Tuesday, September 20, 2022

"Tough Guy" Biden Rattles His Saber, Yet Again


Friends, for the fourth time, President Biden has contradicted U.S policy on Taiwan by promising direct U.S. military intervention there, while his administration simultaneously claims that no policy change has occurred.  Wow!  And, just for clarification, we're crystal clear on the fact that, for Ukraine, which we recognize as an independent country, we won't intervene, but for Taiwan, which we recognize as a part of communist China, we will intervene if those impudent Chinese dare to take even one step into their own territory!  Makes a lot of sense, doesn't it?  This guy Biden gets it.  Now, following his (flawless) logic, all the Ukrainians need to do if they want U.S. Marines fighting in the streets of Kherson on their behalf is to voluntarily surrender their sovereignty to Russia.  Then we'd have to invade!  Oy.  Sometimes you just have to scratch your head...


Meanwhile, scumbag lawyers (is there another kind?) have convinced some of the migrants who were flown to Martha's Vineyard by Gov. Ron DeSantis to sue him.  Could federal charges against DeSantis be around the corner too?  Don't be shocked if it happens.  The Dem plan for victory in 2024 is fast revealing itself: put ALL the Republicans in jail, or at least tie them up in legal knots, and Team Blue wins by default!  I mean, that is the purpose of the law, right?  To harass your political enemies? 


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I think two main factors obtain in considering China's motivation to invest Taiwan: Its claim to Taiwan is not historically deep but China sees American interference with it over Taiwan as yet another intense reminder of the Western and Japanese style offense they have pledged never again to endure. China may well see Taiwan as the military keystone to the island barrier of Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Australia together with the US Navy. Is that barrier a threat unendurably limiting China's freedom of action? If so, Taiwan is a strategic key. If not, longstanding nation grievance and national pride might be all they have to move them.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Creditable speculation about China turning its attention west to the Asian interior and the Indian Ocean littoral has been expressed (eg. in Robert D. Kaplan's The Return of Marco Polo's World) and if realized might well reduce Chinese miltary interest in Taiwan. They sure would like to get some relief from fear of the still terribly powerful US and its continuing close attention to East Asia. 1949 commitment to Taiwan originated in shock over the communist conquest of so vast a population. But world communIsm is no more, thanks to American resolve. If we see the island barrier as a defense against Chinese aggression towards us, then surely we will see worth in defending its keystone, Taiwan. Too, Chinese conquest of Taiwan would be most upsetting to free East Asia and have highly disturbing and perhaps unpredictable consequences.


  3. Jack, I find it hard to imagine that the leaderships of China and the U.S. see Taiwan as important, in and of itself. Sure, it could be a handy base for China to have, but in an age of nuclear missiles and supercarriers, does it really matter whether or not you control an island like Taiwan? I believe the Chinese would only invade Taiwan if they were backed into it accidentally -- by an incident that spun out of control -- or if they became truly desperate to change the subject -- in the case of serious internal strife. Seems elementary, therefore, that the best way for us to defend Taiwan is to give the Chinese no reason to mess with it. Biden and Pelosi seem determined to kick the hornet's nest, for some reason. It makes little sense, unless it's all a silly game and they believe their bellicosity will be ignored. Maybe it wiil be.