Thursday, October 28, 2021

The Little Engine That...Could?


Oh boy!  What a big news day, friends.  Lots to share with you.  For one thing, the Dems think they're getting close to a deal with moderates and progressives that will allow them to pass the $1 trillion infrastructure bill AND the new-and-improved $1.75 trillion reconciliation bill.  Are they really approaching consensus, or are they just trying to make it sound as if they are?  We should know soon.


Complicating their efforts is a discernible slowdown in the economy.  We're down to 2% growth -- so, an Obama-style "recovery".  Economists seem optimistic that growth will pick up again in the fourth quarter.  Maybe.  A lot depends on whether the current funk that the American consumer is in lifts.


New Yorkers, buckle up!  You thought Kathy Hochul was bad?  Try Letitia James on for size.  She appears to be gearing up to run for Governor.  Now, she's been promising to make DJT's life miserable by indicting him know, all those countless crimes he's committed.  Doing so would be a GREAT way to fill out her resume as she runs for Governor, no?  Expect her efforts at adversarial prosecution to kick into high gear. 


New Yorkers, you have a little good news today to balance out the bad.  The self-declared socialist running for Mayor of Buffalo is struggling in the polls. 

"Election interference" comes in many forms, and according to this poll most Americans assume that the efforts by the media and Big Tech to suppress (true) stories about Hunter Biden before the 2020 election fit the definition.  Damn straight!  Twitter even apologized for its campaign against the New York Post.  You can bet your bottom dollar, however, that, if they have the opportunity to cover for the Dems again right before an election, they won't think twice.  That's why it's such good news that no one watches CNN!


As you probably know by now, the Governor's race in Virginia is nip and tuck.  Well, Donald Trump is hinting that he'll be campaigning in Virginia soon.  That would be a bombshell development, because one assumes that it would be a dream come true for the Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who desperately wants to run against Trump (who isn't beloved in the Old Dominion) instead of Glenn Youngkin.  In short, an appearance by Trump would be an early test of whether Trump is a help or a hindrance to Republicans in off-year elections.


It's official: your U.S. passport can now list your gender as "X".  My guess is that the transgender crowd will spend about five minutes celebrating this "victory", and then they'll start wailing about how "X" just doesn't capture the majesty and uniqueness of their myriad gender identities.  If my gender is "Rick James impersonator with one leg", then by golly I want that on my passport!!!


You've heard that Biden's approval rating is down.  This article makes the case that his standing with the public is even worse than it seems, insofar as those who support him do so tepidly.  It's a good point.  Victory and defeat in 2021 and 2022 will come down to enthusiasm, and the energy sure seems to be on the right at the moment! 

Finally, in Big Tech news, Google is making money hand over fist.  No surprise there.  Google rules the universe, after all.  Even this blog is a Google product.  (Pardon me while I vomit.)  I offer you another fine article that argues that social media companies' efforts to censor conservatives are actually a sign of desperation.  These leftist ideologues are trying to control a narrative and a public sphere that long ago slipped out of their grasp.  We should, perhaps, view their ham-fisted efforts at thought control as a blessing in disguise, and as a sign that they know their goose is cooked.  And, finally, in the last article you'll see that Facebook has rebranded itself as "Meta".  Wow!  Facebook is one of the most successful companies/platforms that's ever existed, so why give up the name?  Presumably because, while everyone uses Facebook, few people like it, and even fewer trust the nerds-with-an-attitude who run it.  Meanwhile, Mark Zuckerberg has a bee in his bonnet about building the "metaverse", which is some kind of augmented internet that I don't begin to understand.  Bottom line: Mark Zuckerberg is a meta-dork and a left-wing scold whose best days are behind him.  When Republicans retake control of Congress and the presidency, I expect Facebook to be torn asunder.  It can't come soon enough!


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I love DJT but I hope he will stand back out of the VA race. Things are going swimmingly for real America's candidate in sadly radicalized VA. There will be PLENTY of opportunity for DJT to confirm his viability in the near future.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown is a "do nothing". But he is much preferable to a vindictive radical who apparently has anger control problems and apologizes for the very thugs who pollute the city with verve these days. Her ascension and her now grown very tiresome animus to the police would prompt much glee in criminal circles. That she has any chance, given her record, is shameful and a thumb in the eye of all decent Buffalonians.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Letitia James has already demonstrated her contempt for millions of NY state citizens by her presumptuous frontal assaults on NRA and DJT using tax payer resources when she knows they are supported by millions in NY. In other words " to hell with you, North Country, Southern Tier and any other benighted area of our principality which doubts us! "This of course fairly predicts her conduct should she be elected." Is L. I. GOP Congressman Zeldin a miracle worker? He has lost his initial target, Cuomo. Cathy Young, please run!

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack:Re: Zuckerberg and his leftist colossus: I know you have special concern and much knowledge about political domination of social media. For your argument, supported by the article: well reasoned! Dittos aplenty!

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I think I' m going to do much more reading on the French Revolution. It was a prototype of murderous, insane 20th century radical eruptions. Our possible and already partly accomplished incipient American far leftist takeover is another kind of prototype, due to its use of modern communication and persuasion. Still, I'd like to find a stage in the ultimately completely betrayed French abomination in which their bureaucracy was given to crack brained lunacy similar to that you cited in your comment about passports. Theoretically it has no end and yet it did fluff in that dreamy time!

  6. Jack, Trump seems to be heeding your advice, and Youngkin's pleas, and keeping well clear of the Virginia race. Good for him. I expect the same in 2022. He'll intervene vigorously, but only when/where he's needed/useful.

    Jack, I don't know if any Republican has a chance in New York in 2022, but given the open warfare between Hochul and James that's surely coming, there's reason to hope...

    Jack, I'm no expert on the French Revolution, but it really did spin off into realms of "lunacy", to your point. The Cult of Reason comes to mind. Now, such an abomination would probably get a warm reception at an Ivy League cocktail party in 2021, but in 1793-94 a religion of reason was considered pretty darn wacky!

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Yes the Cult of Reason , even unto physical depiction of its, yes, deities, did enjoy a brief sojourne in terror enforced protection and grotesque public celebration. Its hazards had to have been imperceptable at the time, having had no Enlightenment inspired theretofore consequences. Of course the attendant drowning of vast raftloads of the doubtful in the Vendee, might have generated some doubt! And the casually betrayed French Revolution provides a completely subsequently proven stereotype of, until this day, leftist insane presumption!

  8. Jack, one thing that lefties have proven time and time again is that the "new order" that they end up building, once their bloody rise to power is complete, is utterly different than the utopian fantasies they prattled on about beforehand. They have an amazing knack for turning "hope and change" into tyranny and carnage.