Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Is It Time for Crazy Nancy To Retreat to Her Crypt?


Friends, many of you have been wondering for years now how the reanimated corpse of Nancy Pelosi has managed to transfix and tyrannize Washington, D.C so effectively.  Witchcraft, one assumes.  Now, though, old age may be catching up with Crazy Nancy -- or maybe it's just political reality?  There are rumors that she's considering resigning as Speaker of the House in the very near future.  That's one of several important topics that Brian O'Neil and I cover in this week's Newsmaker Show.  We also talk about the airlines' retreat from vaccine mandates, the potential for third party candidates to make waves in 2024, Superman's subordination to wokeness, and the future of the James Bond franchise.

When we turn to history, Brian and I analyze the effects of the Red Scare in Hollywood (and the long-term conquest of Hollywood by neo-Marxists), the surprisingly negative consequences of the ouster and execution of Muammar Qaddafi, and the fateful failure of the Nationalists in China in their efforts to snuff out the Communists in the mid-1930s.

Wow!  We sure do have "range", huh?  What will we pontificate about next???  Tune in to find out...




In other news, "President" Biden's approval ratings are plummeting to new record lows, and his standing in key Senate battleground states is even worse.  Take note!


Trump boasted long ago that he would be creating his own social media platform to rival Facebook and Twitter.  Well, he's taken his time about it, but it looks like he's finally swinging into action!  Bravo, Trump!  We conservatives are active on many platforms, including upstart alternatives like Parler, Telegram, etc., but I personally think there's a profound need for a go-to conservative social media site that can build real critical mass and change the tech landscape for good.  Only Trump, in all likelihood, is capable of achieving this.  I might add that, if he does it right, he'll be in a position to profit big-time.  I hope he does.  And I hope Facebook and Twitter take it on the chin. 

Don't believe everything you hear, but some anonymous sources are claiming that Joe Manchin is considering departing the Democratic Party.  That would be a smart move, assuming he wants to win reelection in the great state of West Virginia.  The more pressing question, though, is: who will he caucus with in the Senate?  Just because he becomes an independent, say, doesn't mean he'll cease to vote with the Dems when it counts.  We'll see.  Maybe none of this will come to pass anyway.!/manchin-denies-report-that-he-mentioned-the-possibility-to-biden-20211020


Finally, you knew it was just a matter of time: Thomas Jefferson is now on the cancel culture chopping block.  George Washington will be next.  Don't be surprised if they move on to progressive icons like FDR and JFK eventually.  Yeah, they were useful to the Left, in their day, but the Bolshies have moved on, and every dead white male is now suspect.  That's the sad and simple truth. 


  1. If you look at our film industry, many of the early founders had a decided Left bent, so to speak, although not all. Also during the 1930s, a lot of very Left-wing actors fled Europe and went to Hollywood. There are honest books attesting to this fact, and several written by left-wingers who were very happy to document this.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: "Red Scare": Its a term used mostly with dismissive contempt now. Well, lets see: Up to 1947, when the House investigations into Red infection of the (surprise!) influential Hollywood industry, Communism had been manifested in power in Stalinist Russia, a consequent totalitarian hell hole thoroughly tyrannized by a thing, not a human, crept from the farthest depth of the inferno and now returned. Gee, somehow I think that IS something to be scared of. And it wasn't the government which blacklisted such as Stalinist Trumbo. It was the industry, in its yes, correct perception that Americans did not wish to patronize commies! Now you would think such respect for "the people" would be celebrated by the dreamily Marxist left. Oh noo! They bided their time and supported their comrades in exile, introduced them gradually back into the industry ; eg Trumbo with Spartacus, film which inspired many a future budding boomer America (Rome, get it?) hater. And as you maintained, neo Marxists dominate entertainment as the 1947 traitors could only have dreamed about. Again, that is something to be plenty scared of; somehow Marxism has never quite shed its deserved inhuman reputation. Those who have advocated it (even from our White House) have put their very humanity to doubt in doing so thereby. Maybe they think the proven human cost worth it! Why Stalin would grant fiery approval from his damned cell. If the "Red Scare" meant putting the skeer of God in commies, it is to be celebrated!

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Disdain and sometimes execration for the term, the "American Way" , especially when it is used in such malevolent settings as Superman! Such incipient and presumptuous invective is, rather, the American Marxist way and fairly defines the mode by which they seek to gain totalitarian power. " Why pish tosh; its just a comic, why are you blowing a gasket, huh? ". Oh ok but what is next? How many more just slightly more disturbing "its just. . . ." are in store? Many, many, many . . . more; we can count on it and it adds up to an existential threat, an unrelenting cultural onslaught on our American Way itself, not just its unfashionably patriotic expression. I agree with you; it matters and that is why!

