Thursday, September 7, 2023

Biden Fatigue


Friends, believe it or not, this post is not about how tired, old, and senile Joe Biden is.  Instead, it's about how tired America is of Joe Biden.  His numbers look increasingly shaky, even among Democrats, and, according to CNN, a long list of Republicans look like they could beat him, including Donald Trump -- especially when you consider that Republicans can win the electoral college even should they lose the national popular vote by a point or two or three.  And they aren't losing the national popular vote, according to the polls, at all.  The bottom line is that Biden is not in a strong position.  Is it time for the Dems to hit the panic button?  That's up to them.  I's time to wheel out the impeachment battering ram and attack Joe Biden frontally.  That will draw Democrats closer to him and saddle the dastardly Dems with a dud of a candidate, which is okay by me! 


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: If I were the dems, here is what I'd do: throw a '60s style bon fire with Joe as the honored guest. Joan Baez, Arlo Guthrie, Peter Paul and Mary, Donovan, The New Christie Minstrels etc would all be in attendance, if only in spirit. The high point of the evening would be the mandatory singing of Kumbayaa, at which point Joe might well slip into an irrevocable nostalgic trance and would mount the cloud of irrefutable idealism manned by 60s marxist profs to begin his ascension.If that doesn't work a showing of Gimme Shelter will cast him into Dante's Slough of Despond forever to abide in shattered dreams.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Your thought that the dems would circle the wagons around an impeached Biden , thereby guaranteeing an increasingly weak candidate, is well thought out.They might then garner half a loaf by replacing Kamala with Gov. Hirsute of Kalifornia. This would probably strengthen it by putting a viable future President on the ticket. It also might appease Kamala's 67 devotees, all from that "state". An ironic factor is that DJT also does gain some support from people incensed by the true injustice being done him. Don't matter none, just saying.
    By the way, has the antiamerican left launched a purposeful tsunami of totalitarian politics by prosecution?! Seems like there is something new everyday. And the County DA in a southern county which is an island of lala in a sea of American common sense can casually bring a once and very possibly future President to serious legal jeopardy which could compromise a national election of unusual importance. What's next? A Town Justice declaring martial law nationwide on election day?!

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Had the American legal system been so motivated it could have put the Clintons in a world of legal hurt! It didn't happen because the system was principled and lawful and even ones as compromised as that obscenely presumptuous couple were protected. After all, one GOP DA could have brought them to account yes.?! Now once again the antiamerican left rubs American noses in this onerous truth; they have no respect, no restraint, no political conscience. They will do ANYTHING to force the permanent establishment of their social justice, which they "feel" unimpeachable.
    When will the America they seek to destroy resolve to do WHATEVER it takes to stop them from transforming our land into a marxist hell hole?Yes, good Americans, people of good will, often maintain that to do so is unthinkable; "why that would make us just as bad as them". But unless we break politically bad indeed, using any tactic which works, they will casually and disdainfully swamp us! We must RESOLVE to meet this obvious threat to all we cherish with unrelenting determination to do right by our civilization, which is nonetheless imperfect and thus unendurable by the frantically perfectionist, anarchically idealistic, antiamerican mob.


    Both of you know, REALISTICALLY SPEAKING, that Joe Biden is going to be reelected next year, with Kamala Harris remaining as his VP. I can't imagine that the DEMONISTAS will allow a Republican President, to be elected (much less Trump) no matter what they have to do to prevent that. You know very well this is what is going to happen.

    If Joe Biden is not reelected, it is going to be a miracle. These people are simply not going to tolerate anything to stand in the way of their goals to establish an American style Leftist dictatorship. If I am being negative about this, it's because it is a NEGATIVE scenario.

    The message to us so called "conservatives" is "We are going to stay in control, no matter what, and what the hell are you going to do about it"?
    The only hope, to use a crude analogy, is that dog shit (blue in this case) does not last forever. It always dries up in the heat of the sun, however long that takes, so you can scoop it up and put it in a trash bag more easily.

    My estimation is that we have at least 4 more years, and possibly 12 tops, until things will begin to turn back to at least a semblance of decency and sanity. You know very well that polls don't mean shit.

    Have hope! Remember that people lived under Left Wing dictatorships in East Europe for almost 50 years, and survived, and eventually regained freedom from Leftist tyranny. It's amazing what human beings can endure. Sorry for negative vibes, but the aforementioned scenario is my take on this.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: "Slough of Despond" : Bunyan, not Dante. My bad.

  6. Dr. Waddy, Ray, et al from Jack: The big difference is that Eastern Europe had American resolve to defeat Soviet tyranny to thank for its deliverance. But if America itself is captured by the marxists who have savaged every country to which they have laid hold, who or what will redeeem us? China? I think the Chinese understandably loath a marxism to which they yet pay nominal regard but would they deliver us from its grip? Only if they saw a threat to China and only at a very high price! But for them, who might have the strength?

