Monday, September 14, 2020

Donald Trump: Man of the People



Friends, an interesting dichotomy is emerging between the campaigns of President Trump and Sleepy Joe Biden.  Increasingly, Biden is raking in high-dollar contributions from the wealthy and well-connected, while Trump is reliant on giving from small donors.  This article makes that plain:


It's a story that you won't see in the mainstream media, because it conflicts with, well, several of their well-worn narratives.  It's true, though, that more and more wealthy Americans and captains of industry are supporting Democrats.  We're also seeing a long-term shift of highly educated professionals towards the Democrats.  Meanwhile, the middle class, and those with less education and fewer skills, are shifting rightwards -- at least, they are if they're white.  


We see this broad phenomenon in direct campaign contributions, but we also see it in the long list of billionaires who are lining up to support Biden and the Democrats, and the rather short list of billionaires who support, or used to support, Trump and the GOP.  Remember those demonic "Koch Brothers" who used to be the leading lights of the Republican Party?  Well, they've never cottoned to Trump and have largely faded away.  Sheldon Adelson?  Trump has expressed his disappointment with Adelson's stinginess of late.  The Dems, on the other hand, have Soros, Steyer, and Bloomberg, and those are just the billionaire lefties who are household names.  There are plenty more.  Bottom line: Trump will be vastly outspent in 2020 by the Dems, the so-called party of the "little guy".  Trump was outspent in 2016 too, however, and it didn't matter in the end.  Nonetheless, if I were Trump, I'd reach into my wallet and splash out a little, because his legacy and the country's future are on the line.


In other news, two Los Angeles County Sheriff's Deputies were shot, execution-style, on Saturday, and afterwards BLM protesters arrived at the hospital where they're being treated to shout, "We Hope You Die!"  Sweet of them, no?  It's an ugly scene, but frankly right now we need leftists themselves.  It's the surest way to bury their accursed movement once and for all in November.


  1. No surprise at all about anything to do with Los Angeles County. It's the home for the entertainment industry which is a major propaganda arm of The Left. About the only conservative area in California is a large (and sparsely populated) Congressional district north of L.A. in Kern County and surrounding areas. One can say it is about the only bastion of the right in the entire state of California.

    Otherwise, the "counter-balance" to Blacks in L.A. and surrounding areas is a large Hispanic population none too friendly towards them.

    Too bad The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department and the L.A.P.D. don't revolt against their Leftist Masters at City Hall and elsewhere, and start executing BLM protesters. And then after they get done doing that they can begin arresting Left Wing Politicians and celebrities. I always said Alcatraz needs to be reopened.

    1. Ray, have you been talking to my husband? smiles

  2. The MSM is pushing panic porn. Honestly, keeping pushing it and telling us everything will be better with Biden/Harris. I just don't think the majority of Americans are buying into it. As for Soros and that crowd, they need to be found and hung for treason for pushing and paying for this BLM and Antifa ---if us simple minded folks can hunt down the money trail, I wonder why the feds can't? Perhaps they are complicit?

  3. Dr.Waddy et al: Ok ,well George Soros only gets one vote (although he doesn't deserve it and most other countries would give him a one way ticket and a parachute to N. Korea). We are way too tolerant and it may reck us. But then George Smith from anywhere USA gets one too.I'm seeing increasing evidence that the real America is gathering itself for the decisive vote. We have the numbers; let us trust in that verity no matter how remote or insignificant our homes are! I'm from the People's Republic of NY where my Presidential vote usually doesn't count but I WILL vote for the President!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: In personal politics, as indicated by his ineffectual reach for the nomination,Bloomberg's jillions have availed him little. But creditable comment says he may well have swung the House to the Dems. Well, Presidential politics are personal and President Trump has the bucks and the sand to use them. Fasten your seatbelt, dreamy Bloomberg and the rest of you elitists

  5. Dr.Waddy et al: This is the main point now: Biden equals suppression,including excused and celebrated executions, of the police; radicals welcomed in the thousands to unelected Federal positions; appointment of abortion loving, self defense hating commies to the Supreme Court; extreme leftist Harris eased into the Presidency when Biden's handlers tell him "git!"; the careful grooming of aoc for the top spot asap and the American Taliban far left's absolute determination that it will never again be insolently thwarted! Keep it simple because it is simple; vote against President Trump and that is what you'll get!

  6. Ray, the sad part is that, geographically, most of California is still solid red. In terms of population centers, though, we lost the Golden State to radical leftists years ago. The Dems believe that, as California goes, so goes the nation. Our worst fear has to be that they're right!

    Good point that blacks and Hispanics don't always see eye to eye. It's a big mistake of the Left, in my opinion, to excuse and even encourage urban unrest, and then to put (invariably) a black face on that unrest and on the victims of "police brutality" and racism. The Left wants a race war in this country, to be frank, but they seem not to have considered that, if it is white versus black, the loyalty of Hispanics and Asians to the anti-racist "cause" may not be assured. Let's exploit this oversight in November!

    Linda, you suggest that the "money trail" leading to BLM and Antifa is straightforward. If you have any evidence to share, please do. I wouldn't mind getting to the bottom of it myself. Personally, I would be surprised if people like Soros had gotten their hands dirty. Even if he IS the benefactor of the rioters, I doubt he would leave a trail behind.

    Jack, I don't think Bloomberg's largesse will help Biden all that much either, BUT he's smart to target his efforts in one (critical) state. Money talks. I've been donating to Trump and the Republicans to try to even the playing field. We all need to do our part.

    Jack, have you noticed Biden's and Harris's slips of the tongue recently, referring to an incoming Dem administration as the "Harris administration" or "Harris-Biden"? Curious! I know why Harris would be guilty of that Freudian slip. I can't believe that Biden would be so eager to embrace his own obsolescence, though. Maybe, in his case, he simply can't remember who's at the top and bottom of the ticket?

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: An amendment to my comment above: nobody groom's aoc; I should have said ". . . we will witness,with increasing consternation, the precipitate and ominous rise of aoc. . . "

  8. Jack, should the Left ever enthrone AOC, the Ice Queen, its herculean efforts at self-parody will be complete. Personally, I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry.