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Sunday, October 24, 2021

A Biden Bonanza!


Friends, today you get an extra large helping of Bidenism -- it must be your lucky day!

First, and most importantly, we need to reflect on just how far the mighty have fallen.  Jen Psaki is doing her best to provide some cover for Sleepy Joe, naturally.  Know who she blames for his slippage in the polls?  Not Trump, surprisingly, but...the unvaccinated!


Don't be so hasty, Jen.  The unvaccinated are easy marks -- convenient scapegoats for your abysmal policy and leadership failures.  You might want to keep them around as cannon fodder for as long as possible...


Pollster John McLaughlin feels that President Trump would win in a landslide, if the 2020 election were rerun today.  I think he's right that Trump would win, but no one should kid themselves: Trump is riding high, relatively speaking, right now because the establishment machine isn't trashing him 24/7, and nor is it covering for Joe Biden with the same fastidiousness as it once was.  It's one thing to be ahead in the polls when there's no election on offer.  It's another to be ahead on election day!  Still, public opinion has taken a decidedly Trump-ward turn, and that's good. 

SNL is acknowledging Sleepy Joe's fall from grace, although it's clearly hopeful that Biden can recover his "lucidity" in time to push the progressive agenda forward.


Given Sleepy Joe's cratering popularity, it's no surprise that he's less and less available, both to the media and to the public.  As his, err. lucidity deteroriates, moreover, we can expect him to "show up" less and less.  He'll spend a lot of time sequestered in Wilmington.  Is this a good look for the Dems?  A confused, inarticulate octogenarian president who increasingly never leaves his basement?  Probably not...but it may be better than the alternative: all Biden, all the time!


The only good news for Uncle Joe?  He's not a "white supremacist", even though his hand gestures are every bit as Klan-ish as Donald Trump's...  Luckily, it's cute when Biden does it. 

Finally, here's an eloquent statement by a prominent black Republican who opposes the racism inherent in CRT.  Ken Blackwell can go far in the GOP, if he's of a mind to...


  1. But the reality is, that Joe is not running things anyway, and those who are, were, for the most part, former B.O. toadies.

    And let's say that if Joe does not run in 2024, then who, on the Democrat side will?

  2. Another thing most of us don't know is, how long has Joe been in decline? What was he doing while DT was President? Seems to me that he comes on the campaign scene with "warp speed" and is the rather too quick pick of the DNC.

    Does anyone remember Joe as VP? Isn't it somewhat sad that he is being used by a bunch of sleazy, left-wing power brokers to further their agendas?

  3. Ray, sure -- Sleepy Joe doesn't call the shots. Few presidents do, on a day to day basis. He's still the front man, though, and that makes him very important.

    Who will the Dems run in '24? I haven't a clue. I would call Biden and Kam Kam both a one-in-four shot. That means a 50% chance of...someone else, and presumably someone less awful, which is actually bad news.

    Yes, Joe Biden was thrust forward seemingly out of nowhere, in the sense that his campaign was on life support until, all of a sudden, in February the party coronated him and Buttigieg and Klobuchar surrendered the field. It was a set-up, for sure. To be fair to the Dems, it was a gambit that worked (narrowly).

  4. Dr. Waddy and Ray from Jack: In speculating on who the Dems might nominate in 2024, many factors obtain: here in my oinion are some: Just how frustrated are the dominant crazies? Did they see Biden and Harris simply as a means to defeat President Trump and the real America? If so they should be satisfied all the while. But they probably also expected a redeemed Scotus and much juicy legislation and ever stricter dictation (oh sorry, "regulation") yes? Are they upset enough now to denounce forever the trust they have placed in others for the time being. "Others" include the casual Obamas. If so, why then ,who else but their darling AOC!?

  5. Dr. Waddy and Ray from Jack: Maybe the far left Dems would take a halfway measure; after all, it is much for a sitting President to be deposedby his own party. Princely and presumptuous Ted Kennedy tried it in 1980 and could not best even possibly the most feckless President ever (up to now that is). They may have actually thought Kamalafornia to be a true and loyal far left successor for Biden, to be installed the day after he completed 2 years in office. She well be doctrinally correct for them but she has earned a reputation for ehh, ineffectiveness by and by. Then, maybe what they will do is replace her with the incomparably qualified and politically certain Transportation Secretary Pete in the VP spot until the day after inauguration that is! Why then, Dem consciences may rest easy, having bade precipitate but fond farewell to pore 'ol Joe, that he might retire to Elysian dreams of 1965, of campfires and of Kumbayaa, when it all seemed so real and so promising!

  6. A good question to raise, Jack: just how unsettled and impatient is the hard left? Funnily enough, the more they scoff at DJT's chances of victory in 2024, the likelier they will be to nominate a true firebrand/dunderhead themselves. As always, their arrogance/obtuseness is our greatest asset.

    Could the Left settle for Kam Kam? Maybe. She would certainly promise them whatever they desire...and her anatomy (which I realize has nothing whatsoever to do with gender) and her skin tone would be alluring.