Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Good Fences Make Good Neighbors?


Friends, the vast majority of this week's Newsmaker Show, featuring me and Brian O'Neil, covers current events, but we briefly get into the lessons of history, and I reflect on the significance and legacy of the Berlin Wall.  Now, everyone remembers the Wall as a nasty feature of totalitarian communism, and it was, but it was also a cynically useful device for maintaining the stability of East and West Germany, which stood on the fault line between democracy and communism, NATO and the Warsaw Pact.  In a perverse way, the Wall may even have made life better (and possible!) for all concerned.  Well, most.  Not the several hundred who died trying to cross over (or under) it...

In terms of breaking news, Brian and I dissect the efforts to remove Donald Trump from the presidential ballot in 2024, and why they may have legs; Russia's newfound coziness with North Korea, and how China may be involved; the chronic inability of both parties to practice fiscal responsibility; and the looming impeachment inquiry re: Joe Biden and its likely political fallout.  

Now that's some top-grade radio commentary!


But that's not all!!!  You also have access to Herr Professor Doktor Waddy's latest article, which discusses the fiscal crisis we now face, and the irony that young people, who are most impacted by our indebtedness, seem least bothered by it:


But there's more!!!

A prominent left-wing columnist is calling on Joe Biden to step aside and let someone else represent Team Blue in 2024 -- and for one simple reason: he wants the Dems to win rather than lose.  Does it matter?  That's up to Joe Biden and the Democratic Party establishment.

A new Iowa poll shows Trump way ahead of Biden, but it also shows Biden performing worse when voters are given the additional choice of Cornel West.  I still haven't seen any poll giving voters the choices of Trump, Biden, West, Kennedy, or Manchin.  Now that would be interesting...

Finally, the Dems are scratching their heads, wondering why we aren't all in love with Bidenomics.  Well, this article might provide part of the answer: last year, real incomes fell, and by a lot!  Why would people feel good about an economy in which their real purchasing power is in decline?


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The dems were in the extreme of desperation in 2020. They probably would have gone underground if DJT had won.Biden's only function was to serve as the catalyst for DJT's defeat. If they thought at all what an actual Biden presidency would be like they subordinated that to the vital task at hand. After all, Kamala was the Infanta (roughly speaking).Now they think DJT is beatable but they are still
    suffering excruciating panic at the unbearable thought he could win.Would it obviate any consideration of what their candidate's presidency might be like?If so, what possibly unlikely choice might they make in the throes of their consummate loathing and fear of DJT and America. You might say they actually HATE him! Oh but not the compassionate paragons of the antiamerican left. Why they perceive hate only in opposition to their unimpeachable omniscience and justice!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: If Biden were to become disabled by age or impeachment we would have Pres. Kamalafornia for an interesting interval. What then? The dems could hardly afford to deny her the nod (?) But perhaps Kalifornia has gone so far to the loony left that a Kalifornian is unelectable(?) That might also rule out Gov. Hirsute. Ah, but Hillary. . .

  3. This device insists on correcting me. Five times it has substituted "interesting" for my word: "unredeeming".I use two tablets and only this one does this. Some kind of politically correct "algorithm" at work here?

    1. RAY TO JACK
      You can be sure your comments are being checked and "corrected". When you think that someone is out to get you, that's because they are.

  4. Dr. Waddy fromJack: Inflation: we all feel the pinch but most of us still live prosperously. Some people, who live close to the vest, are experiencing serious hardship and I hope it proves to them that the dems are NOT the friends of the productive needy. My strongest concern is that our executive branch is controlled by antiamerican leftists, neo marxists for whom free enterprise and all freedom
    are anathema, no matter how much they may be modified by sensible,nonradical regulation. Their object is actual comprehensive destruction of our economy and its fundamental transformation into one commanded by a totalitarian elite. Inflation can of course wreck an economy and the neo marxists will persist with runaway, reckless gov't spending in hopes of unleashing the worst of it. Bidenomics is the tool of those who purpose the imposition of the historically proven most depraved doctrine ever.


    I think both of you have seen the hand writing on the wall regarding a Trump candidacy/nomination. No doubt in my mind that getting him tied up in courts and getting him off the ballot will work. Of course voters can write in his name, which of course will be a waste of their time. And speaking of voting, voters in states where Trump is not on the ballot will probably not vote anyway.

    All this means is that Joe Biden and his gang will probably win, and we will have another four years of him and his handlers. And if he can't function, and leaves the White House for more vacations, Harris will take over.

    So, as I have said before, gird your loins for a Leftist Dictatorship, because if a Republican does not become President again this time, a Republican never will. By 2028 the entire system will be "sewed" up by Leftists, and the transition to a complete Left-wing dictatorship will ensure.

    Sorry about the gloomy forecast, but I see this scenario coming. So get some sort of consuming hobby and get ready for the future, where The Left will take care of your every need, including incarceration in a reeducation center if necessary. Nothing like a deficient diet, and the exercise of "corrective labor" to perk people up. The other alternative would be a prefrontal lobotomy.

