Tuesday, October 5, 2021

The Dems' Dirty Little Not-So-Secret Secret


Friends, you heard it here first.  Actually, you've heard it a million times, but you definitely heard it here again: the Democrats are covertly leading us to SOCIALISM!!!  It's the agenda that lies behind their $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill: expand government relentlessly until so many Americans are dependent on government that voting for Republicans, or cutting federal spending, will both be unthinkable.  And they may be getting close to achieving their goal!  A good friend of mine sheds light on this dynamic in this fine article:


Will the blasted bill pass?  This article discusses how remarkable it is that Nancy Pelosi failed to get the House to vote to approve the infrastructure bill last week.  Rarely is she stymied by her own caucus.  You'll note, though, that, despite the fact that this article comes from Fox News, it clearly is rooting for Pelosi and the Democrats to succeed in passing the bill, in the final analysis.  Scary!  Following that is another article signaling that Joe Manchin may be willing to compromise on a number somewhere between $1.5 trillion and $3.5 trillion.  That's probably the only way that the Dems get this deal done: they lower expectations.  Can they settle for Bolshevizing America at a slightly slower pace?  We'll see.


Attorney General Merrick Garland is asking the FBI to look into threats of violence, and acts of violence, against teachers, school administrators, and school board members.  Republicans and conservatives are crying foul, portraying it as an effort to silence dissent on issues like masking and critical race theory.  A lot depends on the details.  Surely, there are some right-wing (and left-wing) nuts who pose a threat to school officials.  On the other hand, citizens have a right to air their grievances and ask questions.  Can we find a middle ground?


Meanwhile, poor Kyrsten Sinema is still getting harassed on a daily basis by lefties who insist that she vote to pass the wretched reconciliation bill.  Boy, is her mettle being tested, or what? 

Polls are showing a real turn in the direction of the GOP.  For one thing, the public is taking a fresh look at DJT, and they're liking what they see...or at least they're liking Trump more than they have in the past.  They're also looking askance at Sleepy Joe.  No surprise there.  Here we also see a generic ballot poll from a notably left-leaning pollster that has the Republicans ahead!  That's an outlier, at this stage, but it's worth mentioning that few MSM pollsters saw the GOP waves coming in 2010 and 2014.  If pollsters are getting close to seeing 2022 as a "draw", you can bet that the truth is that the good guys are surging ahead! 


  1. Is there any cheerful news? Just asking.

  2. What's new? With few exceptions, the U.S. school system from K-12 has been indoctrinating people for a Leftist future for at least 50 years now, and colleges and universities for even longer. Not a damn thing was done about it, not a damn thing.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I think a middleground could be reached only by our winning a power struggle with left. Any proposal to the left of some sort of compromise would be viewed bythe left as indicative of weakness, which they would exploit. The left is in this FOR KEEPs and any retreat from this reality on our part could be existentially fatal. This applies in any conflict with them ,including their incipient weaponization of the FBI to suppress opposition from faculty and especially parents in the now precipitate leftist indctrination of elementary and secondary students everywhere. We must fight them at the local level (school and library boards;I did it in our area awhile ago and I may have had some success) and at the legislative and even Constitutional level.

  4. HA. As long as Joe and his minions are in control, there will be NO MIDDLE GROUND. I agree with Jack and thanks Ray, I concur with your thoughts as well. grin

    1. Hey Linda,

      Europeans learned a long time ago (in 1848 to be precise when Marx's Communist Manifesto came out) that there was no compromise with The Left. Of course, many Europeans became Marxists in various forms, but they too understood that there was never any compromise with The Right. Now of course, The Left runs a lot of European countries, but the standoff is bitter.

      When this Marxist ideology reached U.S. shores in the late 19th Century it spread, and now we are reaping that harvest. If you get the time, read Mark Levin's "American Marxism" and then you will know what is happening. And better yet, read David Horowitz who always knows what he is talking about when it comes to the Left.

      Let's face it, Joe is not in control, but the radical Left is in control of the so called "Democrat" party. However, on a cheerful note, at least most Americans are smart enough to know that they don't like dictatorships, or even wannabe dictators.

