Friday, September 15, 2023

Godliness is Making a Florida Schools


Friends, the presidential campaign of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis may be going nowhere fast, but many people don't even know that his administration has notched one of the most important victories won by conservatives at the state level in decades: it has created a nearly universal, state-funded school choice program.  As a result, parents are choosing where to send their kids to school, and many are opting for religious education over neo-Marxist indoctrination in the public schools.  I say: bully for Florida!  What's more, we need many more states to implement these far-sighted and life-changing programs.  They're, incidentally, the best and maybe the only hope of saving the next generation from slavery to "progressivism".

In other news, this article suggests that the DOJ's indictments of Hunter Biden are all smoke and mirrors, and I agree!

How bad can our porous borders get, and is the danger to Western Civilization and law and order existential?  Yes!  Sadly, even when a Western country elects a sensible leader, like Giorgia Meloni in Italy, she often can't do much to stem the flood of humanity coming from the developing world.  That's because the whole legal and bureaucratic infrastructure of the deep state wants unchecked migration, and is a long way from crying uncle.

Fox News's latest poll reveals plenty of good news for Donald Trump, which is ironic because his negatives are about as high as ever.  The bottom line is that doubts about Joe Biden are so strong that many Americans would vote for Trump regardless of their distaste for the man.

Here's an interesting story about Ukraine (and Democrats) complaining because Elon Musk's Starlink satellites can't be used to kill Russians.  Why, failure to kill Russians is the most monstrous thing of which Musk has ever been accused!!!

Lastly, the Trump Administration accumulated what could best be described as a mixed and ambiguous record on COVID.  Trump argues that, in the fog of biological warfare, as it were, he couldn't be expected to get everything right the first time.  On this score, I agree.  Needless to say, Trump got a lot of bad advice during the pandemic, and he followed way too much of it, but who among us understands COVID in all its complexities, and knows for sure what the best way to defeat it is?



    Bravo for Governor "DaSAINT"us in Florida, and Church schools and all that! With every intent to throw a hatchet that way, many churches have long been "infiltrated" with Leftist bullshit for decades now, not to mentioned the "blue plate special" Catholic schools and the sexual abuse scandals.

    In that regard, many people have quit churches all together because many of them are no better than the outside (of church) world. In retrospect, very few churches had schools of their own to begin with. Kids went to secular schools, and then got indoctrinated in "Jesus Factories" on Sunday.

    I recall Seventh-day Adventists having their own schools, and also Lutheran, plus lots of home schooling, usually done by ill-prepared parents, and done by women already worn out by child bearing because the church they attended didn't believe in any sort of contraception.

    There are lots and lots of colleges run by churches, but many of those and seminaries had been invaded with Woke/DEI.

    And don't forget that many many private schools are way to expensive, and provide nothing by a bullshit Leftist education in nicer surroundings. Amazing to believe that more than a few public schools actually educated people who could read and write pretty well.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: "Well now, that article spoke of 'diversity' in schools outside the public systems. But that is a rank impossibility! Due to unrelenting American intransigence, diversity in any setting is possible in schools only when mandated and enforced by public school systems and direct government administration. The defacto 'diversity' supposedly achieved in Catholic schools, even if those entities receive much tax support, is utterly counterintuitive. Catholic predjudice, based in Catholic doctrine ,cannot admit of such enlightenment. Taxpayer funding of education is just only when only publiç schools are so financed. That's flat!

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Devil's advocacy can be perversely satisfying. Hooray again for DeSantis! He's really walking the walk! When very plausible perceptions of public schools as captured by neo marxists , their apologists and their own teachers in completely compromised reeducation camps (nee teachers' colleges) are rife, then it is just that other schools receive AT LEAST as much funding. American parents will make responsible choices. Let marxist schools be honestly , admittedly labeled as such, if their advocates dare!

