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Monday, January 31, 2022

The BLM President Stays True To His Roots


Friends, when the BLM-inspired protests/riots gripped the nation in summer 2020, most Democrats couldn't take a knee fast enough, and candidate Joe Biden was no exception.  If there's one demand that BLM kept insisting on, moreover, it's that America needs go beyond non-racialist, gradualist solutions to racial inequality, and instead we need to take measures that actively discriminate on the basis of race to advance the standing of African-Americans (because the standing of other minorities doesn't interest BLM in the least).  Biden's campaign promise to install a black woman on the Supreme Court was very much in line with this sort of thinking.  Now, unsurprisingly, "President" Biden is following through on his pledge: he's not even considering any candidates for SCOTUS who don't pass his racial/gender litmus test.  We shouldn't be shocked, therefore -- unless, that is, we're appalled that America elected a bigot like Biden in the first place.  That is a trifle mortifying, if we're to be honest.

Anyway, along these lines, I decided yesterday to modify my blog post about Biden and SCOTUS and submit it to Townhall.  And...voila!  Hope you like it.


Speaking of race, what's the easiest way to lambast your enemies and assail them with a baseless charge of "Racism!"?  Well you may ask.  Just change the definition!  The Anti-Defamation League is on the case. 


Here is a rather long, but very well-informed, analysis of the controversy swirling around Joe Rogan, who leftists badly want to censor.  The argument here is essentially that censorship and cancel culture are bound to get worse before they get better.  I tend to agree.


Well well!  We already knew that "President" Biden was unpopular, but is it time to impeach him?  A surprising number of voters say yes.  Impeach him for...what exactly?  Most voters probably don't care.  They equate impeachment with a severe censure of a public official who they don't like.  The prospect that he would actually be tried and removed from office must seem extraordinarily remote.  Sadly, that likely will be the pattern re: impeachment for the foreseeable future: we'll have impeachments galore, but none of them will amount to a hill of beans, except in terms of public opinion...


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: OK , third try! No leftist suppression at work here, why perish the thought! What would be disturbing would be if the confirmation of "Kumbayaa" Joe as a far leftist shill was a surprise! Of course he is; all Dems except Manchin and Sinema are so (or have been intimidated into acting so)!

  2. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The ADL's surrender to those who would gladly relight the ovens is lamentable!

  3. Dr. Wadry from Jack: Why how dare we reject NEIL YOUNG'S Olympian insights and urgings? And what about Joanie Mitchell? God ( well no not him); rather let boomer decrepitude FORBID her consummate wisdom be questioned!!

  4. Jack, I must admit I neither know nor care much what Spotify is, or who Joe Rogan might be, but on principle I detest the current fashion for "deplatforming". I note with satisfaction quite a few recent analyses that make the point that censorship only UNDERCUTS the credibility of the "approved", official viewpoint. Hear hear! There's a sense in which the censors are digging their own graves, therefore.

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: But I would suggest that most of the explicit support for forced suppression of conservative views comes from unofficial sources, who nonetheless enjoy the tolerance of our present Federal executive branch! Again, there is only ONE answer, as always: POWER, derived from judicial decisions, legislative combat skills and electoral results.

  6. How right you are, Jack! Power speaks a language of its own, but in a democracy power also confers legitimacy. Ergo, if Republicans take power -- by winning elections -- Hollywood, the media, and social media companies will have little choice but to indulge conservatism and treat it, if not with respect, at least with kid gloves. Let's just say...the extent and tenor of censorship will change a great deal, once the midterm elections are out of the way!

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I neglected above to cite informed and continuous expression of creditable commentary and the grassroots efforts of local and regional activist groups as being signficant sources of power.