Thursday, September 30, 2021

God Bless Manchin and Sinema


Friends, who would have thought one little elevator could contain the fate of the nation within its four walls?  And yet this elevator in the Capitol did exactly that.  While it isn't certain that Nancy Pelosi can shoehorn those two massive spending bills that Joe Biden is hawking through the House, it's likely.  Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have been entirely consistent from the start of the process, however.  They won't vote for a $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill that vastly expands the welfare state.  In fact, they might not even vote for a bill half that size.  Pelosi and Schumer, though, just keep on chugging, oblivious to Manchin and Sinema's opposition.  Why?  Given that they have basically zero Republican support for the reconciliation bill, presumably Nancy and Chuck have been playing chicken with Joe and Kyrsten.  Presumably they assume that if they can get the precious reconciliation bill to the edge of passage, no Democrat would dare oppose it, because if they do the entire progressive wing of the party, and most core Democrats, will despise them with every fiber of their beings.  Manchin and Sinema would be primaried when they are up for reeelection, and they would therefore face political death, if not actual death at the hands of leftist militants.  Despite this intense pressure to toe the Dem/progressive line, however, Manchin and Sinema aren't budging -- and thus the centerpiece of Joe Biden's first term agenda is on the brink of total ruination.  Why, you ask?  Can't the Dems just agree to spend slightly less and bring Manchin and Sinema along?  Not necessarily, because hardcore progressive members of Congress have been insisting on a great big price tag, or else they'll take their toys and go home.  The upshot here is simple: Manchin and Sinema are threatening to spoil all the Dem/progressive fun, and to scupper their plans to make big government bigger still.  Worse, if Dems can't pass meaningful legislation, even when they control both houses of Congress and the presidency, then why should voters retain them in office?  The Dem establishment assumes that, if these bills aren't passed, the Democratic base's enthusiasm will collapse, and the GOP will gallop to victory in 2022.  Maybe.  I mean, 2022 is a long way off.  The opposite assumption -- that passing these bills will cause the electorate to reward Democrats with reelection -- may be just as flawed.  One thing is for sure, though: if Manchin and Sinema sink the infrastructure bill and the reconciliation bill, moderates and progressives in the Democratic caucus and in the Democratic Party as a whole will blame each other.  The Bidenist consensus on the Left will collapse in a heap...and it's hard to see how Republicans wouldn't be in a strong position to benefit from that.  So our message to Manchin and Sinema is short and sweet: keep on keepin' on!  The nation needs you to sink these awful, spendthrift bills.  And we, America's conservatives, Republicans, and Trumpers, will thank you for it!


It will come as no surprise to those with their heads screwed on straight that the net effect of the Black Lives Matter movement was to get more black people killed.  Now we know how many.  It was 62% more.  That's an extra 2000+ black people murdered, all so Democrats and progressives could virtue-signal about how much they hate the "racist" police.  Disgusting! 

Our old friend John Durham is showing some signs of life.  Will it amount to a hill of beans?  Probably not, but it sure would be nice if those who concocted the Trump-Russia hoax faced some accountability, wouldn't it?


Believe or not, the Biden Administration doesn't allow every border-hopper to stay -- just the vast majority of them.  That's sorta refreshing.  It means there's always the slim chance that Biden and pals will have an epiphany and will start to do their jobs and police the border more effectively. 

Did you know that refusing to grade black people differently than white people is a potentially fireable offense for a college professor?  It is!  And reminding SJWs that Martin Luther King supported a colorblind America will really get them steamed...and you into hot water.  Tread carefully.


Hey, have you been wondering when those geniuses on the Left would decide that the American flag needs to be canceled, and would then proceed to design a new one?  Wait no longer!  Their first drafts are in... 

Australia is emerging as a cautionary tale about what happens when a country takes COVID precautions to a fascistic extreme.  The crazy part is that Australia hasn't suffered that many cases or deaths, so why are such extreme measures needed to force compliance?  The question answers itself: because we, "the experts", said so!!!


Lastly, a lot of polls are showing public support for "vaccine mandates", but there's another way to ask the question: do you support firing people who refuse the vaccine?  On that question, most Americans are clear: they view termination of "anti-vaxxers" as wrong anf excessive. 


  1. With regard to the international border between The United States of America and Mexico, it is rarely mentioned how many people got across the border successfully, that were NEVER detected by The Border Patrol. Well, it was not mentioned BECAUSE no one knows how many. My guess is A LOT!

    Legal citizens north of the border still don't understand that we do not have a secure border, period. We have NEVER had a secure border. The only secure border is a militarized one. It should be one of the missions of our Armed Forces (along with The Border Control) to take charge of our border with Mexico. It is an INTERNATIONAL BORDER, and there is a mandate for that, and we are being invaded!

    Attention to some refugees massed at a certain point on the border is always a great diversion from all of the traffic (drugs) that get across the border (mostly at night) along hundreds and hundreds of miles of relatively un-patrolled border where the only threats are Rattlesnakes and Scorpions.

