Friday, January 14, 2022

Don't Worry, Be Trumpy

Friends, yet another thing to be thankful for: you're not a depressed, self-loathing leftist!  Studies are backing up what you probably already know -- that "progressives" are angry, intolerant, and profoundly unhappy people.  I mean, if you watched CNN all day, you would be too!  So spare some pity for these melancholic mopers.


No doubt you've heard about the 11 men being charged with "seditious conspiracy" because of their alleged misdeeds surrounding the January 6th "insurrection".  Now at least one of them is speaking out, denying any involvement in sedition OR conspiracy, and vowing to prove his innocence.  Interesting!  Could federal prosecutors fall flat on their faces?  Stay tuned!


Finally, check out this fascinating poll.  As you'll see, support for vaccine mandates has slipped recently, as has confidence in "President" Biden's anti-COVID policies and the leadership of Dr. Fauci.  Nonetheless, a majority of Democrats still support draconian measures to stamp out (ha!) the dreaded virus, including confining the unvaccinated in their homes!  Yikes. 


  1. "Confining the unvaccinated in their homes"? My advice to these "social lepers" is to stock up on toilet paper for starters. Also, you can have food delivered to your home. Of course keep warm this Winter. In addition, not being able to go to the shopping malls and seeing how the gene pool has deteriorated is beneficial. Lots of good movies in the evening and keeping busy with household projects during the day should be enjoyable. Talking with friends on the phone and surfing the internet should also be time consuming. Yeah! Confined to the home could be just the thing for these assholic times we live in.

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Perfectionists are rarely happy because they are never content. Should some item or situation actually achieve
    perfection their basilisk gaze reflexively jumps on some other readily available imperfection. Ehh, that's a problem when those who earnestly seek to govern others manifest this neurosis. And perfectionism is a defining characteristic of the far left. Eg. their expectations for the theoretically perfect future are their guiding light; convenient too and handy for budding totalitarians since no empirical evidence is available for it. Now the past, with all its documented(gasp) imperfections is unbearable to their obviously delicate psyches. For them, contrast between the past and present, reflecting as it often does beneficial progress, is beyond incorrect, it is ineluctably evil! We may well ask "when will these people cease trying to force unwanted and unproven change in EVERYTHING?" . NEVER! Consider their actions in power since 1917.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: I heard commentator Dan Bongino, on Fox today term Biden "President In Name Only". PINO Joe! That works for me.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Kudos are again due to Senator Manchin for standing firm against Schumeresque presumptuous arm twisting and also for Senator Sinema! In announcing that she would not vote for the unprincipled and cynical Dem leadership's effort to kick the nasty filibuster out of the way of very summary "fundamental transformation" of our economy and our proven election system into instruments of their frantic power grab, she displayed uneasiness in making her announcement but showed courage and resolution in defying the certain tsunami of vicious leftist diatribe which she may expect. She deserves our expressed support. We all need to send her hand written notes, since these are most valued by legislators, or Emails if you prefer, thanking her for her gutsy stand. Don't matter none if she ain't your state's US Senator. Please do not fail in this; she is fighting our fight! Her address is readily available on line.

  5. Excellent point, Ray -- why leave the house at all when the world has gone mad, and all the knowledge and entertainment ever devised is available at the touch of a button? Assuming our Dem masters will pay our bills for us (they seem to like doing that), everyone wins!

    That's an interesting perspective, Jack. I agree that perfectionism is the path to unhappiness, and it's often the path to autocracy too. The truth, of course, is that the Left enjoys railing against injustice, oppression, racism, etc etc. way too much to ever acknowledge meaningful progress against any of these blights. And, if they did declare victory against one "class enemy", they'd just invent new ones. One thing is for sure: "peace and quiet" are unthinkable to the Left.

    PINO Joe. Has a good ring to it! Would that make Kam Kam "PINO Noir(e)"?

    Senator Sinema does indeed need and deserve encouragement and support! I second that motion, Jack.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Ah yes, very good - "pino noir" - capital!