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Thursday, September 24, 2020

A Narrow Escape


Friends, despite the seemingly decisive win for Trump implied by the map above, the 2016 election was darn close -- too close for comfort, if you ask me.  In the key states of Florida, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Trump's margins were razor thin.  By the same token, Hillary's wins in Minnesota, New Hampshire, and Nevada were also very narrow.


My latest article isn't about electoral politics, per se, however.  It's about how the death of RBG brings into clearer focus why those of us who voted for Trump in 2016 did so, and why we were right to do so.  The fate of our country, had Hillary prevailed, would have been bleak indeed.  A liberal-dominated Supreme Court would have twisted the Constitution and the law out of all recognition, and you and I would have been lucky to escape with our lives and our liberty (that is, our ability to remain un-incarcerated).  Certainly the Left would have stacked the deck for all future elections, such that our chances of ever overcoming "progressive" tyranny would have been slim.

See what you think of my analysis, therefore, which appears in Townhall:


  1. I certainly hope Trump wins again in 2020. I hope The Republicans keep the Senate, and regain The House, and I hope The Supreme Court becomes a bastion of conservative justices. Yes, I hope for that as a way to keep our Constitutional Republic, just a little longer.

    And yet, the biggest enemies of our society continue to thrive, and will do so with the intention of subverting and perverting The United States of America more and more. I am clearly referring to the "Unholy trinity" of": Media, Academia, and The Film Industry. These are the real evildoers with their avowed Marxist oriented agenda and goal to destroy any remnants of the Christian religion here or anywhere else. No matter what happens in Washington, DC, this "trinity" continues to become stronger every day, and operates 24/7.

  2. You're absolutely right, Ray. The only saving grace is that there are alternatives to the mainstream media, conventional higher ed, and our toxic pop culture. Quite a few Americans are availing themselves of those alternatives. But I agree: we won't save this country until we regain control of its culture and its key institutions. If Trump doesn't have a plan for that, he should formulate one and put it into execution in his second term.

  3. Dr.Waddy et al: One can only imagine the Marxist ignorance and unconquerable bigotry of Hillary's selections both post 2016 and now. We could speculate from her very obvious previous selections under her "in flagrante delicto" captured "spouse" eeeuuch! But they were done under randy Bill's tenuous supervision, so that his ready access to voluptuary targets would not be blocked. Hillary: free of this onerous sanction on high, would have plumbed the depths of ultra feminist hatred and necessarily associated Marxism in her nominations. Disengenuity, after her inimitable example, would have bustled, with a vengeance! And we would have faced,replete with the tactics of which the Dems now so plaintively accuse us, the empowerment of a very, very strong radical leftist majority on our country's "Saggitary", it's Platonic elite so beloved of far leftists in it's contempt for the democratically assured majority! That is what they wish of SCOTUS and they are about to lose it!

  4. So it appears, Jack! A strong conservative majority on the Court will be a very important, even momentous, victory...but, with court-packing in their back pocket, we still need to keep the Dems out of the White House, and preferably out of Congress, indefinitely. And then, for good measure, we need to chase their journalistic and academic fellow travelers into the cultural wilderness -- or maybe into exile. Only then would I count this country as "safe".