      Good luck to us all.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The Soviet Union graces the ash heap of history, as President Reagan presciently maintained it would but its Brezhnev Doctrine, which set a "ratchet " in communist progress mandating "no retreat" is yet, atavistically embraced by the American left. To expect any but that regression forced on them by raw power and stark reality to repel them is futile. Mitch McConnell knows that: "wanna raise the debt limit? Do it on your own ,Dems" (and take the consequences in the near future).

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: We must MANIFEST support for Senator Manchin and Senator Sinema. They are only human and they are fighting a lonely fight against their own party! Their addresses are readily available on line and I understand handwritten letters are especially valued by legislators. We must do this NOW, not later.We must stand with them! Call their offices too! Doesn't matter if they do not directly represent the state we live in: they are fighting our fight at this critical time! They need our backing!!!! PS New Yorkers: I suggest:be sure in correspondence with these Senators to say you are from occupied and Senatorially unrepresented NY. Senators Manchin and Sinema could make use of that! Give them all the help they deserve!

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The RealClearPolitics article was well taken. But I have misgivings about predictions that "all"the American left purposes is Euro "Democratic Socialism". First: did Euro Socialism " fundamentally transform" those trans Atlantic ( if not entirely European, all of them) countries? For the UK, the answer is a resounding no! The presence in France and Ita!y of powerful antileftist forces would also suggest the discreditation of the EuroSocialist model. And , yes, it can be maintained that the US possesses a unique culture perhaps incompatible with comparisons to Europe. So, arguments in favor of US socialism remain unsupported. They are further condemned by energetically outspoken US leftist declarations to ENFORCE "fundamental transformation"of our entire national life: public and private! Churchill and Thatcher discredited such presumption in the UK and it can be done here. The solution could consist in the separation of the real America from its alien totalitarian outgrowth in NY, CA, MD, etc.

  8. Ray, the polls are looking a lot cheerier! I, for one, will have a lot more spring in my step once the good guys recapture at least one house of Congress.

    Ray, you're right that the school system has leaned left for a long time, but there's a big qualitative difference between the pedagogy of 1980 and that of 2021. The degree and openness of the bias nowadays is unprecedented. In other words, the kiddos had a fighting chance back then. Now they are bludgeoned over the head, day in and day out, with neo-Marxism.

    Jack, you're right that the Left will use EVERY institution to apply maximum pressure to its enemies, until we all shrivel up and die. Vis-a-vis anti-CRT protestors, though, I suspect the recent DOJ action is more bark than bite. We'll see.

    Ray, I guess it's true that most Americans don't like dictatorships, in the abstract, but they also have no genuine understanding of what dictatorship is, or what it's like to live under one. The easiest way to impose a dictatorship on the American people, therefore, is by stealth. Crush them underfoot so subtly that they don't notice until it's too late.

    Jack is right: anything we can do to stiffen the spines of Manchin and Sinema is not just advisable, but imperative, at this juncture. I know some conservatives have even started donating to them... That's not a bad idea. In essence, they could be seen as working for us, after all.

    Hmm. I don't know if I agree that Britain has rejected Euro-socialism in any meaningful sense. I guess it's all relative: the U.K. does groan slightly less under statist misrule than do the French or the Swedes or the Italians. I wonder, though, whether the scope of big government is the best indicator these days. In France, where government and taxes are jaw-droppingly vast, attitudes to wokeness may be more critical... There's economic freedom, and then there's cultural freedom. Which do we value more?

  9. Oh, and thanks for stopping by, Linda. You were missed. :)

  10. Rayfrom Jack: I haven't read Levin's book yet but 1001 dittos on David Horowitz. He continues as a courageous and relentless scourge of the American left and its increasingly open totalitarian intent. I tried to get my leftist polluted alma mater, tax payer supported SUNY New Paltz, which Horowitz once described as " the most communist institution east of Berkeley", to invite him to the campus to speak but they declined, surprise surprise!

  11. What? Bias in the selection of speakers invited to a college campus? I've never heard of such a thing!

  12. Ðr.Waddy from Jack: Ahh,but they yet claim the exalted and time honored title of University!