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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

L.A. Homicidal



Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show delves into some of the most pressing issues of the day, including the state of the race for the presidency, as reflected in the polls; the escalation of anti-police rhetoric and violence, especially as seen in the attempted assassination of two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies; the increasingly desperate efforts by Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren to hang on to her job by sacrificing other city employees on the altar of BLM; and the surprising edge for Trump and Republicans among small-dollar donors in the 2020 election cycle.

In terms of "This Day in History", Brian and I tackle the big distinction between non-violent activists like Gandhi and MLK and the bloody-minded insurrectionists in BLM and Antifa.  We also talk about the debate over whether American history is defined by freedom or by racist oppression.  We cover the institution of a draft in 1940, as well as the Mexican War of Independence versus Spain, starting in 1810.  It's a historical hodgepodge!  

The only question that remains is...why are you reading this post, instead of tuning in???


You might also enjoy these two articles, focusing on instances of "anti-racist" racism, which is becoming a major feature of modern American life! 


  1. Speaking of racism, the BLM (The Black Panthers with a name change) will fail in the long run, precisely because of the violence it has caused, and also because of the reaction that is going to come as a result of the BLM hatred of White People. If the goal of BLM is to create a race war, it is going to get that wish come true, regrettably.

    There is also another reason the BLM will fail, and that is because of the negative connotations already associated with the word Black, and already embedded in our culture. Ever heard of a pandemic called The Black Death (14th Century) eliciting joy in people? How do people feel when their black stools indicate that they might have rectal or colonic cancer? That would produce a "Black mood" perhaps? Ever heard the expression "Black as Sin"? How about "They were behind the Black ball"?

    In addition, who are the BLM "martyrs" in this case. A punk Black kid killed by a punk adult Hispanic? Was George Floyd a paragon of virtue? Sorry BLM, but your movement has a bleak future.

  2. Let me put it this way. So far the BLM has been able to create havoc, and for the most part, get away with it. Why? Because Leftist oriented city governments are AFRAID that if they don't cater to the BLM, their already stinking cities will be burned to the ground. Well, so be it. Maybe they deserve it, for their failure to contain such violence through taking harsh actions. Once beautiful cities have been trashed because of Antifa and BLM, but then again, many inner cities such as downtown San Francisco were already trashed by failure to control criminal elements, and failure to control expanding homeless population.

  3. If nothing else, don't confuse Black Lives Matter with Bureau of Land Management.


    Many hundreds of years ago, when some rather dark skinned Muslims were fighting for control of large slices of real estate in North Africa and The Middle East, a Roman Emperor who was effective in fighting them was referred to as "The White Death".


    During the 15th Century, the Hungarian (now national hero of that country) was successful in fighting large numbers of darkish skinned Ottoman Turks. He is known as "The White Knight".

  6. Instead of the BLM and Antifa, there need to be more naked bike rides in our major cities, just like The World Naked Bike Ride in Portland, Oregon, which was cancelled this year due to Corona. And yet BLM and Antifa demonstrations were allowed.

  7. Ray, I wish I could agree with you about BLM's future, but I can't -- not 100%. Most of what you say about it is true. It's leaders are in some cases to the left of Lenin, and that's pretty far left! Be that as it may, BLM's future depends on the public PERCEPTION of it, and that is almost entirely in the hands of the media, which adores BLM and fears it in equal measure. I say ALMOST, because there is a sense in which events can overtake spin. The "peaceful protester" bit has become a running joke now, because riots are hard to conceal...

    And I hereby revise my assessment of the coronavirus pandemic. Previously, I believed that public anxiety was overblown. Now that I'm fully apprised, however, that the warmed-over hippies of Portland were denied the opportunity to ride their bikes in the nude because of the danger of contagion, I agree with Biden-Harris that this is the greatest calamity ever to befall Planet Earth! President Trump should leave the "peaceful protesters" be, but he should immediately declare martial law to make the streets safe for nude bicycling. And, if the pneumatic bike tires are in any way made of hemp or CBD, federal subsidies should be offered forthwith! I have spoken.

