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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Election Day, 2021!


Friends, as you know, Election 2021's marquee matchup is the Governor's race in Virginia.  Glenn Youngkin, the Republican, has taken a narrow lead in recent polls -- and polls tend to lean left, so a small lead could generate a solid win.  That's what we're hoping for...and a sweep of the House of Delegates, the Lieutenant Governorship, and the Attorney General's office as well.  Fingers crossed!  The chances of repeating such a performance in New Jersey look slim, but you never know.  As you'll see here, Biden's waning popularity is lifting all Republicans, by default, so there's hope! 

In other news, Dems and progressives are bummed that Terry McAuliffe in Virginia hasn't managed to make the Governor's race there all about Trump.  They assume, naturally, that most people hate Trump, so if voters connect Republicans with Trump, the GOP is doomed.  Well...if that's true, then why did they have to game the system so much in 2020 just to squeak out a narrow win?  Their assumption that Trump's role in the 2022 election could prove damaging to Republicans isn't totally out in left field, however.  No one knows how the "Trump Factor" will play out...


This article lays out the steadily accumulating evidence that COVID came from the Red Chinese lab of death in Wuhan.  But no one cares about that.  COVID?  Never heard of it. 

Senator Joe Manchin (D - West Virginia) is still giving his fellow Democrats grief, and one is even calling him a racist and a sexist!  Get used to it, Joe.  Your lot doesn't tolerate original thought.  Want to be respected for your point of view?  Join a "big tent" party like the GOP.  Most of your fellow West Virginians already have.  They're on to something! 

The climate confab in Glasgow is going SUPER, as I'm sure you've heard.  One problem: world leaders and expert climate nags are generating a lot of hot air, not to mention carbon emissions via their private jets.  Do as we say, though, not as we do -- that's the motto of the global elite.


Great news!  Senator Rick Santorum is joining the Newsmax team.  You might recall that he was unceremoniously let go by CNN for having the temerity to speak the truth about Native American influence on American culture: it's minimal.  Native Americans, of course, complain about the marginalization of their people all the time, which is to say they make exactly the same claim that Santorum did, but they use more elegant, PC language, and that makes all the difference.  Anyway, Santorum should be a lot happier working for an organization that doesn't believe in canceling everything that moves. 

The Washington Post is writing in glowing terms about the positive role played by teenage transgender witches in modern leftism.  Isn't that nice?  All you weirdos going to church on Sundays should take note!


Finally, score another one for the great state of Florida: Rumble is moving its U.S. headquarters to Sarasota, a lovely city, by the way.  The great migration, from blue tyranny and impoverishment to red freedom and prosperity, continues.  Long may it last!


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: First, kudod unlimited to Senator Manchin for his continuing principled stand. Virginia: an interesting case; it was invaded by conveniently nearby DC and Maryland liberals who assumed their unquestionable "justice"would prevail in near Dixie. Well, we will see now won't we?

  2. Dr. Waddyfrom Jack: Yesterday's repulse of carpetbaggers in Va. is all manner of good; so glad for native Virginians and those who have moved there but respect the real Va. This may encourage "take back our state" movements in other states invaded by haughty and presumptuous leftists from completely lost,counterintuitive circuses like Ca., NY, Mass. etc. Why don't they just stay and enjoy tbe dysfunction they have created in their People's Republics, rather than imposing themse!ves on comnmon sense America?

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: VA.! Got the Lt. Gov. and Attorney General too. What a pleasure it is to see a big step toward redemption for a great state , contemptuously wronged by leftist invaders who presume it presently condemned by its past and deserving of unlimited dictated paybacks in pursuit of "equity". And that this election had obvious national importance made this ever sweeter. I mean, gee, the leftist pantheon (except perhaps for "Beto" and granny glassed Van Jones) condescended to grace the state with their august presence to help seal the deal for the only "legitimate" candidate. And a neophyte, insolently dismissive of their irrefutable wisdom. . . BESTED them! And it looks like the left has taken it on the chin nationally. I'm fully expecting passionate lamentation on their part for "their failure to get their message out". NOT SO ;America read them loud and clear and responded accordingly! Their discomiture tonight is richly deserved, though it will certainly foster no retreat from their "politically correct" self righteousness. Let them persist in it and become ever more deeply enmired in their own filth.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Yeah, Joe is an hombre! Haven't heard much about K. Sinema but I cannot but imagine that the savaging she has received for her apostasy has not set well with her, no, not at all! They are both heroes. Sure, it would be great to see him quit a party so badly infected with totalitarianism and pusillanimous apology for the same.But, he is playing an epic role just where he is, in stymieing the 2020 inspired final push of the frantic left riding the backs of the cowardly Dems. If he goes GOP somebody like Romney might also switch, in the name of fairness and "equity" dontcha know!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Right now, the Dems appear to be up the creek. But let us not forget the manner in which they emerged from the 1994 massacre. They were the party of the Clintons, leave us not forget. And they employed Slick Willyesque preemption to crawl out of the abyss. "Wah, shore; Ah've allus bin a 'small govmint man', and note mah genuiine, Southun accent, yes!). Yeah, wah them them welfayuh people ought to pay for their bennies, yeah, me and Hill have always thought that! " Not sure how they will do it, but this may be the course the left will follow up until Nov. 2022! Watch out!

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Mitch McConnell said it best last night: " the American people are FED UP with the Democrats and their far left agenda! " An ever increasing, perhaps decisive mass of Americans rightly perceive that what we've seen from the Pelosi, Schumer, AOC, ... biden junta is the real Dem party, devoted as it surely is to forcing unwanted, unneeded and wrong headed change on America. When McAuliffe sniffed that parents should not be involved in decision making concerning their children's public educations he spoke as a true Dem/leftist. " Why we know best;just let us do the driving (or else)! " Its the essence of their politics.

  7. Jack, I have much to say about Manchin in today's post! He's "the man", all right.

    Quite right, Jack: recent developments in Virginia and New Jersey will encourage besieged conservatives in blue states to "fight the power" as never before. Writ large, Republicans and conservatives hopefully now realize that voting works (mostly), so they better get busy and vote!

    I don't regard a party switch for Manchin as terribly likely, but it would convey immediate benefits: all the Dems' bills would die -- immediately and officially. Even better, the pace at which Sleepy Joe's tame judges are confirmed to the bench would slow to a crawl. I'd like to see that!

    As you point out, Slick Willy was smart enough to tack to the center in 1994-96. Is the current crop of Dems equally realistic? I doubt it. They know no other policy than "spend spend spend". They're already doubling down on their social spending bill. Plus, every progressive believes that the solution to every problem is...going harder left! My hope is for Dem self-destruction through in-fighting, but one thing I don't expect at all is for the party to march in disciplined ranks back to the center. Those days are over.