Monday, September 21, 2020

Stifle Your Hacking, America!



Friends, the gamesmanship over the Supreme Court vacancy continues apace.  Personally, I trust that President Trump will pick a superb nominee -- and I trust that Mitch McConnell will steer him/her, probably her, through the process, sooner or later.  The Dems are squirming for good reason.  We have them at a major disadvantage here!  Don't sweat it too much when some Republicans aver, "Well, maybe we ought to wait..."  Wily old Mitch knows what he's doing.

In other news, the CDC is confirming that the coronavirus is spread mainly through the air.  The findings, as reported in this article, are still vague, however.  Coughing is bad.  Close contact is bad.  Masks are good.  Ventilation is good.  Okay, but how do we calibrate our risk?  How do we know what situations are too risky, and which countermeasures are most effective?  The science is evolving, but not as quickly as I would like.


Speaking of which, some of the countermeasures we've been taking have clearly been effective, because influenza infections seem to be way down since March.  That's good news -- it means we haven't been chasing our tails -- but it would still be nice to know which mitigation strategies are the best.  I know the latest trend is to view masking as the be-all-and-end-all of coronavirus containment, but the experience of the Nordic countries would suggest that this generalization is off the mark. 

Lastly, check out this article.  It isn't remotely Trump-friendly, but it explores some intriguing scenarios that might unfold in a contested election.  The Congress could indeed be on the hot seat, but, as I understand it, it would be the present Congress that would certify, or not certify, the results produced by the Electoral College -- the next Congress would have nothing to do with it.  Any way you slice it, an extra Supreme Court Justice could really come in handy right about now!


  1. Folks, I don't know about you, but I am getting real bored with the CoronaVirus stuff. So bored in fact, that I am looking forward to our next pandemic. What is it going to be folks? Whatever it is, let's have something without masks, okay?

    So what part of the body should the next pandemic attack that we can deal with, but without quarantine. Also, I think China has contributed enough to pandemics for the time being, so let the next one come from somewhere else. Asia and Africa are out, but I'm open to South America as a "pandemic provider". Anyone for Peruvian Crotch Rot?

  2. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: A recess appointment could be a good thing. The dems cannot be anymore insanely hostile to us than they are so the President need not gamble on a David Souter in hopes of placating them!

  3. Dr.Waddy et Al from Jack: The President could appoint a stainless cherubim to the post and the dems would still savage her. We must abandon all hope of compromise with them. We have, of absolute necessity, to politically overpower them as they have sought to do us for decades!

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: We have among us, the real America, some who yet accord the left some honor. We must not fault them thoroughly, they are good people but are yet uncomprehending of the murderous, totalitarian determination of the left just "across the aisles from them". Perhaps the President can give them support by recess appointing a justice who guarantees the continuation, after a bizarre six decade interlude, of judicial allegiance to the rule of law and not that of airy fantasy. It may focus their attention on the very real prospect that this election can put paid to such irresponsible and ultimately totalitarian adventure!

  5. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: Realpolitik has been the far left's byword since the '60's. The real America has the strength and must summon the will, to make it their dirge.

  6. "Peruvian crotch rot" sounds insidious, Ray! Does it affect men and women equally? What about the "trans" community? We know the coronavirus is racist. It's entirely possible that PCR is sexist.

    Jack, I agree that a recess appointment could be a great move, especially if the election is inconclusive and we need a good Trumper to set things right. The Dems would howl, but they howl all the time anyway -- would anyone notice?

    Jack, Lagoa would be an interesting choice, along the lines you suggest, because, as a Cuban, she could be eloquent in framing jurisprudence as a choice between freedom and socialism/statism. That's a conversation worth having.