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Friday, January 28, 2022

China Joe


Friends, the article below contains A LOT more details on the financial ties between the Biden family and Red China.  It's eye-popping stuff.  The media's complete indifference to it is remarkable too, since we all know what would happen if anyone with the last name of "Trump" was cutting deals with shady Chinese oligarchs...  But hey: no one ever said life was fair!


Here's a terrific piece by a pal 'o mine, who rightly insists that, if the Supreme Court rules race preferences unconstitutional, academia is well positioned to circumvent that decision.  How?  They're well on their way to abolishing all objective measurements of academic merit.  By the time they're done, admissions criteria will be so fuzzy that they'll be able to admit whomever they like. 

Here's a full-throated denunciation of the discriminatory move by the Biden Administration to reserve the recent opening on the Supreme Court for black females only.  It makes the case, very convincingly, that Biden's action is unprecedented, and deeply unwise.


This article lays out a path by which Senate Republicans might be able to block the advancement of a Biden nominee for SCOTUS.  It's a precarious path, and it would require a lot of gumption on the part of every Republican who sits on the Judiciary Committee.  As such, I don't like its chances of being implemented...but it might depend on the nature of the nominee Biden choses.  One thing's for sure: any GOP opposition to Biden's pick will be condemned as RACIST!!!  But what else is new?


  1. Biden's image superimposed on the flag of the PRC is symbolic of the burning desire of American Leftists (also known as Democrats) to have the same sort of dictatorship in this country as exists in the PRC. It is their great dream (and wet dream) to have that sort of power. Their favorite country used to be The Soviet Union, but after communism ceased to exist there, they transferred their ideological loyalty to the PRC.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The Federalist article presents a plausible way to block any Dem Scotus nominee. A verity and a question: 1. The Dems cannot be dissuaded from nominating a radical leftist no matter their sex, veteran status, physical disability, golfing average or cinematic preferences. They WILL advance a radical!2. We have a big political advantage just now; would we diminish this by stonewalling this characteristic leftist incipient takeover ploy? As to 1: Should we show sign of fight, as Mitch already has, the Dems may try to present one they know to be of their mind, who has what might pass for a lawful judicial trail. But given modern information seeking methods, something can be found (a word, a footnote, a gesture , an implication,a sorority party, a distant juxaposition with a leftist gathering: oh just examine the left's record on the last three nominations) to generate most entangling inquiry! Or, the Dems may just go ahead and put a thumb in our eye by selecting an outright, unwavering leftist champion! So much as to motivate their base, they might recklessly dare! As to #2:

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: As to #2: since President Trump showed the way and disdained shameful Rino deference to the uncompromising Dems, the real America base of common sense,antiradical resistance to the totalitarian left will accept nothing less.If we are to triumph in November that base is vital and integral; its what we are! I say, Mitch, use all the weapons in your extensive legislative arsenal to block this( or these)presumptuous Pino Biden, far leftist commanded prospective commie Scotus member! Bring on the left!

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: If the Committee hearings begin, they may provide a forum, unlike that of a campaign or a debate, for uncovering the candidate's undoubted far leftist convictions and intentions and thereby discrediting the party which cynically advanced them. Mitch, let them pontificate, as they cannot but do at some point and then use our legislative power to deny them a vote! We have too long oversensitively stood aloof from the "anything goes" tactics of the Dems,even from 1968.They started it, let us finish it by hoisting them on their own petards, as long as it takes!

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: These hearings will present an ideal national forum for the Dems to advance one or more of their myriad snooty presumptuous "ism" condemnations as per their now traditional tactic. And let America look on and vote accordingly!

  6. Dr.Waddy froM Jack : Above, I wronged Mitch. He has long been aware of the Dems' tactics and has responded heroically!

  7. Good point, Ray: many Dems must admire the leftist authoritarian superpower that the Chicoms have created. I'm not sure most Western politicans have thought the matter out that far, though. All they understand is that China's checks clear...

    Jack, my guess is that the Dems will advance a hardcore leftist because 1) that's all they have in their bullpen these days, and 2) they will assume that her race and gender will keep her inviolate. In that assumption they may be right. Sure, Mitch and the other RINOs will oppose her nomination, but will they do so in any fashion that could produce an all-out battle? I have my doubts. It sure looks like Lindsey Graham, for one, has already accepted defeat.

    And I don't hold out much hope that the nominee, whoever she is, will wear her radicalism on her sleeve. She'll be too smart for that. All she needs to do to earn her seat on the court is say nothing of substance whatsoever.

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: You may well be right but the very worst for now is that what will be substituted for Breyer is another mathematically irrelevant but ideologically commanded vote against the rights of fetuses to live and against gun owners to own AND "bear"the great equalizer,which enables the unwashed to counter the criminals the left so exalts ( the latter right, by the way, explicitly confirmed by the Constitution unlike that presumed and consequently inhumanly originated by the dismissive and airy Roe v Wade judicial abortion).