Monday, January 17, 2022

The Rich Get Richer


Friends, Oxfam is lamenting the fact that the ongoing pandemic has supercharged the already vast fortunes of the world's richest men, most of them American tech billionaires.  Now, normally I'm not in the least bit troubled by the success of my fellow fat cats, but in this case, given the profiteering from lockdowns and other infringements of liberty, and given the pro-Biden, anti-Trump sympathies of many of these men, I hereby join Oxfam in manning the barricades against capitalist oppression.  Down with the bourgeoisie!  Up with Marxism-Leninism!  Gimme my "equity", I say!  And make it quick.


In other news, speculation continues about the use of the 14th Amendment to bar Donald Trump (and others) from seeking or holding federal office in the future.  One assumes that, at some stage, the federal courts will need to weigh in on this question.  The sooner they slap down these leftist fever dreams, the better! 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: 1. Why this is powerful nonsense! " A plague of (it) and a vengeance too. Marry and Amen! " 2.The Dems may choose simply to summarily assert that the 14th Amendment DOES bar Trump from office. They know that many will believe them. They would have almost no chance of gaining the support of Scotus but would seek to turn that also to their advantage by portraying it as proof of the corruption of an unjustly seated Scotus majority.

  2. Yes, good point -- they regard the Supreme Court itself as an enemy of the Constitution and of democracy. They have all their grievances neatly lined up. Now let's shellac them thoroughly in 2022 and 2024, so they can start sulking in earnest!