    GET REAL! The only secure border is Militarized! Again, the reason we don't have this, is a lot of people on both sides of the border are getting paid BIG BUCKS to make sure it remains safe for drugs, illegal weapons, and human traffic.

    Finally, think about what a militarized border means. Use your imagination. For starters, think about the nastiest barbed wire that ever was. Shall I keep going? Sound like that IRON CURTAIN in Cold War days of yore? How many people (with the possible exception of East Berlin) ever made it across that barrier!

    Does all this sound harsh to you! That's because the drug flood is harsh too, destroying the lives of people and making some of the most evil people in the world rich. The drug cartels own Mexico folks, they own it.

    And don't forget that a lot of terrorists get across that border. And who really knows how many potential pandemics/epidemics are being brought into the The United States?

    MILITARIZE OUR BORDER WITH MEXICO. How likely is that to happen? Let's say with all of those lined pockets and bank accounts, SLIM TO ZERO. Is TOTAL DEPRAVITY a good word to describe people who take bribes?

    Well, you know, I think it is also very interesting that one cartel chief in Mexico, said that he loved NAFTA. So how many drugs and other traffic are getting across through the Legal Ports of Entry from Pacific California to Gulf of Mexico Texas?

    Lastly, what can anyone really say about fools who believe in totally open borders, which is another reason we probably have a porous border.

    So what about Trump and his wall. That project has good intentions, but walls can be blown through and dug under. There is no substitute for frequent patrols, and how about guard towers with floodlights and sirens just for fun?

  2. Dr.Waddy From Jack: Mega dittos! Those two are manifestly heroic!I rejoice to think of Schumer's discomfiture at their independence!

  3. Dr. Wwddy from Jack: Why of course an attack on our flag is promised, de riguer! What might it be like? No doubt some leftist contemptuous assault on all we value! Let's see: a Daliesque degraded cross, a Kent State banner, all of the politically correct colors and all dismissive of present day America.

  4. Ray, you make an excellent case for a no-nonsense approach to border protection. Of course, what made the Berlin Wall so effective was the shoot-to-kill orders given to the DDR's Border Guard. That tends to get people's attention! Now, we can wring our hands and say, "Oh, how beastly", but imagine the alternative: if there was no Berlin Wall, East Germany would have been hollowed out by emigration and become a failed state. Who knows but that such instability might have triggered WWIII...and then we'd all be dead. Sounds like a bummer to me. Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. The border with Mexico may be such a case.

    Jack, you and I both know that a frontal assault on Old Glory is coming, sooner or later. Probably sooner.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The vicious confrontation visited on Senator Sinema by Arizona State "students", while she used a bathroom stall,for the luvva...: it was characteristic leftist selfrighteously unrestrained guttural assertion of contempt for any view insolently contrary to its own. Oh yeah, Madame Pelosi would not have stooped to this icky physical level but one can certain she is glad of it, any disingenuous protestations on her part not withstanding. Now, will she give it the same attention she has paid to Jan.6? This was a US Senator after all, and no member of Congress was,on Jan.6, so directly threatened as was Senator Sinema. Actually, I would expect Senator Sinema to be fortified by this outrage in her determination to defy Dem/Leftist incipient totalitarian reckless spending!

  6. I hope and pray she will be "fortified", Jack! She seems like a tough lady. Hell hath no fury, and all that. I actually think she's a better candidate for flipping to the GOP than Manchin. It might be time to start courting her...

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: We may well not know the full nature of the pressure being directed onto Senators Sinema and Manchin by a Dem party which would delight in politically immolating them for their unbearable apostasy. "Why our moment of triumph , when we capture the country in a dependent web of our spinning, simply by creating inescapable debt and enslaving the productive with silk bred of the unproductive : these, these. . .counterrevolutionaries dare to stand in our way. Never mind that they can do so because our legislative advantage (backed by our pathetic executive ticket puncher in the White House) is tenuous in the extreme. Does that show that our intentions, laid completely bare, 5 trillion dollars' worth (you thought pennies were worthless?) , may not be very popular now and so we will have to impose them on an ignorant America? AND WE COULD! But for Manchin and Sinema, we could and do not doubt,WOULD!"

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: We know about the very public assaults Dem inspired thugs have made on the privacy of Senators Manchin and Sinema. But what else have they had to endure? We may not know. Are they made of the stuff which only hardens when facing an onslaught seeking to intimidate them?I think they are and having been so misused by their their thoroughly undemocratic "colleagues" and the mindless minions thereof, they may be newly resolved! But we must afford them our resolute support. They richly deserve it and may need it. They have a hard row to hoe!

  9. Jack, that's a marvelous point: it's the pressure on Manchin and Sinema being exerted behind the scenes that could truly make our blood curdle. I posted today an article indicating that Manchin is (suddenly?) willing to exceed his "top-line" figure. The wheeling and dealing has begun!