Friday, September 18, 2020

The Notorious RBG Gives Way To...DJT?



Friends, today we say good bye to one of the staunchest liberal justices in recent memory: Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Although you and I would undoubtedly disagree with, oh, 99.9% of her rulings, we have to give her credit as a survivor, as a firebrand, and as a committed "progressive".  Her passing sets up what is sure to be one of fiercest nomination battles of all time.  How Republicans handle this remarkable opportunity -- to shape the Judiciary for a generation, and to guarantee conservative, constitutionalist rulings as far as the eye can see -- will dictate the future of the nation, not to mention the fate of Joe Biden and Donald Trump in November. 


Whoa, Nelly!  Get ready for some fireworks, America!


  1. Oh boy...grab the popcorn, it is going to get ugly. One already sees it via the MSM; "Burn it all f down, die McConnell" etc. See, this is what happens when history and the Constitution isn't taught.

  2. Dr.Waddy et al:Yes, this is high drama. The left stands on the very cusp of disaster and being emotionally driven as they are, are liable to go right off the deep end. AOC is already calling for consummate "radicalization". Can those of sanity in the dem ranks hold the crazies in line? Good chance they can't and every anarchic outrage yet adds to our base. We can afford to take our time and play this carefully. Even if the worst were to happen,with the Dems taking the Presidency and the Senate, we would still retain our majority on SCOTUS. But if the President wins we will deprive the antidemocratic left of it's most dangerous asset: the tribunal of the elite and enlightened so dear to their hearts and their fragile emotional stability. If we keep the Senate but lose the White House we can indefinitely deny president harris her decree.

  3. Linda, it was ALREADY ugly! Now it'll be uglier. On one level, my attitude is...anything that gives the Left an excuse to riot is good, because their tantrums give voters ample reason to stick with Trump and the GOP.

    Jack, I agree: let's not rush into anything. We need to get this one right. But, as I've opined elsewhere, I see no reason, regardless of who wins what in November, why Trump and McConnell can't decide who our next Supreme Court Justice is. The only question is whether they spring the trap before or after Nov. 3rd.

  4. I am calling for BEFORE, Dr. Waddy. I meant to write/comment on that in your newest post. Yes, it was already ugly, but I believe it will be worse (if that is possible). I see the news is breaking about the Envelop of Ricin addressed to Trump was found. Let's see, there are plenty of people calling for "burn the f'ing government down!" and so on. Why are these people not arrested? Just wondering. Buckle up buttercup(s), its going to be a bumpy ride, that is for sure.

  5. Amen to that, Linda! I say start the process, nominate a great judge, and vote...when it seems right. No need to decide on a timetable in advance.