Monday, September 11, 2023

Crazy Is As Crazy Does


Friends, as ludicrous as it may seem in the circles in which you and I move, there is a decent chance that Donald Trump can and will be excluded from the ballot in some states or localities because of his participation in an "insurrection".  But there was no "insurrection", you howl!  Well, what's an "insurrection"?  Answer: it's whatever a judge says it is.  There's a group trying to eject Donald Trump from the ballot in Colorado, and they believe that it's obvious that their interpretation of the 14th Amendment is correct.  And "top legal minds" agree!  What's more important is that a January 6th "insurrectionist" (actually, he was a trespasser, at most, and never even entered the Capitol) has already been removed from office and forbidden from ever running again.  This happened in the state of New Mexico, and the State Supreme Court has upheld the use of the 14th Amendment for this purpose.  Now, inexplicable to me is why the enforcement of the federal constitution would be the business of a county or a state judge in the first place, or why this alleged "insurrectionist" hasn't appealed to a federal court to overrule this capricious, anti-democratic action at the state level.  I mean, what's to prevent judges in a deep red state from removing Joe Biden from the ballot in 2024?  I mean, he's given "aid or comfort" to America's enemies on countless occasions.  Presto!  He's disqualified.  What's to prevent this?  A) Republicans' sense of fair play, and B) federal oversight.  My view is that the federal courts, and ultimately the Supreme Court, better weigh in on this issue soon, or else the 2024 election might be over before it's started.  I hasten to add that, even if Trump was only removed from the ballot in a handful of states, or a handful of counties, depending on which states and which counties did it, it would render the 2024 election completely meaningless and certainly unwinnable for Trump.  And that, naturally, is the idea.

Why is such radical, unprecedented, irresponsible, undemocratic action necessary?  It's obvious, from a leftist perspective: they simply can't abide another four years of THE EVIL ONE, and they have declining confidence in the ability of Joe Biden to win a fair fight -- and for good reason!

Do people (especially Americans) ever learn from history?  Well, if we study the lessons of history, we'd have to say...NO!  This article suggests that we're afflicted with some serious tunnel vision when it comes to the Russia-Ukraine War.


  1. Dt. Waddy from Jack: What da hell has happened to New Mexico? I thought them people were hombres!

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack:Colorado has already fluffed.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Van Jones in the mainstream!?His certain com mie credentials got him in Obama's administration, ready to bustle in "fundamental transformation" on that detested model. Yeah, I guess Obama did cut him loose but for sure not because he found him doctrinally unacceptable by his lights.Just didn't want him spoiling his delight in the perks of office.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Here are my concerns about the article about statecraft and the Ukraine. I lived through the lamentable nadir of military morale and the public's doubts about our forces following the traitorous leftist short circuit of our Vietnam intentions and accomplishments (eg. preventing the commies from reprising disdainful Hitlerian nickle and diming of the civilized world and our actual destruction of the VC during Tet). Our top to bottom brilliant effort in Desert Storm raised the prestige of and confidence in our forces to perhaps its highest level since 1945. That, I think, destroyed the vicious antiamerican effort to permanently discredit our services and was very gratifying. I think this revived faith had much to do with our conduct in the"War on Terror"but the author does not consider it."Afghanistan a successful middleclass democracy."What unalloyed nonsense! I' ve read of the country being creditably termed the most primitive on earth. Our objective as I remember it was to root out The Taliban and the AlQaida it succored and once Bin Laden's spawn were in the open, to annihilate them. Being a decent and relatively refined country


    we tried to todo the country enough good while we were there to lift it to some measure of humane conduct ( eg.toward women and girls).


  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Our Ukraine War policy should already be crystal clear: first,BELIEVE that Russia will NEVER for a moment endure Ukraine in Nato and that it is driven in this by tragically compelling security, geographic and historical factors which we cannot gainsay without manifesting ignorance and presumptuousness.Ukraine has no historical "right" to Crimea ( Khruschev's gift of it was a cynical sham)and it would be very wise to quietly forget about it. And it may well have to endure the unendurable and give up a mainly Russian Donbas region for which it has fought so heroically.But that is the business of the two combatants and we need to tread lightly and with this time WELL INFORMED understanding of the relationship of these two proximate lands.

    Second: simply tell Russia we will never vote for Ukraine joining Nato. That's it. If Russia can be convinced of this AND Ukraine will exercise bitter restraint,for pity's sake why would Russia persist in their inhuman invasion? Post 1989, we mistook Russia's astonishing tolerance of Nato's march to Russia's border for pusillanimity. Eh, if you prod a cornered bear, you should expect an unrestrained savage onslaught! Just like a bear, Russia is a hard, hard, land and people. We understandably denounce their barbarity but we should have considered its possible direction at Ukraine if we encouraged Ukraine to apply for Nato membership. If we recognize our folly, lets help rebuild their country when we can.


  6. Jack: I agree 100% on Ukraine, and you're right that we did indeed learn some lessons from Vietnam, which we applied brilliantly (if indecisively) in the Gulf War. History is full of lessons, on every side of the ledger, unfortunately. It teaches, above all, that every war is different, so plan accordingly!

  7. Exact color and hue of those two big statues in North Korea. More love affairs?