Friday, July 2, 2021

Some Signs of Life from SCOTUS's "Conservative Super-Majority"


Friends, we all enjoy sticking it to those lefties, judicially and otherwise, and the good news is that the Supreme Court is doing just that, albeit in a quiet and understated far.  The recent Brnovich decision is a big deal, because it means that SCOTUS plans to give short shrift to Democratic/progressive legal theories that say that ANY attempt to criminalize or prevent election fraud is just white supremacism in disguise.  Frankly, the effect of most election laws is modest, but it's refreshing to see the Supreme Court uphold the semi-sovereignty of the states on these matters.  Kudos, SCOTUS conservatives!  Now that you're all warmed up, how about overturning Roe v. Wade and/or scuppering race preferences for an encore? 

In other news, a Manhattan prosecutor has DJT in his sights, although so far his investigations have only produced nuisance charges against non-Trumps.  Better luck next time, Cy!


This is an insightful analysis of the electorate as it coalesced in 2020.  The big takeaway: voter behavior in 2020 was broadly consistent with what we saw in 2016, but the makeup of the electorate itself shifted in small ways, in almost all cases to the advantage of Democrats.  To put it another way, if the same electorate had voted in 2020 as in 2016, Trump would have won.  Alas, the college-educated, immigrants, and young people are growing constituencies, and the GOP isn't exactly crushing it with these groups. 

What explains the Dems' electoral successes of late?  If there's one factor that dominates, it's the rising percentage of the electorate that is black, Hispanic, and Asian.  Look at it this way: this was not so long ago a country in which whites were close to 90% of voters.  Now they're less than 70%.  And that number will shrink even further in the years to come.  This is what we might call the "California Effect".  Similar changes in the Golden State yielded a one-party state there, with immigrants supporting Democrats and suburban Republicans fleeing to greener pastures in other states.  If the GOP isn't careful, the rest of the country will be Californicated, as it were.  On the other hand, California is having a recall election in September that gives the state's Republican Party its best chance in years to make a comeback.  The odds are probably against it, but it all depends on who's motivated to show up and vote, and you just never know...


Our glorious Attroney General, in his infinite wisdom, has halted all federal executions.  Bloodthirsty killers everywhere will be mightily relieved.  Theoretically, this is just a temporary measure, but mark my words: I'd be shocked if the feds executed anyone else before 2025...unless maybe they decide to start putting members of the Trump family before firing squads.  That's a 50/50 proposition.


The obscene progressive betrayal of the lower and middle classes that occurred during our recent pandemic is only beginning to become clear to analysts.  Sure, the government threw money in all directions in 2020, but mostly it hurled stimulus in the direction of those who were rich to begin with.  More government yields more equality?  Don't bet on it!!!


Another story you can file under "rank hypocrisy" is this one about Amazon's expanding carbon footprint.  Just like China, which promises to become "greener" as it builds new coal-fired power plants and increases its carbon emissions, Amazon says all the right things about "climate change" and then quietly builds a great big fossil-fueled bonfire in its backyard.  Luckily, they have more than enough money to buy off the eco-conscious journalists who might otherwise report on such matters.


Finally, in case you thought it was only schoolchildren who were being indoctrinated in critical race theory these days, a.k.a. the unbearable shame of whiteness, here's evidence that our men and women in uniform are undergoing "anti-racist" reeducation as well.  With any luck, such "struggle sessions" will turn every one of them into Republicans! 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The Federal death penalty: Oh kumbayaa to the max! I mean, the depravity of giving a sedative before an execution! Ahh but, when a politically correct (or incorrect, depending on how you look at it) convict who has remain ed condemned despite the best efforts of criminal lovers and their judicial enablers is available, why all such compassionate leave will be e thusiastically abjured and the left will experience a brief window of common sense. And there will be no candles, no mournful embraces, lugubrious predictions of perdition for the "vengeful" victims and their sympathizers and no outcry for abolishment of this inconsiderate practice. Justice will have been done and the "enlightened" will, ironically, endorse it, proving the profound fault of their theretofore passionate protests!

  2. Dr.Wady from Jack: The yet plausible cliche "as Calfornia goes so goes the nation" does raise onerous prospects! If only California refugees would leave their California ways behind as they infiltrate an increasingly resentful real America. Why did they leave in the first place? Certainly some them, who understand the nature of Californian dysfunction, are eager to embrace positive lifestyles. But apparently some of them just want a little more room in which to enjoy their presumptuous bustle. And some of them have a mission to educate the unbelievers in political correctness and all of its poisonous offshoots. I saw that first hand at a library conference workshop in NY (California's east coast equivalent) on a putative "literacy" program conducted in rural Vermont. The participants all had NYC accents and their teaching plans consisted of purely leftist political lessons. Literacy was clearly not their goal but they nonetheless sought endorsement and funding by misrepresenting it as so. And that is the same casual moral dismissiveness and elitist presumption Californians so often manifest. It angers very many who are subjected to it; perhaps that may form a barrier to the spread of "Californiaization".

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Love them 6-3 decisions. Elections do have consequences,yes. But for Donald Trump, Hillary would have ensured a 6-3 radical rubbr stamp majority interested only in
    confirming totalitarian power.

  4. Well said, Jack! It would be instructive to ask hardcore leftists if they approve of the death penalty...and then ask them if they think Donald Trump should be subject to the death penalty. The results would be eye-opening.

    It sure is sad what's become of the state of my birth. We can't entirely blame immigrants either. Far too many wealthy and middle class suburbanites have drifted into cultural leftism. Now they're getting their just desserts, of course: surging crime, aggressive vagrants on every street corner, brownouts, "girls" with mustaches ogling their actual girls in the locker room. We'll call it karma.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I know there is considerable common sense power in California; that is demonstrated by the recall effort for their blithely presumptuous leftist governor. But it appears to be not enough most of the time. "Anything goes" is the byword in California now (AS LONG as it stands opposite to any traditional values) and I'm sure that attracts many of that inclination. And of course the completely predictable destructive consequences are fully obvious. I think the left pushes its dreamy, counterintuitive measures partly because it believes in them but also because it welcomes the guaranteed societal dissension, disorder and dysfunction, as we are seeing now, because THAT they see as enabling their ultimate goal of a complete collapse which would allow them to seize totalitarian control. After that, "anything goes" will be theirs to dictate or suppress according to their momentary whim. California is their lab and I know there are conservative areas there (a friend in San Diego calls that area "Iowa on the Pacific). But between California and the leftist north and central east coast is the REAL AMERICA and THAT would be a far harder nut to crack.

  6. Jack, it saddens me to no end, but even San Diego, my ancestral homeland, has gone over to the dark side. Hillary and Sleepy Joe won San Diego County in landslides.