Wednesday, January 19, 2022

An Excess of Enthusiasm


Friends, this week's Newsmaker Show is stimulating, titillating, and probably a few other things that are illegal in the state of Arkansas.  Don't let that deter you, though.  It's still permissible (and ever so gratifying) to listen in...

When Brian and I address current events this week, we focus in particular on an innocent woman caught up in the Trump-Russia hoax, and how much damage the hoaxsters caused (and how little accountability they're ever likely to face).  We also cover Rand Paul's denunciation of DirecTV, what the U.S. can do (realistically) to protect the people of Taiwan, and the Democrats' about-face on the filibuster, plus their hyperventilating about "voting rights".

When we turn to "This Day in History", Brian and I discuss Howard Dean's infamous "scream", which brought his upstart, progressively-minded presidential campaign to a screeching (pun intended) halt in 2004.  I suggest that this incident was just one more instance of the Democratic Party machine sabotaging and betraying its own left-wing base.  We also ponder the legacy of Indira Gandhi, female Prime Minister of India, plus India's rapid rise and very consequential democratization in recent years.

Can you really analyze ALL THAT in under 30 minutes?  You can!!!  And I did.  Listen in, and I'll prove it.


In other news, you might want to read this excellent article about the zeal and enthusiasm that lefties are mustering for the imposition of authoritarian measures targeting dissenters, i.e. us.  The blinding self-righteousness of the Left has many of us asking: what rights would these people NOT violate, in the service of their sacred cause?


Republican Congressman Lee Zeldin has raised a bunch of money to support his run for Governor of New York.  He'll need it, given the complexion of the state.  Here's hoping that he, or someone similarly conservative, can win an upset victory!


Who do Democrats hate even more than Republicans?  The answer may be: Democrats who refuse to toe the line and support the entirety of the left-wing, neo-Marxist agenda.  Ergo, poor Joe Manchin is now facing a flurry of ads run against him by his fellow Democrats.  You'd think he'd start to wonder if he's in the right party... 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Re: the broadcast: Russiagate: that was "scoundrel time " to echo the title of a book on the supposed oppression of Hollywood totalitarians in the early fifties, this time with good reason! What powerful political humbug was at work then and your comment on Trump being the America First candidate and therefore the object of antiAmerican disingenuous assertion that he was a (LOL!) foreign agent was right on point. I think the far left, which had no problem with Red Russia (ain't that so Slick Willie? You partied in Moscow back in them Fulbright scholarship days now didn't ya?), now hates (a fundamental leftist emotion) Russia for its discreditation of Marxism.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack : The GOP not working the Filibuster entirely to its advantage when it had the means to do so: that is surely honorable and it is also red meat to the cynical, go for the jugular, Dems! Their 50+ year campaign to take full and permanent control,by any means,would recoil from such perceived and abominated bilateralism . Let us assume a similar stance in destroying the existential threat they present to America!

  3. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Suppose China invaded Taiwan and we did not respond militarily but imposed heavy economic sanctions on China. My question to you: which country would suffer more from an extensive economic disconnect? Keep always in mind I suggest, that for China, Taiwan is a rock bottom, fundamental issue. Still it may be tempered by China's far reaching and perhaps characteristic, historical vision. They are Fully Confidentthat Taiwan will be theirs, consummately and in perpetuity, all in good time. And good time could manifest itself at any favorable time! If we reinforce Taiwan for a time, to honor commitants we had against a past fanatically communist China, yes, they may back off for a time. . .

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Your comments on demonstrative and therefore characteristic leftist Howard Dean's antics have much merit. In his sophomoric spasms he was but enthusiastically expressing the left's conviction that it is irrefutably correct and unassailably just! Your assertion that the Dems have torpedoed such candidates does give me pause. Perhaps there are still in that shamefully compromised "major" party some who retain some, harried , suggestions of American loyalty in their party!

  5. Jack, interesting theory that the Left turned against Russia when Russia turned against Marxism... There could be something in that!

    Yeah, I suppose it was "honorable" of us to keep the filibuster in place when we had the chance to scrap it and pass whatever we pleased. Honorable, and naive. Perhaps, though, we wouldn't have had the votes to accomplish it, so bringing it up would have been worse tha useless. Personally, I'm not wedded to any Senate rule, or any democratic norm, but I do perceive the danger in dispensing with them.

    Would a Chinese invasion of Taiwan provoke "heavy economic sanctions" from us against China? Maybe, but I have my doubts about whether we have the intestinal fortitude even for that. Yes, China would probably suffer more from a trade war, but we would suffer too. Serious sanctions against Russia are more realistic, because our trading relationship with Russia is inconsequential to us (and, I fear, to Russis).

    Jack, I wouldn't read any high principles into the Dmeocratic Party's campaigns of sabotage against leftist candidates for president. They simply like to win!

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Mrs. Ghandi: She was voted "Woman of the Millenium" by, I beleve, Time. My vote would be for Elizabeth I. I took Indian Politics in 1974. In writing back to the Prof. in 1976 I said, "since democracy no longer obtains in India, you'll need a new class outline now". Glad it was only temporary. I think India has Britain to thank for its ability to adopt democracy and stave off the curse of Marxism. Its continuing relative prosperity is a joyous phenomenom!

  7. "Woman of the Millenium"? Seriously? Was that tongue-in-cheek???