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Saturday, October 9, 2021

Waddy Strikes Again! Readers Electrified


Friends, my latest article is but an expanded version of the scintillating analysis you got on Thursday regarding the feud between Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell -- and yet it's packed with additional insights, such that you won't want to miss out.  Here it is at World Net Daily:


Holy moly!  That was brilliant, no?  When it's sunk in, check out this fascinating story about John Stossel's lawsuit against Facebook.  I always liked Stossel.  He was a straight-shooter back when he worked at ABC (and that's saying something).  Now he's cheesed off because Facebook's "fact checkers" are putting words in his mouth and misrepresenting his views on climate change.  I don't blame him, and I wish him well. 

Think Fox News is any better than Facebook?  Guess again.  Fox has rehired the same lefty analyst who called Arizona for Biden on election night, 2020.  Given how close Arizona turned out to be, that call was grossly irresponsible...and it entirely changed the narrative of the election coverage that night.  It almost certainly prevented Trump from declaring victory, and thus permanently altered Americans' perception of the election.  This is a big deal, folks!  If people believed on election night that Trump was the winner, changing their minds would have been tough.  Instead, the Dems (and their fellow travelers) were able to sow plenty of doubt, and then inch the public mindset in the direction of a Biden win day after day.  Time was on their side, and they knew it.  It was Arnon Mishkin who gave them that time.  And now he's back at Fox.  Disgusting.


Mitch McConnell is saying he won't participate in any more votes to raise the debt ceiling.  Gee, that's what he was saying several days ago...right before he voted to raise the debt ceiling.  No wonder Trump is rolling his eyes! 

Poor Jon Gruden is taking it on the chin for racist remarks he made...ten years ago!  Apologies aren't enough, needless to say.  He'll need to be raked over the coals.  Good luck to him.


This election forecast is most interesting.  Basically, what it's saying is that the Republicans have a big, built-in advantage in elections for the Senate, mainly because their voters are more widely distributed around the country, and in a larger number of states.  Makes sense.  What it means, in practice, is that, in a typical election cycle, the Dems need to win the overall popular vote for the Senate in a big way just to keep control of the same number of seats.  If the GOP pulls even in the number of popular votes, on the other hand, they gain seats, and probably a bunch.  No wonder the Dems want to abolish the Senate! 

Good news!  NYC is abolishing its special program for gifted and talented students in the public schools.  It's about time.  Way too many of those smarty-pants jackanapes are white and Asian.  Ergo, we hate them and hope they die!  (I'm channeling my inner-leftist.  Can you tell?)


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The Dems: Whatevah! They have been convinced since 2000 that the tipping point, where they take over, is nigh! By any means necessary already! Its been a rocky road ,yes ( abolish the Senate? ) OK, we can always bring it back they say! They remain determined! Its time to surround the left, as does the oyster to noisome invaders, with consummate restraint.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: No surprise at all that present NYC administration of its schools sees and enforces remedy for, INJUSTICE in affording students with positive attitudes NO relief from those with anarchy in their minds and actions.

  3. It's true: the Left always seems to think that the right is on the verge of total collapse. Their myopia knows no bounds -- lucky for us!

  4. Nick

    I ceased trusting Fox News because of Mishkin, although I was beginning to question Fox reliability even before he did what he did.

    With that said, care to comment on what might be some reliable news sources, besides your own blog and articles of course?

    Newsmax and One America News seem to be, although The Left, as expected, dismisses them as far-right, which of course if not surprising.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I must disagree about Fox. I share with you, Ray and probably many of your readers a demonstrated conservative resolve. But I watch Fox daily and see consistent support for the real America and well argued disdain for the left. In this, I think, Fox does yeoman service in informing and encouraging the views of the common sense majority. My saying this: it is not to gainsay certain actions Fox commentators have taken and which you and Ray have creditably noted but to say I still think Fox is firmly in our "camp".

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Fox attracts an enormous audience, much of it not aware of alternative conservative sources but convinced that Fox is with them and understands them. In this God's Country I live in I know many of them. We must not hazard their disillusionment. Especially not, I say, because they are right; they fully grasp the leftist threat to all we all value!

  7. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack: I misused the word "gainsay" above. I meant to say: "I do not mean to gainsay your having criticized certain actions some Fox commentators have taken. You did so creditably."

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Mitch's vote was concerning. But then, this is MITCH,whose yeoman service to common sense America rates him the benefit of the doubt, I think. Betcha anything he had good reason which may well redound to our favor. I wouldn't want to play poker against him.

  9. Ray, that's a good question. I think OAN and Newsmax are pretty solid. I don't watch much tv, so I'm not exactly an authority, though. I know I get my news from,,, and -- and of course those sites link to many more.

    Jack: I can understand how you feel about Fox. It is "conservative". I'd describe it as "establishment conservative", but with a slight drift leftwards in recent years (to gain "credibility", which it has always craved). Bottom line: Trump and Trumpers can't expect guaranteed sympathetic coverage from Fox. Not at all. But you're right that masses of right-wing voters rely on Fox, so no one on the right, including Trump, can afford to write the network off.

    Jack, it does you credit that you're a fan of Mitch AND the Donald. You correctly perceive that they both have something to bring to the table.

  10. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack:For you to opine that Fox's reemployment of Mishkin casts considerable doubt on Fox's future support for DJT is very reasonable. But I hope they will support him in 2024; we are going to need them. We will have to have all hands aboard: we may have a real chance to deal the totalitarians a staggering blow, a haymaker!

  11. Jack, I don't think there's any doubt that, if Trump is the candidate in 2024, establishment actors like Fox News will be equivocal, at best, in supporting him. Quite a few RINOs will leave the party for good...and maybe it WILL be good, when all is said and done.