  4. Dr. Waddy ,Ray, et al from Jack: Is the very widespread, longtime perception and experience of Catholic elementary and secondary schools as demonstrably cléarly superior to public schools now discredited? Their ambience of the order, structure, personal responsibility and nonrelative moral certainty which is vital for kids has been more than affirmed. Presumptuous, badly thought out boomer era experiments in "relevance" and disdain for discipline have failed spectacularly. Catholics have known all along what works! Yes, some Catholic Universities have made regrettable compromises reflecting enervating doubt about Catholicism. Let that doubt be met by the contrast between the Church's acknowledged shortcomings and the proven historical radical evil of the doctrine which poisons public education and it's teacher training - neomarxism. Oh marxists talk "justice" and before 1917 did so plausibly but in power they enforce the capital injustice of all history. May those institutions long obtaining in our civilization , which embody the very antitheses of marxism, thrive. I am not Catholic but I consider the Church, on balance, to be a continuing mainstay of Western Civilization. That was yet again proven, in our time, when St. John Paul overawed the communist hell hounds. Access to Catholic education, among several other alternatives,which is equal to that of"public" schools is a good, good thing and Ron DeSantis is to be auded for his enablement of it in his state

  5. . . . lauded (that is). . .

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: "prejudice" , not "pred judice". my bad

  7. Anonymous from Jack: I fully agree; Catholic Universities are typically very creditable. We have one 12 miles from where I live.That makes it all the more regrettable and concerning when they bend in the neomarxist wind.Look how the Church sprang back in full dignity in Poland when a Sainted Pole gently but firmly lifted the trembling marxist boot! Totalitarian intended neomarxism has yet to fully tighten the halter around Amercan necks but countenance of its guaranteed evil is especially dangerous when done by institutions as essential as the Church. Its playing with fire. Let the memory of St. John Paul's greatness remind us of this.Let his suffering at the hands of totalitarians (nazis, commies - same same!) and his redemption be exemplary of this.

  8. What a ray of sunshine Ray is! But he's right: parochial schools are, theologically and ideologically, often as bad or worse as many public schools. Parental agency is a good thing to cultivate, but in the end parents have a limited number of choices, and often all of them are flawed.

    Jack, maybe it's time to label secular humanism or Marxism as "religions", no? That would upset the apple cart!

    Jack, I agree with you about the Catholic Church, as an institution, but Ray is right that, as an institution (like any other), it can be and has been infiltrated...profoundly.

    Thanks for the primer on Figlio, anonymous!

  9. Dr. Waddy from Jack: About 30 years ago Bufalo Bills fans were tearing down the goal posts after big wins.Friend ofmine said "we can easily stop that; just put 10 nuns with rulers down on the field! "What was really hilarious is that in as heavily Catholic schooled a place as Buffalo, it just MIGHT HAVE WORKED! This says it all about Catholic education; the debate is over.

  10. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Labeling secular humanism and marxism religions:they certainly display the rigidity they ascribe to Christianity as if the Reformation never happened. They need only look in a mirror to see potential oppressors who would put Torquemada to shame.

  11. Dr. Waddy from Jack: But then, I'm wrong to put secular humanism and marxism in the same boat.Marxism is historically proven to be of unparalleled radical, subhuman depravity. Secular humanism may be presumptuous at times in its rejection of religion and that is serious but it cannot begin to approach the fundamental evil of marxism. Only the nazis have done that, though the mongols had their times as they casually annihilated entire city populations.

  12. Jack, I'm afraid that observation about Catholic nuns is way out-of-date. These days, good luck finding a nun anywhere, and, even if you do, you couldn't PAY them to hit you with a ruler, although I suspect more than a few Kennedys have tried.

    Jack, I would think that, technically, Marxism is a subset of secular humanism. As such, I guess the latter includes, but is not limited to, murderous totalitarianism. In any case, it's somewhat subjective where the line between ideology and religion should be drawn, and the impulses that draw people to one or the other are often the same. People crave answers, they crave a sense of identity, and they crave a clear delineation of who their friends and enemies are. Voila: leftism!

  13. Dr. Waddy frmJack: Perhaps we could say that religion assumes the existence of a infinitely higher intelligence than that of man ,possessing other worldly manifestation and that humans describe it as best
    they can.Ideology describes perception of earthly human matters as known by our senses.(?)

  14. Could be, Jack, but as I understand it there are religions out there that don't precisely involve a "higher intelligence" or even deities, per se. The distinction isn't all that meaningful to me. After all, religions and ideologies alike can be uplifting...or abyssmal.