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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

When Your Donkey Just Won't Budge...


Friends, those stubborn Dems just can't help themselves -- they're doubling down on failed, unpopular policies that have already driven approval of Sleepy Joe and the Democratic Party as a whole to shocking lows.  The numbers here are interesting, in particular the public's two-to-one dissatisfaction with the Biden Administration's handling of the border.  Do you suppose anyone at the White House actually reads these polls?  Do you suppose they might consider changing course?  For their sake, they better, and soon! 

The fate of ESPN on-air personality Sage Steele, who I don't know from Adam, is interesting.  She makes some fair points, if you ask me.  We are judged based on how we dress, like it or not, and Barack Obama is one of the least genuinely black black men you'll ever meet.  But then...we can choose our gender, so why not our race?  It's all a game to accentuate our precious victimhood, anyway.


Steele's worst offense was questioning her employer's vaccine mandate.  Oh no you don't, Sage!  Meanwhile, more and more Americans face termination because of their refusal to get vaccinated.  Critical sectors of our economy could soon be facing severe staffing shortages.  Does anyone care?  Not yet, but just you wait!


Finally, wily old Mitch McConnell is offering the Dems a higher national debt ceiling, which will facilitate more borrowing, BUT he wants a hard limit on how much money can be borrowed -- presumably one that precludes passage of the Dems' wacky $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill.  Who will outmaneuver whom?  Any guesses? 


  1. A coworker and I were talking today and we both agree perhaps this is all part of the "plan" i.e. government takeover of our lives etc. (riots, voting, debt ceiling, covid, vaccines, etc. etc. one thing after another.) I seriously doubt the government really cares about folks loosing their jobs.

    Sage Steel: again the government and businesses could careless about ones thoughts about the vaccine or not. I firmly state My Body My Choice. I could careless who gets it or not. Staffing shortages- How about us 28,000+ teachers in the state of NY who are being threatened to have their teaching certificates and or licenses revoked. Horrible. But then again, No thank you if that is how this is going to be. What has the Union done for the teachers? Nothing. Please excuse the bitterness. I have no desire to reenter a classroom at this present moment.

    Grandpa Joe-I don't think he or his administration give two hoots about his rankings tanking.

    Old Turtle Neck--he will cave, want to bet? grin.

  2. Linda, since the government thinks it can decide when we're allowed to leave our homes, they might as well decide who among us can and can't work... I mean, the leftist overlords know best, right? Eek!

    I wouldn't be so hard on the unions, though. Mine, for all its pro-vaccination rhetoric, still hasn't agreed to impose a mandate on its members. A lot of unions are holding out. It would be interesting to know whether unionized or non-union workers are more or less "vaxxed", and more or less protected from firing if they refuse. I wouldn't assume the answer.

    Is Sleepy Joe indifferent to the polls? I guess, insofar as he isn't running for reelection, he could be. Maybe he thinks nothing matters except seizing the moment and expanding government as much as possible. Maybe he thinks his present polling headwinds are merely temporary, and once he nixes COVID all will be well. Who knows what that demented geezer thinks!

  3. My guess is that Joe is not completely "demented" and might have some authority. Frankly, I would rather see him in The White House until (officially 2025), BECAUSE should he be impeached, or resign, or declared incompetent, his replacements(s) are too depressing to contemplate. If we are in trouble now (which we are), things will get even worse should Joe "exit stage left or right." Think about it.

  4. Oh, I totally agree, Ray. I don't really think Sleepy Joe is "demented". I'd describe him A better word might be: weak. And weak is GOOD! It's way better than the alternative. Biden is a great fall guy. I hope he hangs in there. Heck, I hope he runs for reelection!

  5. Nick,

    Well Joe said he would run for reelection. But of course the most important thing for the good guys is big wins in 2022 and 2024.