    1. DR. NICK

      Don't agree with your conclusions regarding BLM. Was raised in Oregon. Still have a lot of friends who live in Portland. Many tend to be left of center, but all are totally fed up with Antifa and BLM, and the way their b.s. has ruined downtown Portland. But no matter what, the BLM pukes need to understand that there will eventually be a backlash to their stuff.

  8. The main point in my posts on this subject, aside from some of the tongue and cheek stuff and downright sarcasm, is that the authorities in many places have failed to deal with the BLM. the Antifa and their violence. In which case, some very nasty unauthorized people are going to come along and deal with them in a very mean way. And who knows but these people could turn out to be naked bike riders who have gone berserk BECAUSE they had to cancel their parade, while BLM and Antifa got to demonstrate. Also, I challenge Antifa and BLM members to demonstrate and loot in the nude.

  9. Dr.Waddy et Al from Jack: I do think that Biden is being very closely managed but think your evaluation of him as no fool is very plausible. It may well be that he is consciously and purposefully committed to a far left takeover and quite willing to be it's agent. Dr.Waddy, thank for your firm statement of support for law enforcement. In anything other than this reflexive iconoclast infested era it would be understood and not in need of affirmation. That was a very perceptive observation about the many wealthy contributors to the ostensibly antiwealth Dems!

  10. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Only fundamentally just countries can be shamed into acknowledgement and sincere remediation of wrongs. The shame must be pointed out in a profoundly principled and highly disciplined manner,as was exemplified by Gandhi's and King's movements. The present insurrection has as it's object the destruction of a nation well worth preserving and it's end is the establishment of a totaltarian hellhole. It's methods give clear confirmation of its intentions

  11. Ray, I wish more people in Portland and in Oregon agreed with those sentiments. There seems little danger that Trump will carry Oregon, however, which he would, if people there were clear-eyed about what's being done to their beloved state.

    Ray, I find it amazing how seldom vigilante groups or "right-wing" militias have confronted the rioters and insurrectionists. Seems to me that most patriots are keeping their powder dry. Frankly, I think that's the right move, even if our cities are reduced to cinders in the meantime.

    Speaking of nakedness, several protesters in Rochester NY did, in fact, protest in the nude, to show their solidarity with the late Daniel Prude. So...the anarchists are not above disrobing, but be careful what you wish for!

    Jack, I will always stand with law enforcement. Actually -- hmmm. I want to amend that statement. I will stand with law enforcement as long as law enforcement is dedicated to enforcing the law, without favor or prejudice. Quite a few police agencies (occasionally including the FBI) have shown that they are not above becoming complicit in the erection of a left-wing theocracy, in which all heretics and dissidents are persecuted, at best, and jailed, at worst. Much as I love the police, there are limits, even for me.

    Jack, the gulf between "Gandhi's and King's movements", and BLM and Antifa, may not be as wide as you imagine. Yes, Gandhi and King were committed to non-violence. That was a principled stand as well as a sound tactical decision. Many in their "movements", however, were not, and it's an open question whether non-violence, by itself, ever accomplished much of anything against a well-armed and resolute enemy... The key here, I think, is that the British in India and whites in America weren't resolute in upholding colonialism and segregation, respectively. Some moral suasion, plus some civil unrest, cowed them very effectively.

  12. Dr.WaddyfromJack: Slavery is a counterpoint to, not the definition of,American history as the latter is maintained by the 1619 Project. The terrible wrong of slavery is an everlasting disgrace to our country but there is also our redeeming (especially considering the documented by many including the lauded Dr. Orlando Patterson, world wide ubiquity of the horrid institution) purposeful, agonizing progress toward justice,which has fostered at very great cost (eg 300,000 Union army deaths and how many more millions of lives ruined) unparalleled progress in a manner unequaled in any other society.

