Tuesday, September 29, 2020

No Holds Barred


Friends, we always knew Trump was a warrior, and he proved it tonight!  No one could say he lacked for courage, or bombast, in his assault on Biden and the Democrats.  He threw dozens of punches, and in my view he landed plenty.  He also refused to let Biden have a moment's peace.  Was he scrupulously polite and observant of the rules?  Well, no....but he was Trump!  What else can we expect of the man after all these years?  

My overall impression of the debate is that it will change remarkably few minds.  For those who find Trump abrasive and arrogant, it will confirm for them that they have always been right.  For those who believe that Biden is confused, corrupt, or evasive, they will find plenty of ammunition in the debate as well.

There were certainly questions that I wish Trump had answered differently or better.  I've always felt that Trump could make a much stronger case on race.  He ought to call out the Dems and the Left for playing the race card endlessly and shamelessly.  He ought to point out the Republicans' superior record on racial justice and equality, compared to the Democrats.  He ought to talk about how left-wing policies have failed people of color time and time again.  But he generally doesn't make these points, and it's a shame.

Trump tried his best to tie Joe Biden to the radical left.  He tried to force Sleepy Joe to choose between moderation and appealing to progressives.  Of course, Joe won't choose.  He'd prefer to triangulate.  He'd prefer to deflect.  In many cases, he'd prefer not to answer at all, as on questions about court-packing and who he might nominate to SCOTUS.  Biden has gotten away with a lot.  At least, when Trump is in the room, Biden gets called on his sophistry and his sly machinations.

In the end, those who expected Biden to fall flat on his face in the first debate were disappointed.  The Biden campaign will be alive and well after this tumultuous tête-à-tête. Probably the polls won't shift much in either direction.

The ball, in my view, is now clearly in Amy Coney Barrett's court, and in that of the Senate Democrats who must decide how aggressively to oppose and criticize her.  I suspect that will be the deciding factor in November.

There is one chance that the debate could fundamentally alter the race, however.  Trump stridently pursued the issue of Hunter Biden's dirty dealings with a variety of foreign actors, in Ukraine, Russia, and China.  The media has been utterly silent on that narrative for many months now.  Can they continue to ignore the story, when Biden is advancing the transparently false claim that Hunter never took any money from anyone?  We shall see.

Buckle up, America!  A contentious election just got...contentious-er!

Plus, Trump made it clear that the drama won't end on Nov. 3rd.  He expects a "rigged election", and that means that this knock-down-drag-out fight may not be over until Jan. 20th.  And even that may be optimistic!  Just sayin'...


Here's an independent analysis of the debate, with which I would mostly agree:


 It's true that Biden faced a very low bar in terms of expectations.  He cleared it.


And another analysis -- this one way more Trump-friendly:

And, in other news, there's a suspect in the attempted murder of two Sheriff's Deputies in Los Angeles County.  If the suspect were a white supremacist, you better believe the media would be all over it.  Unfortunately, he's a person of color and a gangbanger -- so, in other words, just the type of violent criminal that the media stridently asserts doesn't exist.  Expect a total press blackout, therefore.


  1. Well, you know this issue can be resolved if Trump declares the Democrats a terrorist organization and has the leaders arrested and imprisoned. Just a thought. Ha! Ha!

  2. Chris Wallace works for Fox, but in reality he is a Lefty. Don't trust the man at all. He was working the questions in Biden's favor. Another perfect example of a Liberal who has infiltrated Conservative media, but in this case in broad daylight.

    Trump really should have let Biden talk more, so the latter could have made more of a fool of himself. But you know, all those hard core lefty people who support Biden will continue to support him no matter what he does. Biden is still the best puppet the radical left has.

    In my opinion, the most important topic addressed during the debates was Trump's view that the DemoNISTAS (my name for them), will indeed attempt to take the election through vote tampering and other forms of electoral fraud.

    On that note, I seriously doubt if we will know who our next President is going to be until January 2021, if then. And don't forget that The United States of America is NOT immune from another civil war. We have already had one civil war, so another one is not an impossibility. Hope that does not happen.

    But you know, the world saw two wars in the twentieth century, and then a 50 year "Cold War". Millions died, but life went on. Hardly a happy thought but it is reality, regrettably.

    Finally, Trump mentioned how the education system teaches people to hate this country. Clearly this is done in a very subtle way, but it is a fact. This is especially true in most colleges, and I know because I have been through that system as an undergraduate and in graduate school where I had to keep my mouth shut while Left wing professors peddled a lot of Marxist hogwash.

    Whatever happens in the coming months will not be boring.

  3. I doubt this will happen, but I can't help but wonder if it would be in the best interests of the country to cancel the next two presidential debates and the one vice presidential debate. Will they really change anyone's minds? I doubt it. Too bad we can't just open the polling places right now and keep them going into November. Not going to happen, but it would make a lot more sense. Also, this voting by mail (except for military overseas) is stupid. ALL voting should be in person, and strictly monitored and supervised.

  4. Ray, you cut to the quick! Summary arrest for all Democrats would make victory on Nov. 3rd significantly more likely...

    "Whatever happens in the coming months will not be boring." Amen to that! Trump's answers to questions about election integrity tell me that, should he "lose", he will reject that loss and pursue every legal avenue for overturning the results. Amy Coney Barrett may well be his ace in the hole.

    Should Trump have governed his tongue a bit more? I agree that he should. There's forceful, and then there's pushy. He was pushy. I guess another way of saying that is...he was himself. Luckily the debate degenerated into a food fight at times, and that isn't likely to bring great credit to anyone involved.

    Ray, in some states polling places ARE already open (for early voting). Here in NY that won't happen for a while. I agree that most people can easily vote in person, and that is more secure. As Trump says, though, the key is whether a mailed ballot is solicited or not. If it isn't, the potential for fraud escalates massively.

  5. Dr.Waddy and Ray: I spent Wed pm in the blessed environ of North Central PA - God's country and only an hour from my home, a wonderful place but cursed by government of the People's Republic of NY and it's this week proven batty Dear Leader Cuomo. What redeeming and encouraging pleasure it was to be in the real America, where Trump signs buried Biden signs both in number and sincerity. Thank you for witnessing the debate and both reporting it and citing other creditable summaries. I'm glad the President was himself and I expect him upon reelection to launch a full scale attack on political correctness, including that which precludes honest discussion of racial issues. Is he wise to refrain before the election? Surely nobody looking to him for a firm stand against far leftist presumptuous dictate on race, would defect to the radicals! Surely many of them already perceive that the left purposes a stratified society, with those who politically disagree beyond the very bottom. And after the celebrated fashion, those who are judged condemned in the rarified chambers of far leftist judgement would be summarily cast into regions beyond hope, beyond redemption! Vote for the President in November and you will prevent this!

  6. Glad you enjoyed your trip to deep red North Central PA, Jack. Pennsylvania could easily be the deciding factor in the election -- and, coincidentally or not, it could also be one of the last states to finishing counting its votes. Eek! That's very encouraging that Trump signs are popping up everywhere. Around here I see more Biden signs, but around here, especially in Monroe County, I'd expect my house to be burned down if I expressed sympathy for the orange devil. Truth be told, I don't see many signs for either...which makes me wonder what turnout will be like this year. So far just about a million voters have cast ballots. Not a ton, but overwhelmingly Dems thus far. One wonders how massively the good guys will win on election day...and whether it will all be enough. One wonders about a lot these days!