Saturday, September 9, 2023

"Saving Democracy" Comes in Many Flavors


Friends, perhaps the biggest piece of breaking news is RFK, Jr.'s declaration that the race for the Democratic presidential nomination is effectively "rigged" (no kidding!), and that therefore he might need to "look at other alternatives".  What does that mean?  It's hard to imagine it could mean anything except running for president as an independent, or forming a breakway faction of the Demcratic Party itself and then running for president as its candidate.  Either way, this could spell serious trouble for Sleepy Joe and Co., and could help to make the 2024 campaign one of the wildest and most unpredictable in history.  Bring it on, I say!  Giving voters more choices is, from one perspective, the very essence of democracy.  From the Democrats' point of view, however, the best form of democracy is that in which voters can choose from a maximum number of one candidate.  And they're steadily reframing American democracy to make it so!


A case in point: the rules of the game, in terms of how elections are run, have been turned upside down since 2020, and there's little sign that we're ever going back to the way things were.  Tens of millions of "low-propensity" Democratic voters will be voting by mail in 2024, and the only way to beat the dastardly Dems, therefore, is to find plenty of low-propensity Republicans and conservatives to match them.  And it can be done! 

Robert Reich is a loony, to be sure, and he equates guaranteeing Trump's loss in 2024 with the safeguarding of "democracy", which means, in other words, that he hasn't a clue what democracy is!  Be this as it may, he has some excellent advice for Democrats and Trump-haters.  Winning elections comes down to taking action, and, especially for our side, taking the right kind of action that won't shoot our cause in the foot.


There's one very good sign for 2024, and that's that the social media environment should be less hostile, or at least less uniformly hostile, to Republicans and conservatives than it was in 2020.  That's because of Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter, and it's because the federal courts are getting serious about curbing the federal government's sponsorship of censorship. 

The stakes could not be higher!  We know that in part because recently a sitting U.S. Senator very narrowly escaped prosecution for merely asking questions and doing his job.  Fani Willis decided not to charge Lindsey Graham with any crimes related to the attempts to overturn the election results in Georgia in 2020, but you better believe that, if the trial of DJT and his codefendants creates a precedent that political speech can be recast as organized crime, many, many Republican elected officials will soon find themselves fighting off adversarial prosecutions.  We need to win this fight, or the dam will break and dissent itself will soon be criminal.


Finally, the integrity of our constitutional rights is facing a stern test in New Mexico, where a Democratic Governor is suspending the right to keep and bear arms.  She cites an "emergency" related to gun violence.  Well, "emergencies" come and go, and they can be manfactured on demand, as we all know.  One wonders, by the way, whether this Governor and her aides will be prosecuted for conspiring to subvert the people's democratic and constitutional rights...  Sounds like a good RICO case to me!  I rather doubt any Republican prosecutor has that much imagination.  Prove me wrong! 


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: New Mexico eh? Whooda thunk it? Well, New Mexico's Governor has just given a pass to Albuquerque 's considerable criminal population and they will make haste to enjoy it. One of crime author Donald Goines' novels of anarchic street crime is set in that city. I'm sure the lawful majority in crime ridden neighborhoods there will celebrate this measure, which is sure to give them a holiday from victimization. She says she will reconsider it after thirty days. Now that is a new one on the part of those who insist "we must do SOMETHING, ANYTHING, about violence done with guns! Ok, yeah, let us task lawful gun owners. What, you say enforce existing laws! Nix!" Oh gads, Ihope NY's governor doesn't catch on. But then, well within 30 days I think, the New Mexico Governor's frantic presumption WILL be reconsidered , yes, by federal judiciary.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: RFK Jr: the danged cuss, he is likeable! But one need not delve far into his prospective policies to be reminded that he is a dem. Having the federal gov't cosign all mortgages. Well yeah, all veterans have EARNED that benefit but perhaps the downsides to extending it universally may just be prohibitive, yes. But, if he can play hob with whomever carries the discredited dem banner in this possibly existential election, then may he prosper.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Suppression and terrorization of those who insolently exercise free speech is an historically proven fundamental tactic of totalitarians. How could it be otherwise? Its now open and blatant intent on the part of the antiamerican left is therefore completely believable. How much more need they do before ALL Americans feel the halter being tightened around their necks?!

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: That is good news about dem censorship ( according to the real definition of the term) being countered by Federal courts and one as influential as Musk.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The.antiamerican left i s demonstrating how it will nationally abrogate all of our rights in NY now with an assault on its citizens' 2nd Amendment protections which simply ignores the Constitution. You know, kind of like MacArthur bypassing Japanese held islands and letting them rot. They have mobilized public anguish about mass shootings against lawful gun owners by arrogating ever increasingly suffocating regulations which have nothing to do with public safety and everything to do with their politics. For the last two days, NY gunowners have scrambled to obtain ammo before new procedures designed to make it very difficult to obtain.ammo, become law. As part of a continuing campaign to make private gun possession outlaw, it sneers at recent Scotus rulings affirming the 2nd Amendment. We should expect that this is the pattern they will follow in gutting
    a Constitution they find unbearably blocking their justice. Already they sortie against the 1st Amendment in preparation for an all out onslaught.

  6. Yes, Jack, it's sad how the Land of Enchantment has been brought low! And promising to "reconsider" the suspension of rights after 30 days will remind many Americans of COVID fascism. Actually, we'd prefer to reconsider who serves as Governor of New 30 days or less!

  7. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Today the N.M. Atty. Gen. said he would not enforce this "suspension" because it is unConstitutional. Today a CNN (!) commentator read partof N. M.'s state constitution to Madame Gov on the air and this
    was broadcast on Glen Beck. It very plainly ruled out the suspension; the Gov. could only stumble through a reply. Them New Mexicans ARE hombres. That Gov. should repair either to NY or Pyongyang.

  8. Jack, I understand that the Governor has backed down. Wow! We still have constitutional rights in America??? Who knew?