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The Long March was an astounding trek. 6000 miles, alot ofit under unanswerable attack from Nationalist air power, such as it was. 80000 started, 20000 made it to the relative haven of northern China's Shensi province. What if they had been annihilated along the way?The Japanese onslaught had increased in its furyby then and in the event, the Chinese commies were the only Chinese force which fought the Japanese effectively. Sans Commie opposition the Japanese might have overwhelmed the Nationalists well before any US aid could have been justified by an attack on US forcesby the Japanese. That might have freed up hundreds of thousands of Japanese troops and given Japan a respite from war which it could have used to build up its forces for a far more decisive conquest of the Western Pacific. Probably guaranteeing as it would have the Japanese empire's command of the vital oil of the East Indies, enduring the inevitable American economic sanctions, short of war, attendant upon their complete subjugation of China, would have been worth the wait. Japan might have been free of the desperation which motivated Pearl Harbor. The Japanese might have simply bypassed the Philippines, further disaffecting popular American will to fight Japan. Besides, we might have had all our attention paid to a German conquered Europe and Britain ( all that might have taken could have been PM Lord Halifax). So the '30s defeat of Mao's reds might have had world historical consequences as early as the mid '40s.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: What a nightmare a Manchin departure is for the Dems.I think they know they cannot toy with him and their open disdain for Sinema has backfired; she is but motivated by it. Maybe they are courting a Rino or two should those two finally give up on their benighted party. Anyway, remember when Patrick Leahy threw Senate control to the Dems some 20+ years ago? Manchin could do it. But if he does, his timing must be careful, keeping 2022 in mind. I would guess that West Virginians recognize that Manchin is one of theirs and forgive his Demdom as a consequence of WVa's long, intense, labor rights history. Even there, some in that counterintuitive party may dream that it is the party of "working people" . It isn't of course; it has long since proved itself the party of those who disdain productivity and positive living!

  6. Ray, the right's abandonment of Hollywood to the depredations of leftists was perhaps the biggest error of judgement our movement has ever made -- and that's saying something!!!

    That's an excellent point, Jack: the Red Scare wasn't about ideology so much as it was about Hollywood protecting its own financial viability in an age when commies and pinkos weren't well-liked. The profit motive is about the ONLY thing that could motivate Hollywood to temper its dedication to wokeness in the here and now.

    Absolutely, Jack -- symbols and myths matter. The leftists are crystal clear on this point.

    What a fascinating picture you paint, Jack, of an alternate history, premised on the eradication of Mao and his merry band of Marxists. You say, though, that only the communists offered effective opposition to the Japanese. Are you sure about that? I find it hard to credit.

    Jack, Manchin now says that, while he toyed with leaving the Democratic Party, he never meant that he might cease to caucus with Schumer and Co. Maybe. Who knows. Personally, I'd say that the circumstances surrounding Manchin's reelection bid in far-off 2024 are almost unimaginable now. Be that as it may, I'll try to imagine them.

    Assuming the GOP takes control of the Senate in January 2023, Manchin, as a "Dem", might actually have an easier time winning reelection. Then again, a solid Trump win in 2024 might submerge Manchin in a red tidal wave. Another factor: assuming Manchin talks the Dems down to a circa $2 trillion reconciliation bill, will he be celebrated or punished by West Virginians for getting the Bidenists over the finish line? Much depends on the state of the economy in 2024, of course.

    In a nutshell, therefore, I have no idea what Manchin is thinking...or even what he ought to think, assuming he's governed by rational self-interest.

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I used to be relatively read on the Sino-Japanese War but having consulted a survey history on line today I can see I must I do some rereading in detail. I was clearly wrong in saying the commies were the only Chinese who effectively fought the Japanese. The Nationalists did have some success but were hampered by lack of modern equipment and by Chiang's reluctance to take the offensive after American alliance because he assumed the US would defeat Japan overall. The commies may have assumed the same because they broke off their brief "United Front" with the Nationalists and recommenced hostility against the Nationalists though not in alliance with the Japanese who I think they still fought.I'll get back to you and thanx for your criticism.

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Too, the breakup of the United Front must have given the Nationalists much added burden in their fight with the Japanese. Chiang had said "the Japanese are a disease of the skin (it must have been melanoma though) but the communists are a disease of the heart." Had he wiped them out in the ' 30's he would have avoided that. My distinguished Chinese history Prof., Dr. Ray Huang, a former Nationalist officer, told us: " believe me, we Nationalists were not reactionaries but we did not understand how very much change China needed". In saying so he was not endorsing Chi/Com murderous Marxism, I trust, but he was an honest historian. He taught a course on the post 1949 social history of China with admirable and principled objectivity, assigning as one the texts William Hinton's Fan Shen. Hinton was a declared Marxist; I saw and heard him enthusiastically affirm it in person. Dr.Huang had been declared persona non grata by the commies.

  9. Dr. Waddy from Jack: You are right; 2024 is a long way off. Perhaps unless Manchin completely torpedoes the laughably mistermed "reconciliation" bill and perhaps even the disingenuously urged "infrastructure" power grab, which he could do by bailing out, he may excite the wrath of the common sense majority in WVa. An article appeared today lamenting that " Democrats have not been able to get their message across. . . " Phooey, they have succeeded alright.The real America is convinced beyond doubt that they seek unlimited taxation and spending and federal government control of all aspects of public and "private" life! West Virginia's recent voting record shows they have had more than enough of it and no misleading form of Dem "messaging" is going to unconvince them. 5 trillion or $5; the Dems will direct it to ill considered, dreamy change. Even they know that!

  10. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Ok, I've done more reading on the Sino-Japanese War. Apparently continued commie guerrilla warfare did tie down many Japanese troups, even as the commies prepared for the expected post WWII final push. So overall both during the United Front, in which conventional commie forces fought the Japanese, and after, the commies played a vital role in making the war with China as intense and prolonged as to make it an unexpected drain on Japanese resources. That may well have contributed much to Japan's disastrous "now or never" attitude in 1941.Yes, the Japanese did gain much combat experience in China but its prolixity must have tasked them dearly.

  11. No worries, Jack. I appreciate the extra detail on the war in China in the 30s and 40s...about which I know zilch!

    Jack, I frankly don't like Manchin's chances one bit in West Virginia in 2024. It should be a good year for the GOP. Assuming he wants to keep his job, he can either become a Republican or an independent who caucuses with them. He may not see it that way, of course. He may not even intend to run.