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Thursday, January 27, 2022

Non-Blacks Need Not Apply


Friends, today our "President" made it clear that, in his eyes, the Supreme Court of the United States is a segregated amenity.  That is, the upcoming vacancy on the high court has been designated as "for black women only".  This ought to disgust and mortify any American who believes in equal treatment and equal opportunity, needless to say.  De facto demographic tunnel vision in hiring has long been a feature of political appointments at the federal level, of course.  I remember back when President Bill Clinton chose a white woman to be his Attorney General.  Well, she went down in flames, so he picked another white woman...and she too was a dud.  So naturally he picked...another white woman: Janet Reno.  Granted, Reno was a woman only by courtesy, but Clinton clearly had decided that the Attorney General's office occupied a specific niche in his diversity portfolio, and he wasn't going to budge, come what may.  Now, President Biden has made this sort of prejudiced thinking, totally beholden to "identity politics", explicit and overt.  And shame on him for doing it!  Hopefully many Americans will be disgusted by this brazen act of employment discrimination, and they will respond accordingly: by sending the Democrats packing in November.  Unfortunately, though, it's highly likely that Biden's chosen nominee will end up on the Supreme Court.  That's beyond sad.  It's tragic.


Speaking of those race-obsessed lefties, see what this indignant member of the Virginia House of Delegates had to say: 

Did you hear?  Denmark has decided, despite the omicron surge, to terminate ALL of its COVID restrictions.  Wow!  Given what happened in the U.K., this is now officially a trend.  Will it eventually reach American shores???


Finally, SNL is famously irreverent towards American Presidents, but -- and this will surprise precisely NONE of you -- it has mostly pulled its punches when it comes to current "President" Joe Biden.  Admittedly, SNL has started to make fun of Sleepy Joe a teeny tiny bit, which is progress, but its overall strategy is clear: insulate the Bozo-in-Chief as much as humanly possible from anything resembling criticism.  And you thought the point of SNL was to be "funny"?  Ha! 


  1. The fact that Denmark has decided to loosen up on Covid restrictions, tells me that country is not really serious about combatting this pandemic. All the Danes are really interested in is Danish pastry.

    Therefore, I am urging Americans to consider even tighter regulations and protections. One way for sure, is to require Americans to wear Positive Pressure Point Suits just like the technician folks at laboratories do.

    The long range advantage of the PPP suits is that with a dramatic drop in humans getting the virus, the vaccines could then be tested on mice.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Cracks are appearing in the edifice of presumptuous and reflexive intolerance be!hind which the American left has complacently relaxed for so long. Heretofore they have rightly (alas) assumed themselves free of any obligation to justify their accusation of any of the limitless multitude of automatically condemning "isms" for which they arrogate to themselves the right to call down Nemesis upon the wickedly erring. Well,why not? Too often we cave! Accusation = condemnation = public repentance = social immolation: that's their way. Convenient too! That Va delegate is doing a signal service in venting like that. I'd love to hear the feckless leftist response! More and more Virginia begins to show signs of being a decisive battleground in the existential battle against the totalitarian leftist horde and its thoroughly undemocratic methods. I'm going to mail praise to this delegate and I hope all readers of this blog will too. Here in NY, a place perhaps irreparably ruined by leftist tyranny ,we can offer to the real America a very useful perspective: forthe sake of ALL we cherish DON'T allow these people to take over! They will never let go if they do; they are definitive totalitarians. We don't have the votes in NY becauseof the lala amoeba, NYC. But you DO! As individuals we can often disarm sneering and smirking even liberals who casually accuse us of any of those terrible "isms" by summarily bidding them DEFINE the offense they name. Most of the time they can't, because they have never had to THINK about it. Now they may say "Oh c'mon, you know what I mean". You can reply, with truth backing you: " No I don't! The term you just used has been so misused and overused that I do not know what YOU mean in using it."Believe me, often all they can do is splutter and reaccuse you, this time of "unfairness" or "ignorance" or bigotry ( a term they thought they had made their own, to be used freely). Why they are consummate and definitive bigots!

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Ahh, I think Slick Willy was just doing what Hillary demanded of him lest she spill the goods she had on him. He has no principles, only urges and our Oval Office gave him an ideal setting, as we all know all too well, to wallow in them . Soooey- PIG!

  4. Dr. Waddy: Yeah, unless a Dem crosses we'll probably get another consummate leftist on Scotus but let us rejoice at the mathematical fact that they cannot prevail. And let us credit those who brought this about: Mitch and DJT! Oh gads, I hope the Dems recklessly nominate a real kook! What better way toaffirm their totalitarian intent. And an inquiry well conducted by the GOP can lay her convictions bare for the 2022 electorate to see!

  5. I'm with you, Ray. HAZMAT suits should be required for anyone entering a grocery store. If it saves even ONE life, it's worth it, right?

    So true, Jack: once a community and polity has fallen under the sway of the Left, it's excruciatingly hard for it ever to reestablish its liberty, its rationality, and its self-respect. Can Virginia claw its way back from the abyss? The verdict is out.

    I suppose we ought to be reasonably content with a 6-3 edge among the Supremes, but personally I won't rest easy until it's 9-0. I mean, if one assumes that RESPECT for the Constitution and the Founders is a necessary qualification for Justices, then no Dem/Bolshie should get anywhere near the high court -- not even as a clerk or a janitor!

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Though they would deny it (some even sincerely) the Dems clearly demonstrate a, shall we say, "flexible" attitude to the Constitution. Its whatever their dog and pony show features at the moment and those who honor cumulative Constitutional jurisprudence and scholarship are gonna git nipped by the dog and the pony!Of course any who venture to question the left's settled doctrine must expect an onslaught of ad hominem excoriation and calumny.

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: This is going to be an intensely dramatic year, with abortion and leftist disdainful gun control on the line andthen the election. I'm glad President Trump is out firing up the base. We must hope there will be no unexpected vacancies in the lawful majority in Scotus. We need them now as never before, with such definitive issues at hazard! After that, should we take the Senate, we can put paid to any Biden nomination.Oh it would be nasty, I know, but the amoral left would surely do
    no less. Let us resolve to "do" them before they "do" us! They have sown the whirlwind, now let them reap it! We know, oh yes we know, what undemocratic, totalitarian intent they harbor. They have been blithe to recklessly give us every clue!

  8. Quite right! We need to capture the Senate to deny the Dems any hope of improving on their slender minority position on the high court. Biden's nominee, as you point out, may arrive at SCOTUS just in time to see an avalanche of extremely consequential conservative, constitutionalist rulings. And then...the Left will be fit to be tied. Could anti-SCOTUS outrage power them to victory in 2022? I doubt it, but they'll surely try.

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack : I would not think it beyond Mitch's skills to bollox up this nomination until November. That would fire up our base! Would it motivate the far left's worshipers? I'd be glad to see our main strength pitted directly against their's.

  10. Fingers crossed, Jack! I fear there are simply too many RINOs petrified of the "Racist!" label to sustain solid opposition to any Biden pick, but we'll see. Now, if Manchin or Sinema could be coaxed into opposition, or even extended deliberation, everything would change...