Saturday, September 10, 2022

Stamp of Approval


Friends, it may seem trivial, but the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and the accession of King Charles III, will necessitate numerous cosmetic changes.  Among other things, all the money and all the stamps will have to be redesigned with the image of Charles's smiling face (or, more likely, his gravest visage).  Won't that be a trip?


In other news, we've talked about it before, but increasingly in higher ed one needs to demonstrate, actively and affirmatively, one's abject submission to the gods of DEI if one wants to, uh, remain employed or get ahead.  And the high priests of DEI are making no bones about the fact that advocacy of color-blindness ain't cutting it! 

Finally, leftist Big Tech is working hard to maintain its steely grip on digital discourse and to ensure that upstart apps like Truth Social are strangled in their cribs.  And there's a good chance they'll succeed, too.  If you ask me, social media companies like Facebook and Twitter may or may not be effective monopolies requiring anti-trust interventions, but the Apple and Google Play stores truly are in a monopolistic position and they need to be put in their place.  In essence, app stores function as public infrastructure these days, so maybe it's time that the public took them over.  Of course, we should be careful what we wish for, because if these stores were in government hands they might be even less "free", tolerant, and pluralistic than they are now.


  1. Ray to Nick

    Having been brought up on the Left Coast (I mean the West Coast), I remember someone who attended Western Oregon University (Monmouth, Oregon) back in the late 1960s telling me how the training of teachers for certification was starting to take a turn to the left at that time.

    The name of the school back then was called Oregon College of Education. My point is that the 1960s have come home to roost, and teachers trained at schools like WOU in the late 1960s are the ones that spread those ideas that are now called DEI, Woke and so on.

    In other words, it took 50 years to poison most public schools through teachers who were already trained at institutions of higher education by leftist professors in the 1960s.

    Think of it as a slow acting cancer.

  2. Ray to Nick

    Using Oregon as an example, another school in that state that has transitioned to a politically correct position in the last 50 years is Linfield University (previously Linfield College) in McMinnville, Oregon. Someone who graduated from there in the early 1970s told me that Linfield used to be a Christian oriented school, but is now high gear DEI, Woke, CRT, and getting more so all the time. I'm sure that is true of hundreds and hundreds of small Liberal Arts colleges across the nation. Linfield even has a "Linfield Bleeds" club to people can get indoctrinated in the true meanings of menstruation, seriously. They also have a nursing school in Portland, Oregon run mostly by lefty women. The point is, that even if the Republicans "flip" Congress this Fall, schools like WOU and Linfield are solidly entrenched in the Marxist mode.

  3. You're 100% correct, Ray. And the higher one goes in "higher ed", the worse the problem gets. And, if the teachers of tomorrow are being trained to be "anti-racist" activists and the like, we can expect the ideological/moral/spiritual deterioration of this country to accelerate, and the young will be at the head of the pack. The worst and most dysfunctional areas in San Francisco and Seattle are but a foretaste of what's to come for us all.