gave sparsely populated states from the tyranny of densely populated states, which usually have more large urban centers with values far different from rural areas. Consider NY, where a gargantuan city with lala land views dictates , both within NY and nationally, to the common sense geographical majority. Do you wish that on Wyoming ,which has next to no power in the House ? Uh, huh; so much for your frustration generated "concern" for democracy.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Re: " ... the consent of the losers" in elections. Let' s consider that in the light of 2016: The left obviously considered 2016 a rubber stamp confirmation of the only rightful candidate.Unjustly denied this satisfaction they characteristically exploded in an emotionally monumental hissy fit. When they calmed down to some relative extent they grudgingly allowed "ok, we 'consent' only in that we refrain for now from a violent coup but we shall pursue with vigor every means imaginable to discredit and disempower this illegitimate administration." And so they did. Now they bleat when their opposition makes skilful use of powers granted it by the electorate ( i.e. in denying the left Congressional domination.)As usual, they have no shame;their sole purpose is as always the establishment of their totalitarian rule, by any means necessary.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I completely agree with your caution about the left possibly "deciding" (if the rationality implied by that term obtains in their emotion dominated mentality) that it is no longer endurable for them to play the democracy game, no matter how deceitfully and cynically as they have done with blithe abandon. That it could happen after catastrophes for the poor dears after 2022 and/or 2024 is very plausible! What then you ask? Possibilities: Go undergroud; there are Weather Underground types still drawing breath and they would delightin reprising their youthful hijinks, especially knowing they would now have the support of a sizeable tragically compromised faction of our population. Why enlightened NY state just released a murderous veteran of those epic days. Of course it has not yet found a way to resurrect his victims! More. . .

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Or: they could retreat into haughty abstention in office from Congress and state legislatures and refrain from contesting executive branch elections at both levels. They would do this hoping to generate outrage in their base at consequent common sense measures (eg. natural gas triumphant) returning them to volcanically manifested vindictive power with a clear path to totalitarian sway. Or: they may realize it is best that we come to a grudgingly cooperative settlement for separation. Though they MAY have made significant advances in compromising the Military Officer Corps (since it consists wholly of the "university" "educated"), they may not be able to command the enlisted majority, most of which lacks such enlightenment. Military power made WVa a state and the left will probably lack that. We should endeavor to reinforce already commonly held convictions on the part of the left that we real Americans are irredemably lost. We can tickle their expansive fancies and stroke their sensitive egos by asserting that we are too backward to embrace their wisdom, that we are content to repose in blissful ignorance and that we would, (for pity that is) grant them release from our onerous contamination of their budding perfect spheres! Eg. We could remind them that, free of our insolent doubt and rid of our rump presence in their research institutions and in their
    correctly controlled popular discourse, they would be free to pursue all measure of defense, why even physical barriers( domes and such) to repel the pollution fostered by our profligacy( and of course inevitably against China and India, who really don't have much sympathy for fey Western concerns over pollution generated by their economic miracles; now I ask, why should they after all the years?). So, such unendurably frustrating setbacks may make the left open to such tberetofore and degrading compromise. Even the North Koreans came to the table even though vigilance against their violation is still a practical necessity. An America free of far leftist forced political correctness ,with nearby examples of leftist hellholes, would have very clear perception of what would have been in store and would be CERTAIN to keep it out!

  7. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack: Probably bereft of military force and presumptuously free of a Constitution which presents them an increasingly onerous barrier to their incipient totalitarian intent, the left may well be unhappily
    amenable to measures protecting its common sense minorities from vindictive oppression upon tentative geographical separation, in order to get shut of us. Let them sniff "good riddance" and the same to them!

  8. Ray, as you know, I'd love to spend more time with homecoming queens...but the WaddyIsRight budget for airfare is tight. Find me a LOCAL homecoming queen, and we're in business!

    I agree, Jack: Hoyer is a smarty-pants, but his arguments are all canards. The framers couldn't possibly have imagined that Senators would VOTE for and against things, right? Not a chance. They just assumed that Senators would do whatever "the people" demanded. Uh huh. And you're right: the Dems would be singing the praises of legislative restraint and the filibuster if the shoe was on the other foot, which it soon will be.

    Jack, you seem much more confident than I that, if we win the elections of 2022 and 2024, we will be allowed to take our offices, wield our legitimate powers, and rebuild the country on a sounder basis...and then the Left will throw a fit, or stick its collective head in the sand, or demand that a leftist breakway republic be granted self-government. Any of that could happen, sure, but my concern is that the Left simply won't countenance Trump's reinstallment in office, and it will enjoy enough support among law enforcement, the military, and/or common thuggery to coerce the rest of us into acquiescence. I hope you're right that they wouldn't dare, because they couldn't rely on the means of violence being in friendly hands, but I'm not so sure. It would be a test of nerve, among other things.