Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Party Hearty in 2024?


Friends, it's time to start contemplating not just whether Donald Trump will run again for President in 2024, but what the political landscape will look like by then.  Among the most important related questions is: will any third parties emerge to challenge Dem-GOP dominance?  I believe it's possible.  The level of dissatisfaction with our political elite has never been higher.  That provides opportunities for outsiders.  As this article explains, however, since the 1850s the results achieved by third parties in federal elections have been meager.  Could 2024 break the mold?


In other news, did you know that encouraging people not to get vaccinated is tantamount to "insurrection"?  Makes sense.  Just thinking impure thoughts is "insurrection", according to many leftists.  I hope they've got A LOT of space in those reeducation camps!


This article asks the $64,000 question about the Dems' reconciliation bill: can they satisfy the whims of Manchin and Sinema AND preserve the support of progressives for the plan?  Maybe not.  Frankly, this article doesn't even begin to answer this all-important question, but at least it points us in the right direction. 

You've probably heard the rumors that Nancy Pelosi is considering retiring immediately after her glorious $3.5 trillion expansion of "social spending" is passed.  She denies it, of course.  This article proposes that there could be upside for the Dems in such a plan.  I'm not buying it.  Holding the entire Democratic caucus together to vote for the bill will be mighty tough, and with Pelosi halfway out the door her leverage will crater.  Whether the rumors are true or not I don't know, but I relish the Dems' confusion and frustration.


File this one under "progressive surrealism".  An Oberlin student is offended that "cisgender" white men are permitted to do maintenance work in a designated "safe space" for women and transgender students.  I agree wholeheartedly!  Only transvestites should be allowed to repair critical infrastructure at Oberlin from now on.  What could go wrong? 

Finally, signs are accumulating that the economy faces real headwinds.  Industrial production is declining, consumer sentiment is way down, and the backlog of container ships anchored outside some of our ports is downright bizarre.  Now, the good news is that COVID cases and deaths are down again, but the media may not permit anyone to find this out.  I mean, we can't let the American people breathe easily for once, can we?  Anyway, the critical question is: what are the chances of a recession in the next 6 months?  My view: the chances are high.|New_case|select


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Simply doubting whatever leftist presumption is currently exalted by them, is not definitive of opposition to the left. Since their views vary according to their temporal whims and their fancies and also on
    central command, as airy as it may be, they present an elusive target, for now that is!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: As exalted Oberlin goes, so goes the country. I do not jest!The mass quasi madness, much of it officially dictated, has far, far from run its course. Judging by the history of past leftist infections in other countries, an obligatory reign of terror is promised and awaits but a pretense, a leader and perhaps more incipient Oberlin style woke rot! Gads, what must it be like to be any common sense resident of a counterintuitive playground like Oberlin?! Do they have a "safe" (sic) area too?

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I should add to the above: " officially dictated by" : "those immune or presumed so, to its proven inhuman consequences etc. . . .

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Now there is an idea! Since the woke demand "safe" spaces ,so should the real America. Fair is fair, yes!? Let us declare and enforce ourselves "entitled" to freedom from what we alone perceive as leftist oppressive views, microviews, consequent microaggressions, unintended presumptuous victimizations of all water,micro or macro within our defined geographical extent itself across our fair land. If we define it,it must not be questioned! We do but follow the lead of our leftist "countrymen" in this. Even in those islands of leftist totalitarianism we demand public secondary and taxpayer supported universities immunity from leftist indoctrination and will enforce it, as again per the putative "American" left's demonstrated practice. Thank you Oberlin, may you prosper in PRIVATE practice of consumate leftist bigotry! School us in its evil pray. We are conservatives after all and we recognize your right to embody the most ill conceived doctrine in human history in your own benighted hell holes, since your inmates choose them for themselves!

  5. Jack, you must have been speaking in jest. You asked if the, err, sane minority had a "safe space" of its own at Oberlin. Perish the thought! That would suggest that people like you and me are worthy of "protection", maybe even encouragement! We both know that's the last thing on Oberlin's mind. Sure, "equity" would suggest that all of us should be free from the scourge of "microaggressions" and what not, but when we conservatives are "triggered" the Left suddenly discovers that it's salutary to "challenge privilege" and "make people uncomfortable" so as to prod them towards enlightenment. All this proves nothing except that the Left isn't governed by a set of priciples, susceptible to rational interrogation -- it's governed by HATE, and of what and of whom we know all too well.

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Why Madame Pelosi's exit from the mundane, no doubt unto that of the exalted. In retirement we may expect her removal from her nonetheless distant company with those for whom she hath always stood. Will her vast estates welcome their unsophisticated hosts in extended sojourn, to be be personnally fed from her bottomless bowl and to have their feet washed by Madame before her very ascension unto the politically correct pantheon?

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Oh but we do ask too much of Madame! Rather let us consider her, "da, dada" legacy!! Does the House promise a successor of her aristocratic mien but her feigned yet fashionable disdain for her set? I dunno. There is an apparent consequential conflict now between "moderate" Dems and their very open radical "fellow" Dems. So if those pitiful "moderates" were to prevail for awhile, so what! The first thing they would do is apologize to the radicals.That could open the door for neo Pelosis. In her haughty contempt for any who doubt her, she rang a responsive note throughout that benighted party. In New York we are somehow bettered by the departure of royal Cuomoand so would America be by Pelosi's abdication. But really, not much has changed in NY and in our country the same will obtain until her onerous influence is "fumigated" by popular election or by her welcomed departure ,unto petulant powerlessness.

  8. Jack, it's intriguing to contemplate who might replace Crazy Nancy as the leader of the Dems in the House (I won't say "as Speaker", because the Dems won't claim that honor for much longer). They would be under HUGE pressure to pick someone "of color". As you say, appeasing both moderates and progressives will be agonizingly tough.