Sunday, January 16, 2022

CATS! Coming Soon to a School Near You


Friends, do you often find yourself wondering whether you've taken a wrong turn and entered a parallel dimension, in which up is down, right is wrong, and the Democratic Party platform masquerades as "common sense"?  Well, don't discount the possibility that you may be right!  Witness this story, about a substitute teacher fired because she reacted with befuddlement (and mockery) to a student who insisted on being "identified" as a cat.  Yes, you heard that right.  Male and female aren't the only choices on your menu anymore, folks!  You don't even have to settle for homo sapiens, in fact.  The sky's the limit!  And anyone who doesn't play along is, naturally, the scum of the earth.


In other news, the People's Republic of Australia has finally decided to deport tennis star Novak Djokovic, on the theory that his unvaccinated status might encourage anti-vaxx sentiment.  I must say, their logic holds up rather well: if you let even one person dissent, others may feel emboldened to speak their minds and follow their hearts too -- and we can't have that! 

Glenn Youngkin has been sworn in as Governor of Virginia, and we here at WaddyIsRight are officially tickled pink!  Congrats to Youngkin and to the good people of the Commonwealth of Virginia, who have long deserved better than demi-socialist misrule.


The battle over the future of Minority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to rage in the Republican Party.  RINOs like Mitt Romney adore him.  DJT continues to trash him.  In the meantime, McConnell is doing great work in blocking the Dem agenda in the Senate and building bridges with moderate Dems like Manchin and Sinema.  If the GOP retakes the Senate in 2022, though, McConnell may well have to go hat in hand to Trump and ask for forgiveness for some of his past statements.  Otherwise, the Republicans in the Senate will need to look elsewhere for leadership -- and would that really be such a bad thing? 

Few lefties are more passionate and (devilishly) persuasive than Robert Reich.  I met this little Marxist troll once upon a time.  He didn't impress me, but the simple fact is that his artful demonization of Republicans, conservatives, and Trumpers is having a profound, if thoroughly toxic, effect on millions of our countrymen.  Take this article, for instance.  Reich pivots from condemning Republicans in Congress as "seditionists" to accusing any corporation which doesn't support the Democrats EXCLUSIVELY as seditionist too.  Sure, we all know that corporate America leaned heavily left in 2020, and in fact $400 million from Mark Zuckerberg was almost certainly the difference in the election, but to Reich that's not even close to good enough.  Corporate America must renounce the fascistic GOP entirely, or else it risks incurring the wrath of the progressive mob.  Corporate fat cats, you've been warned!


Speaking of corporate America and its anti-GOP, anti-Trump bias, President Trump, in his recent Arizona rally, drew attention to AT&T/DirecTV's decision to stop airing One America News.  Luckily, cable is slowly dying and most of us can access the news we prefer online, but the efforts to silence conservatives continue nonetheless.  They are insidious and unAmerican! 


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Some subs make a living subbing. This episode would be hilarious were it not for that and for the certainty that it is entirely plausible given some of the mindlessly indoctrinated products of our education schools. The left is blithe to hang "ism" on ANY expression or opinion it does not like. And its dislike has a hairtigger! "Specieism"!

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: But Mitch must enjoy wide support in the GOP or he wouldn't be their Senate leader. It might be unwise to alienate those who trust him. THIS, above all, is the time for GOPers to stick together! Mitch has been one hell of a soldier; his efforts have had historic consequences and his constancy promises more in our very promising fight to keep the Dem cloaked far left from working irreversable domination. Mitt Romney, I'm gladhe has so far suppressed his apologetic Rino impulses but his vote is all I care about. President Trump is our man but some way must be found for them to get along without denigrating Mitch.We need them both to drive the totalitarians to the backwaters of our polity as we have a real chance to do now!

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Virginia is such an important place now as a laboratory for efforts to turn back the presumptuous far left invasion of the real America. Will Youngkin stay constant? Will he take full advantage of his legislative advantage to codify the discreditation of leftist overeach? If the totalitarian onslaught is to be thrown back on their sorrowly conquerered redoubts what better place than a real America state they smuggly thought they had captured?

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: As smart as some of them are, many of the leaders of corporate America do not perceive that in the far left they have a disdainful and temporary ally. They are much experienced in discerning and reacting objectively to popular trends. Their mistake is to regard the mainstreaming of some obvious leftist ideas as but another, yes, extended, fad!. They do not or cannot acknowledge that these are the advance guard of an extremely purposeful, most organized and determined faction devoted to"fundamental transformation" of our thoroughly erring country: That is YOU, YOUR KIDS, YOUR PROPERTY, YOUR SCHOOLs, YOUR GOVERNMENT: as per their dictate! And for you corporate apologists, Madame Defarge is knitting. Go to one of their "neighborhood organizing" storefront taxpayer supported headquarters some time and behold the "Che"and Mao posters ( or those for AOC, same-same) That is, if they allow you in.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Doctrinaire leftists seldom venture tocomment at your blog. I do not include Rod in this; He is not doctrinaire. I'll attempt what I think would be a characteristic leftist riposte to my assertion that history is "hands off" to them. "Why, consider our embrace of the 1619 Project". My response: that effort is to secure for your side present political advantage for your increasingly harried campaign to "fundamentally transform" our thoroughly unjust country. To you, the past you choose to regard as definitive,1619, is definitive and NOTHING consequent (1861 to 65, 300,000 Union deaths, PRESIDENT Obama, etc, etc,) matters, yes?
    In this sense the past is to you the present and is key to your now failing campaign to correct and punish an essentially erring land. Ehh, ask Virginia about that! You know, 1619, Virginia yes?

  6. Yes, I don't envy anyone subbing these days. It was a hard job back when I did it circa 2000. Today it must be far worse.

    Jack, I agree that Mitch has done great things for the party and the country, but he's also fallen into the trap of wagging his finger at Trump to earn his bona fides with the D.C. establishment. He consistently argues that concerns about the 2020 election are specious too. That simply isn't so. But I believe that compromise and consensus are possible. Assuming we win the Senate back in 2022, maybe Mitch could serve for one more year and then make way for new blood? I mean, he's ancient anyway. At some point we need to try someone else. Mitch could stick around to show him the ropes. Someone a little more charming and telegenic, perhaps?

    Yes, I think corporate America is under the impression that the woke mob can be appeased, and the capitalist system will survive unscathed. They should consider that among the Left's goals is the abolition of merit. Can our thriving capitalist economy long endure once that principle is forfeit? I think not.

    Sadly, history is almost always a playground for ideologues. It's perennially used and abused. The Left has gotten awfully good at it, I must say. At least they understand the power that history has...