  13. Dr.Waddy fromJack: After the Civil War our country has experienced much more conflict in it's sincere pursuit of racial justice. Yes,the righteous outcry of the oppressed has been an indispensable factor in this process, which surely has led to measurable and creditable progress in the well being of groups which at one time had no hope. Those hopeless days are gone! Do the wrongs of the past work a yet decisive disadvantage to the those undoubtably oppressed at one time? Perhaps, it is plausible but it must be discussed in settings in which empirical evidence is subjected to rigorous intellectual discourse which includes the very real possibility that the travails yet obvious in the lives of so many minority members are due, not to past wrongs but present misconception and consequent dysfunction. The present insurrection exemplifies tragic and presumptuous AND on the part of the marxists so obvious and disingenuous today, a yes sincere but on the part of the historically murderous latter, rejection of our historic and most defendable journey to realistic equity.

  14. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Did the 1940 draft benefit us? It probably didn't hurt, in that it probably generated the construction of some of those dismal barracks all of us in the draft era experienced. Yet, in August, 1941, a vote to extend the service of those already drafted succeeded by yet another one vote margin. Britain had survived; the Boche had invaded Russia and the concept of a Japanese threat was not widely embraced. Pearl Harbor did the trick for us. For the immediate post Pearl 1942, compare the performance of the Marines (who are ALWAYS ready) and who were at least prewar, I think, not receiving draftees, at Wake Island and Guadalcanal with the Army in N. Africa, where it was initially mauled by the Germans. Pearl Harbor and the wartime draft would have provided enough personnel, yes but FDR , who knew war was coming , did what he had to do in 1940 and before the election too. In the long run it probably did help, if only in accustomizing Americans to the thought of yet another great war.

    ially mauled by the Germans.

  15. Quite right, Jack: slavery is certainly not a sin over which we Americans hold anything like a monopoly -- and nor is the institution as defunct as many like to imagine.

    It's true, as you say, that historic injustices can produce current disadvantages. It's possible, but it's also simplistic and wrong to assume that anyone's chances in life are determined solely, or primarily, by race.

    Jack, I quite agree: the draft made us more war-ready than we would otherwise have been. Probably it also was a self-fulfilling prophecy, in the sense that the Japanese and Germans would not have seen us as a threat had we not been engaged in an obvious military buildup. Anyway, as the Boy Scouts would have it, "Always be prepared."

  16. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I would disagree in that the Japanese had , I think, long seen us as a barrier to the free execise of their power they thought their due in East Asia. Their Navy, an enormous expense and largely oil powered too was built to defeat thenavies of Britain,France, the Netherlands but primarily that of the U.S. Given their relatively brief experience as a naval power, they succeeded brilliantly and made a very good fight of it for awhile. The U.S. occupation of the Philippines was, to them,yet another manifestation of western imperialism,which they did have good reason to fear. Germany? Maybe the US failure to come to Britain's aid in 1940 made the Boche think they could avoid tangling with us until they were ready. What would have happened had they not honored their alliance with Japan in Dec. 1941? They were not celebrated for faithfulness to agreements.They had little to fear from Japan. Perhaps it was just another of Hitler's fevered dreams(?).

  17. Jack, I certainly view the German declaration of war against the U.S. as foolhardy in the extreme. You're right -- agreement, schmeement! Hitler should have let the Japanese tangle with us while he finished off the Russians, or extracted a commitment from the Japanese to attack Russia. Anyway, as for the inevitability of conflict between Japan and the U.S., sure, I see that, but it's a question of timing. I believe FDR's machinations made Japan feel a sense of urgency about dealing with the U.S. Navy. Had we minded our own business, their better play would have been to attack the British, the Dutch, and the Russians. That's what the Japanese Army preferred, I believe. The Navy carried the day and insisted on Pearl Harbor.

  18. Dr.Waddyfrom Jack: very plausible points but what about the Philippines? The Japanese move into Indochina put the P.I. at great hazard and since the P.I. are smack on the oil importation route from the East Indies, a Japanese seizure attempt was just a matter of. . .time, so yes, timing had to be very important. A Japanese onslaught on a beleagured USSR they knew they would have to deal with someday(or even perhaps against the German army operating out of the Russian Maritime Province) would certainly have delayed open war with the U.S. and U.S. involvement in what became WWII might have been indefinitely held off, since the Boche might not have declared against us.

  19. Quite right, Jack. Timing is everything. FDR didn't just want to join the war -- he wanted to join it before the Allies' goose was cooked. It was nip and tuck, if you ask me.