    And before I forget, demonstrations against such a future government will be dealt with by the nastiest methods of repression, with tear gas and high pressure fire hoses as mere starters.

    In short, 1984 is late, but it has come home to roost.

  6. Dr.Waddy, Ray, et al from Jack. First, re the broadcast. Impeachment as the norm? Bring it on! That's just what the House GOP is doing and bless their nonRino souls. The impeachments brought the last few have been solely partisan on the part of the dems. But Slick Willy richly deserved it and there is very good reason to get the ball rolling on Biden.Will America derive partisan advantage ?I sure hope so! Anything political goes now; that of course is no news to the dems, the now dominant faction of which has been playing for keeps for over 50 years . Oh yes, its a toxic time but so is any historically profound conflict.

  7. Dr. Waddy, Ray et al: This will surely be an extraordinary evolution, this prolix election. Almost entirely unexpected phenomena may be at hand. Eg., could write in ballots put an unjustly displaced DJT over the top? Didn't someone in Alaska win a statewide election that way? One or two states might be all it takes; remember 2000. You are so right; the dems are set on denying America even the choice of DJT. But surely denial of ANY choice is their near run intent; they are incipient totalitarians after all and any future American candidate will excite their rabid antipathy. The dems squirming fear of RFKJr. is highly amusing; let him put it to them with a vengeance!

  8. Dr.. Waddy , Ray, et al from Jack: Ray, your predictions are plausible; what truly onerous possibilities they raise. We must believe they can happen because all around us the antiamerican left casually and disdainfully gives us warning!

  9. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Your reiterated observation that a candidate (3rd,4th, 14th) from outside the major party conventions would be likely to benefit DJT is well founded. But what about Manchin? What would his purpose be; to unseat Biden or stymie an unseemly DJT? Perhaps he would agree that an unconventional candidate would benefit DJT. I was once a Dem but when I wised up halfway I became a conservative Dem. Might be enough of them still willing to be nominal dems to tip Biden's boat just under the waterline by going for Manchin. Once the Dems became the Dems I abandoned ship in 1984.

  10. . . . once the Dems became dems I abandoned ship. . .

  11. Jack, actually, I think the Left might be steadily coming to the realization that "hate" is a virtue (when properly them).

    Would any Dem hesitate to vote for Biden (versus Trump)? Nah. Then again, I suppose it depends on what you mean by "Dem". The true believers are not the "low-propensity" knuckle-draggers. A Dem is incapable of voting for Trump. A Dem is not incapable of staying home. The really high stakes, in any case, arise among the 5-10% of the electorate that is truly persuadable. With those airheads, all bets are off! Yes, they most definitely could end up in Trump's camp.

    I doubt very much that Biden will resign, mainly for the reason you cite: that would deliver the country, and the Democratic Party, temporarily into Kamala's hands. Not good! If Biden passes on 2024, I believe that many claimants to the throne will arise, and Kamala's chances will be poor.

    Jack, I still don't believe that the Dems intend to wreck the economy. I believe that they believe their own fanciful nonsense about "you can never spend too much". Why wouldn't they? It's a very convenient thing to believe, until it isn't, and we're not there yet.

    Ray, I didn't realize that a lobotomy would be offered to me as an alternative to hard labor! Gee. I like having choices. It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling.

    I agree that America is probably boned, but I disagree that excluding Trump from the ballot will work (this time). I would be shocked if SCOTUS did not ultimately slap that down. Maybe you're right, though. Maybe I fail to understand how much the deep state is in lockstep.

    Agreed: there is essentially no downside to impeaching Biden. Well, maybe one: a few RINO Congressmen and Senators could lose in 2024 because of it. The potential gains, though, are more important: the narrative of Biden family corruption could become even more widely accepted AND he could remain the nominee because the Dems cleave to him reflexively. That's a scenario worth cultivating!

    Write-in ballots, eh? I suppose, if Trump were constitutionally disqualified, election officers could take the view that ballots marked with his name were "spoiled" or invalid. No, I think only SCOTUS can save us on this score.

    Jack, presumably Manchin would only run because he was loony enough to believe he could win. Any number of these third party no-hopers, once they SEE that they have no hope, could drop out -- or endorse Biden, who probably all of them prefer. Mind you, if they're still on the ballot, it might not matter. All things being equal, though, we want as many ACTIVE campaigns for president as possible in October/November 2024.

  12. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I would agree with you in that very possibly even the majority of dems are simply spendthrifts. But in this they serve the destructive intent of the neomarxist rump(?) in their compromised party

  13. Ahh, but I would disagree that the neo-Marxists have "destructive intent", or, rather, I believe they intend only to destroy US, and thereby to make society infinitely better. I really see little evidence that the Left purposes a major downturn in the economy. They will create one, eventually, but I frankly think their chances of gaining absolute power are better if the economy glides, or staggers, along, rather than if it melts down. In the latter scenario, almost ANY outcome becomes possible, even (gasp!) Trump!