Saturday, October 2, 2021

Purple Power


Friends, my latest article, published at American Greatness, is a reworked version of my earlier post about how Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema may be singlehandedly (or doublehandedly) saving America -- and destroying their own party (the Democrats).  In other words, they're awesome!!!  Check out what I have to say:


I also encourage you to reflect on the critical importance of independent voters to the outcome of our elections.  In 2020, Joe Biden won handily with independents, making it darn near impossible for Donald Trump to win reelection (although as we all know he came damn close, and had the votes been counted as they were in 2016 he would have won).  In 2022, there's every prospect that Republicans could win the independent vote, and they could win it by a large margin in swing districts and swing states.  History would suggest it's likely.  The miserable performance in office of the triumvirate of Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi suggests that a GOP stranglehold on independents is a near certainty!  Let's not count our chickens too early, though.  Let's earn the support of independents and undecideds as best we can.


Good ole Ron DeSantis is running for reelection as Governor of Florida -- and he's not tipping his hand about any plans for 2024.  Fair enough.  He's wise to keep his powder dry. 


  1. Focus on Portland, Oregon is a good example of "independent" voters in that area, and since I was raised in Oregon and still have relatives out that way, I can speak for voting trends in that city, at least to some extent.

    Also, we know that the "Left Coast" states of California, Oregon, and Washington went for Biden.

    Downtown Portland has been substantially wrecked by BLM and Antifa, and even before Covid. In addition, ICE people trying to round up illegals in that city were harassed and threatened, to include their families.

    With that said, more than a few people who did not like what was going on in Portland, still voted for Biden because they hated Trump, even though they opposed rioting and believed that ICE was doing the right thing (no pub intended), they still voted for Biden, and AGAINST their own interests.

    In many cases, even with supposedly educated people, emotions ruled in that Trump was not "intellectual" or they didn't like his tone of voice. In short, nothing to do with his policies, but with his looks. Again, people voted against their own interests.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Madame Pelosi and sneering Schumer have called down Nemesis upon their presumptions (if not, in the Greek sense, upon their very persons). I would think that: first: both Senators Manchin and Sinema are well motivated to defy leftist excoriation. Senator Manchin represents, sincerely a very conservative state, a fortress of the real America . I doubt that he would face political death in that real America setting for incurring leftist totalitarian antipathy. Senator Sinema has demonstrated much resistance to the political correctness of her party and this probably cannot have been but reinforced by her recent shameful confrontation by leftist erstwhile juvenile intimidators. Arizona has suffered a presumptuous California invasion but the real America may yet prevail there, partly in reaction to the attack by Californinized Arizona State "students" (worker ant cadre?) on their elected Senator!

  3. Dr. Waddyfrom Jack: Ray: How unfortunate it was that in leftist polluted Oregon so few perceived the choice between often crude President Trump and the totaltarian left given license by doty Biden!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Gov. DeSantis may be a good running mate for President Trump.

  5. Ray, Oregon is pretty far gone at this stage. Portland is even farther gone, but I think we might have a prayer of electing a GOP Governor, state legislature, or even a Senator from the Beaver State in a really great year for the right (like 2022?).

    Jack, I hope you're right that Manchin and Sinema have backbone. Much is riding on it! I believe they will require some major modifications to the reconciliation bill in order to support it, BUT I don't discount the possibility that strong-arm tactics could help win them over. I guess such tactics could also backfire. It helps that the world is watching...

    Ron DeSantis as a running mate for Trump? Perhaps! I'm not sure that playing second fiddle to Trump is an easy job, or an enviable one, but Ron might have what it takes.