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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

The Elephant in the White House


Friends, don't miss this week's Newsmaker Show, featuring a fascinating discourse on the massive success that was the Republican National Convention, the harsh reality of mail-in voter fraud, the political calculus of rioting and unrest in our biggest cities, and President Trump's very presidential and bridge-building visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In terms of "This Day in History," Brian and I cover Japan's (unlikely?) surrender in August/September 1945, the career of Ho Chi Minh and the issue of his nationalism versus his Marxism, and the character and war record of George Herbert Walker Bush.

What a show!  You'd be INSANE to miss it!


  1. Only two months to go until elections, and I still have this sinking feeling that things are going to get real stinky. I need to cheer up I'm sure, but the "power of negative thinking" is holding me back. The DemoLISTAS are desperate, and they will do just about anything to prevent a second term for Trump. This includes more violence in major cities.

  2. I read something the other day about that damn fool Biden calling Trump a dictator. That's amusing, because if Trump really were a dictator I doubt Biden would be running for president, and in fact I doubt the "Democrats" would even exist.

  3. Well said, Ray. You gotta love people who exercise their right of free speech to bemoan their lack of free speech! As Jack and I have observed, many of our Democratic friends need to spend some time doing field research in a REAL dictatorship. Maybe Kim Jong-Un would consider an exchange program? I bet Nancy Pelosi could get a real thorough hair cut in one of those North Korean reeducation camps...

    Don't despair! The polls in the battleground states are super-close, and you know those polls are very likely tilted in Biden's favor. This election is very winnable! It's also lose-able. Expect the best. Prepare for the worst.

  4. Dr.Waddy fromJack: Your optimism about the President's present standing, backed as you always do with measured and well supported observations ,is very encouraging. I think the subject is treason now. The rioting satisfies the definition in the Federal statute and as it is very obvious that the traitors have much financial support and highly efficient organization, communication and command, across state lines (Johnny on the spot, you betcha)it is imperative that they be brought to Federal justice. What about the decent people of Portland? When will the Feds stand up for them in a decisive way against their marxist oppressors? Biden's slap on the wrist for the thugs is completely disingenuous and, as you say, opportunistic. It's good '0l slick willy style preemption ( waa shore, ah caint abide them rotters! Never could ah swear!)in realpolitik reaction to the real awakening of the real America. The President is so right to emphasize that this treason thrives in dem run cities. Of course it does. He would be right in saying " the whole country will be ruled by those who celebrate this insurrection if the dems win". The surrender of Japan, TO THE US mainly, not the inhuman USSR,brought Japan its finest days, peace, security and prosperity. It was miraculous and does reflect great credit on the western values, tempered by profound comprehension of Japanese culture, championed by a courageous and brilliant steward, MacArthur and the backing he had from our forgiving nation, not to mention the manifestation and generous recognition of very positive and constructive attitudes among the Japanese.

  5. Dr.Waddy et al: I was on a carrier supporting war against sociopathic commies when the Captain announced the death of Ho Chi Minh. No patriot he. He murdered hundreds of thousands of his "countrymen" in order to force a foreign ideology, far worse than colonialism on them, I agree. Perpetual shame be on those fey fools who chanted his name in the blessed sanctuary of peace and democracy and even tolerance for their ingratitude, our US.

  6. DrWaddy from Jack:The vicious calumny reflected in the advancement of a ludicrous image of Bush I as a wimp redounds to the everlasting disgrace of those who casually perpetrated it. In addition to being a hero he was a fine war time President.

  7. Jack, "treason" is a strong word, and I hesitate to employ it, but more than a few BLM and Antifa "activists" seek, by their own admission, the overthrow of the U.S. government. And, in their own fashion, they're attempting to achieve it. Where things will get interesting is when Americans start voting. I have to believe that BLM and Antifa will try to interfere with the democratic process. After all, they interfere with everything! How we respond will be crucial to the nation's future.

    Jack, what exactly in MacArthur's makeup or personality equipped him to rule Japan -- benevolently and cooperatively with the old elite -- I don't know. That Americans could show mercy to the people of Japan tells you, I think, everything you need to know about the generosity of spirit that characterizes this nation -- or once did.

    Jack, the labeling of Bush, Sr. as a "wimp" was an opening volley in the Left's "politics of personal destruction". It was audacious back then! By today's standards, it would be a slow news day.

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The statute defines making war on America as one of the actions which constitutes commission of the crime of treason: I agree, it is a most serious accusation. MacArthur had a blessed mind; he had a towering intellect and was able to muster at some critical moments, deeply compassionate wisdom and the courage to use it.