  7. Jack, the image of Joe Biden communing with hippie idols is downright funny, since he's not, by any stretch of the imagination, "far out", or even a little bit groovy. Indeed, the very notion of a geriatric hippie is like a contradiction in terms -- although an "establishment Marxist" beggars belief too, and we find ourselves saddled with a bunch of those.

    Jack, if Fani Willis's legal fantasies hold up, and, in a sense, they already have, becaue half the country finds them emminently plausible, and no judge has yet thrown them out, then you're right that the prosecution of conservatism and even (Republican) governance will become stupendously easy. Yes, theoretically Republicans could respond in kind, but then where would we be, with almost every politician in the dock?

    The key, I fear, is getting Americans to understand that the NEXT victim of cancel culture, wokeness, or adversarial law enforcement/prosecution could be them. Most shrug and say, "Who cares what happens to Trump?" It's the classic political dilemma. "We always have strength enough to bear the misfortunes of others". And, when we finally perceive the danger to ourselves, it's often too late to act.

    Ray, you know I share your heartfelt negativity, most of the time, and I agree that the Dems and the establishment are very unlikely to allow Donald Trump to become president again. They want him as the GOP candidate partly because they believe he will lose, and partly because his mere presence on the ballot will justify, to them at least, virtually any action to deny him victory.

    Where I take issue with you, Ray, is in assuming that left-wing dictatorship could be of short duration. Why would it be? Communism lasted 74 years in the USSR. It would have lasted a lot longer had there not been a strong (stronger, in fact) alternative locus of power in the world, and a competing ideology that could, well, compete. Who or what would stand against the leftist establishment, once it swept conservative populism into the gutter (or the gulag)? China and Russia could offer us the alternative of a different kind of dictatorship, I suppose, but where in the world would sanity, capitalism, Christianity, individual rights, and democracy prevail, if not in the West? I agree that the leftist dictatorship would not last forever. I'm not at all convinced that it wouldn't last for generations, at least.

    Now that I write all this, I see Jack expressed much the same thoughts, albeit more succinctly!

    1. Ray to Nick and Jack
      Well, I believe I did say 50 years for Eastern European Marxist dictatorships. However, Poland started to escape from it with their Solidarity Movement, which eventually overthrew that Marxist Dictatorship. So if Americans get the same thing, it could also last for 50 years, but it would be Americans that would get us out of us. It is American Leftists that created
      this bullshit we have now, and have had for decades in higher education for example, and it will be American Rightists who will get us out of it. Freedom never dies, no matter how much people have to suffer before they get it back. And beware of Right Wing dictatorships too. Remember Chile back in 1973, where shit was replaced by shit!

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Oh the 1965 Kumbayaa bonfire types like Joe still is weren't quite hippies. Some of them were crewcut New Frontier types. Its their naive , simplistic idealism that I see in dreamy Joe. Shaw had the French King say to the ghost of Joan of Arc " its you GOOD people who do all the big wrongs" in his play St.Joan. It was a cynical and far too general a declaration but there is still much truth to it. "Ok" ,the 1965 do gooders emoted, "we'll just fix things and all will be just fine". Didn't take long for the real bad asses to home in on this ultimately tragic good hearted folly on the part of a big faction of a huge generation and make of them their shills.And that's just what the antiamerican neo marxists of today are doing with pore ol' Kumbayaa Joe.I know its really a nice song but it has become a symbol of good but badly thought out intentions which went terribly bad.

  9. Dr. Waddy and Ray from Jack: If we do get marxified I hope we do pull out of it. We are a free people. Chile: I'd suggest that it went from guaranteed mass murderous totalitarianism to a brutal authoritarian regime which delivered the country from all encompassing marxist hell. It was an onerous choice but historically nothing tops marxism for establishing universal misery.

  10. Dr. Waddy and Ray et al from Jack:;Russian and Chinese communism fell of their own dysfunctional weight. Of course American opposition helped. If we go marxist, do we have the national integrity to right the ship in the face of unrelenting oppression? Some states may have it and that bodes a breakup of our union.Better to fully realize our internal totalitarian threat and stand up to it now especially since we still have a Constitution and a lawful Scotus.

  11. Ray, I wouldn't even begin to speculate on how we'd get out from under a leftist dictatorship. Okay, I will begin. The lefties' Achilles heel might be that they despise themselves almost as much as they hate us. I could see them coming to abhor their own new ruling class, and its diktats, in a New York minute (and there would be much to abhor). The Soviet elite sank the Soviet Union. The leftist elite could do the same to the People's Republic of America.

    Jack, I must say Joe Biden is a tough guy to pin down, generationally/ideologically. Pollyanna-ish idealism doesn't really seem like his schtick. "Dark Brandon" is a real thing. He seems downright angry and hateful to me. That's not a "New Frontier" type of mentality, surely!

    I agree, Jack: I'd take Pinochet over Pol Pot any day.

  12. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Your observation on how we countenance the misfortunes of others and when the same are visited on us, its too late. Very well said!