Saturday, September 16, 2023

Would You Like Fries With That, Sonny?


Friends, dining at McDonald's is one of the greatest delights that America has to offer -- no one questions that!  But is working at McDonald's what every senior citizen dreams of?  Alas, more and more elderly Americans are coming up short on their retirement savings, and, thus, they are compelled to work way past 65.  A little foresight goes a long way, of course, and, if more people were to start saving for their "sunset years" earlier on, we'd all be in a better place, especially considering that Uncle Sam is on the hook when oldsters fail to plan ahead.  My latest article is about an intriguing new trend at the state level that's encouraging private retirement savings.  I think it has real promise.  See if you don't agree.


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Being 76 I can confirm that being compelled to back to work would be hard, hard thing. When you're young time is your friend; especially so for today's young, for whom, because of astonishing medical developments, there may be no predictable limit on their lifespans. They have plenty of time to initiate and build workable cumulative plans to assure adequate income when they reach the time to hang em up. That is as long they are not just getting by now. I didn't start getting ready until I was 35 but it worked out. Having several sources of retirement income is best. It is vital to start as young as possible: with the passage of time, time becomes an implacable enemy!

  2. Well said, Jack! I suppose today's oldsters are better suited to working for a living than the geriatrics of yore (because they're healthier), but it is far better to work by choice than by necessity.

    1. RAY TO DR. NICK
      Certainly better to work by choice, than on a future U.S. Penal Collective Farm in North Dakota with no choice.

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: We have longer retirements than our parents, many of whom were factory workers. Alot of them only lasted a couple of years. I've had 20 already. Today's younger people stand to have several decades, maybe a now unimaginable time free of the workplace.

  4. Agreed, Ray, although I've never been to North Dakota and the people there are supposed to be the salt of the earth. Did you know that the state fruit of North Dakota is the chokecherry? You and I may be eating a lot of chokecherries in the years to come, and we'll savor each and every one, I'll bet!

    True, Jack: retirement is a much more appealing prospect now than it was in the olden days, both financially and medically. It's amazing what a high standard of living we enjoy, collectively, and how few of us are needed for truly productive work. That will, of course, make it easier to starve us to death when we're sent to "work camps" (since the relevant "work" could so much more easily be done by robots or, even better, illegal immigrants).

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jackz: Rather, perhaps they would torment us unto consummate paralysis by broadasting endless Clintonian blather mouthed by the very sources themselves.The proven reflexive deviousness of this "couple" would be unendurable. We would beg to take the oath to AOC.

  6. Ha! We could debate -- endlessly, but amusingly -- which potential Dem tyrant would be worst. I'm not sure it matters greatly which head bears the crown, because the decision-makers will be the same cadre of bloodthirsty radicals.