Monday, September 7, 2020

The Gathering Storm



Friends, as we look forward to the presidential election in November, chances are rising that the results will be contested and nebulous, surprise here...the Democrats have a plan for that!  They've been gaming various scenarios that would allow them to shoehorn their way, by litigation or agitation, into the Oval Office.  Virtually regardless of how Trump might win, they've got a stratagem for delegitimizing the outcome and demanding redress.  It will take real grit on our part to stand up to these machinations, especially since 50% of the population is bound to believe whatever the Dems, and their media allies, claim.  Brace yourselves!


In other news, the Europeans seem determined to prove that the spread of the coronavirus is not, in fact, Donald Trump's fault.  It turns out that even super-intelligent socialists can contract and spread contagious diseases...  Who knew?  What I find especially interesting about this article is its claim that the percentage of Europeans testing positive for the virus is about the same as the "margin of error" of the test itself.  No one has mentioned this here.  Could many of our "confirmed cases" be false positives?  And, if so, what does that say about the statistics that the media is using to frighten us? 


  1. Here is what I think will happen:

    If Trump wins, the DemoTARDS will not accept it, and DemoTARD leaders will flee to California, Oregon and Washington, those three states having seceded from the country. They will be recognized by The People's Republic of China, which will then launch an invasion of the U.S. West Coast.

    After intense fighting, U.S. Forces will be pushed back to The Mississippi River. At that time, Russia will intervene on the side of President Trump, and U.S. and Russian military will hold the line against the Chinese at the Mississippi River.

    The United States will then be divided between The United States of America east of The Mississippi River, and the United Socialist States of America west of the Mississippi River. The leaders in the west will be Chief Commissar Comrade Joe Biden and Assistant Chief Commissar Comrade Kamala Harris.

    The rest of the century will be spent in an impasse between a divided America ruled by Biden and Trump dynasties, with China and Russia as allies.

    In 2099 a huge war called Armageddon will be fought between a Communist United States and a Nationalist United States. In 2105 Jesus will return, destroy both countries, and then rule earth forever from his throne area which will be located approximately near what is now Yellowstone National Park. At that time, every human being on earth will become White, and English will become the official language forever. Black Lives Matter and Antifa Members will be judged and cast into the eternal lake of fire located in present day Cuba.

    That's it folks, so cheer up because all will be well come November 2020 and after. I would suggest that those Americans who vote for Joe Biden flee to the west as soon as possible, and those who vote for Trump flee to the east.

    Since there will be no New Jerusalem as such, Israel will purchase the Baja Peninsula from Mexico and rename it El Israel.
    More to tell, but that would ruin everything if I told you about it.

    If you don't like my ANALysis of the situation, TOUGH TOAD! You will just have to suck it up, and get a life.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack:Rebellion from the American Taliban far left is virtually certain when President Trump wins. They have reached their limit of their fragile emotionally dominated rationality and have been sorely tested in refraining from outright insurrection until the myth of pervasive police "racism" (a term they see no need to define) was reempowered this year. Its not so much the fact that they lost their shameful bid to steal the 2000 election or the denial to them of their Javits Center glass shattering final victory extravaganza in 2016; no, it was the unbearable insolence and pure evil of those who dared to oppose their unimpeachable righteousness! And the agony of bearing these atrocities has driven them to the brink. I agree, I think them very likely to enact their totalitarian battle cry "by any means necessary, with absolute determination to prevail, should their shill lose the election.

  3. Ray, holy cow! You paint a very vivid and mostly dystopian picture there. Luckily, I don't believe the Chinese or the Russians are remotely capable of invading this country...but it isn't completely beyond the realm of possibility that foreign forces might be called upon to intervene in a U.S. civil war. It's a fascinating thought experiment, at any rate. Now, what I find hard to believe it that very many of the Americans WITH GUNS, and especially with BIG GUNS, would gravitate to the Biden-Harris corner. The Dems can win a conflict waged with legal briefs and/or sound bytes, if you ask me, but when the bullets start flying they'll be completely outmatched. My greatest fear is that we conservatives will allow ourselves to be bullied into political oblivion, and we will surrender our rights without a fight. That doesn't mean I believe a physical fight is necessary or desirable, mind you. What I believe is that we need to stand firm in November (and possibly December) in the face of extraordinary pressure in the form of propaganda, legal maneuvering, and street violence. If only we stick to our guns...we won't have to fire them. That's my two cents.

    Jack, we can indeed expect the Left to dig in its heels in 2020 -- and to refuse to concede defeat unless and until every available avenue of "resistance" has been exhausted. But, as I suggested above, bullies can be beaten, if only their putative victims refuse to back down.

    Incidentally, I take seriously the notion that, faced with national defeat, some Dem states might consider secession, or they might declare their fealty to a shadow Dem government-in-exile. It sounds ridiculous, but we might see such lunacy come to pass. My guess is that federal forces loyal to President Trump would make quick work of such insurrectionists, but who knows -- maybe Trump would decide it would be easier to let the malcontents go...

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: CA, Oregon, Washington (I hate to say, WA used to be real America)? For God's sake let them go. We are a much better country without them. I feel for their real America minorities. Perhaps they could band together and carve out a refuge in eastern WA and Oregon and northern CA. For sure they would be governed otherwise right out of the murderous marxist handbook.

  5. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: But then,where do we draw the line and what about federal responsibility for loyal Americans in benighted states? If we give them all leave we lose NY and New England except maybe for Maine and just maybe Vermont, in all of which common sense still thrives. Well maybe the real America can just do without them and the perhaps inevitable division between two irreconcilable points of view on economics, politics , history and ethics will have been crudely accomplished. And I say that as one who would be disenfranchised in the fully acknowledged "People's Republic of NY.

  6. Yes, Jack -- the difficulties of demarcating the territory of the USA and the USSA (you KNOW what the extra "S" is for) would be insuperable. We could just observe current state boundaries, but that would require a massive amount of migration to safeguard stranded patriots (and Bolsheviks). It would be a gigantic mess. I personally think the nation is more likely to hold together as a leftist or right-wing dictatorship. There would be tens of millions of malcontents, mind you, but, if you silence the opposition media, most of those grumblers would soon fall in line.