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Friday, September 16, 2022

Diversity, Equity, and Insanity


Friends, my latest article is about the current fashion for "diversity, equity, and inclusion" and how its perverse logic is infiltrating corporate America.  Trust me, identity politics isn't just for woke eggheads anymore!  My take is that the right desperately needs to fight back and shame corporations that promote discrimination and race-baiting.  If we don't, we may find ourselves alone on a little right-wing island in the midst of a vast, Marxist sea...

Here's the article, kindly published by American Greatness:


In other news, The Democrats' hopes in November rely on framing the election as a referendum on Trump (yet again), on "abortion rights", and on Republican "extremism", all while they downplay issues like inflation, crime, and border security.  This has required increasingly absurd mental gymnastics on their part, which of course the mainstream media will never call them on.  Will the voters?  We shall see.

Finally, while throughout the West there is something close to unanimity in condemning Russian aggression and praising Ukrainian resistance, we should realize that the world feels differently, and our insistence on pushing a harsh sanctions regime, regardless of the economic effects for us and for poorer countries, may be doing fundamental harm to the global order, and to the world's perception of the West.  Read all about it here:


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Abortion now: verities and variables: the dem party is determined to force unlimited abortion on demand on a US which includes extensive areas where such a concept is absolute anathema. The GOP is determined to prevent this death sentence for incalculable millions of innocent unborn humans. Variables: the House will probably go GOP. If so, can it formally repudiate its passage of the Womens, (excepting female fetuses that is)Health Protection Act of 2022? Could a Senate with an increased majority pass the Bill? Not unless it first bans filibuster. Even then, the bill would probably go to Conference Committee where a GOP House would stop it, yes? But I am not sure of the procedural possibilities; what do you think? I was initially opposed to Sen.Graham's national abortion ban proposal because it would motivate abortion apologists but with so many possibilities,it could even lend a fillip to the GOP vote.

  2. Ray to Nick

    I really don't care about any of this crap propaganda you are peddling right now. What I do want to know about is Moulay Idriss who was Sultan of Morocco during the late 17th and early 18th Centuries. Did he really father 1000 children from 500 concubines in his 32 year reign. I'm going to say yes, he certainly could have done that. What do you think? At least he produced something. Our politicians screw us over for 32 years and more, and don't produce anything for us. Now that is the only kind of monarchy I am going to accept. How about you?

  3. Hey Nick. Ray here.

    That was Moulay Ismail who fathered 1000 kids, NOT Moulay "The Limp Dick" Idriss who ruled many centuries before Ismail.

  4. Jack, my sense is that almost all proposed federal legislation on abortion is "dead on arrival". As you say, you can get something through the House, but getting 60 Senators to agree on an issue that sensitive just isn't likely. Could a Republican House repudiate what the Dem House did? Sure, but to no meaningful effect. A bill that doesn't become a law is just a scrap of paper, at the end of the day.

    Good point, Ray -- our modern day potentates are feathering their nests, but they aren't out-breeding us by any stretch of the imagination. What's the point of having money and power if you can't be more fruitful than the next guy? As you know, in our time, the higher you go on the social scale, the LESS likely you are to have children. So, in short, I agree with you, Ray -- we should all become Muslims and move to Morocco. I hear the carpets are lovely, too.

  5. Ray to Nick

    All joking aside, check out a Belgian TV series comedy on Netflix "Soil" for some Muslim/Morocco fun!

  6. Thanks for the recommendation, Ray. I've watched a couple of Belgian series on Netflix. "Into the Night" and "Black Spot". Both were good.