Monday, January 3, 2022

Alarm! Alarm!


Friends, our lefty countrymen aren't messing around: they've declared a full-blown RED ALERT in response to our fascist, white supremacist, terrorist master plan to end American democracy.  Their rhetoric grows more alarmist by the day.  This stuff matters, people!  By posing as the defenders of democratic norms, the Left gives itself the perfect excuse to override those norms, if need be, to stave off an even greater threat.  Emergencies are precisely when democracies are in the greatest peril!  As you'll note here, establishment voices in the Democratic Party, like those of the New York Times and Chuck Schumer, are fully on board with this over-heated rhetoric.  Again, they're right about one thing, even if they're wrong about everything else: a nation in which the people have no or little confidence in the fairness of elections is one in which ALL BETS ARE OFF.


A funny thing happened this past year in polling.  The mainstream media and major polling organizations decided that they're no longer interested in who the "most admired" person might be.  In Britain, this was because the likely winner was J.K. Rowling, who believes there are only two genders.  What a fascist!  In America, it's because the top dog in popularity is almost certainly DJT.  A double fascist!  The remedy for this problem?  Just stop asking people what they think.  Start telling them what to think.  Way safer.


Just when you thought Joe Manchin had forsaken the Dark Side of the Force, it seems he's still negotiating with the White House to pass some of the elements in the "Build Back Better" plan.  Say it ain't so, Joe!  Manchin really is all over the place.  Don't be surprised if the Dems pass something -- anything! -- in 2022 just to make it seem like they're not a total trainwreck of a governing party. 

Lastly, in one more sign that the U.S. economy is cooling, manufacturing growth is tepid.  Does this mean we're on the express train to recession-ville?  Not necessarily.  Omicron might liberate us from COVID, and that's guaranteed to give the economy a shot in the arm (as it were)...


  1. On the contrary, Omicron is proof that there will be no liberation from COVID any time soon. There will be more variants/strains, with booster shots to follow. And you can be absolutely sure that come election time 2022, there will be surges of Covid everywhere, and especially in blue states. Sorry folks, but Covid is an excellent weapon for controlling and manipulating people, and elections. And don't forget, that even if the RePOOPlicans take Congress back from the DemoCRAZIES this year, we still have two more years after that of damn fools running the country. Face reality, we are far far away from being liberated from Covid.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: There is an emergency at hand in the eyes of the Dems! Schumer has to expect that the Dems may well lose part or all of Congress by 1/1/23. It could well be a long exile for the Dums and if they lose the Senate? Goodbye Scotus for sure: radicals need not apply!He huffs about ending filibuster but knows that would probably work to the disempowerment of his party (and maybe him) within a year. So what motivates him and dessicated Nancy? They may believe that continued huffing from their probably lame duck thrones may earn them votes. They may believe that their disingenuous campaign against GOP resistance to "progress" will garner them votes. They may hope for a popular groundswell of public outrage against very possible lawful Scotus decisions for gun owners and for fetuses, to help them along. And they may hope that disarmament of the filibuster will allow them a brief opportunity to yet impose their millenial, "fundamentally transformative"will on an ever increasingly dubious America they comically thought they had flimm flammed in Nov. 2020. There is a fragrance of desperation in this. We may take heart from their discomfiture but we must not hesitate to prosecute our apparent advantage to disestablishment, discreditation and marginalization of this existential foe of all we value and revere, the far left disgracefully captured, once loyal American, Dum party.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: We may get a test soon of Senators Manchin and Sinema in ever sneering Schumer's threatened filibuster destruction vote. Then again, maybe Charles - NY'sthumb in the eye to America - sees a symbolic vote on this as yet a vote getter for his increasingly harried Dum party.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Gad how I love Great Britain as the cradle of parliamentary democracy, our glorious language and a major projenitor of our American culture. Yes, those Brits have embraced (or have had imposed on them) some counterintuitive measures of late, such as deference to criminal thugs but I retain faith in their eventual redemption ( I mean consider Cromwell and the 1930's). It doesn't surprise me that the presumptuous American left's endorsement of their momentari!y perceived presumptions may have some temporary purchase!


  5. Ray, I agree that COVID has been useful to the Dems and the Left thus far. The problem is that the polling is shifting. Fewer and fewer people are following Dr. Fauci's orders, and more and more are questioning lockdowns and mandates. The Dems may realize that, if they stake their 2022 fortunes on COVID, they'll be wiped out! And then what?

    Jack, there is a good chance that, as you say, all this huffing and puffing about "saving democracy" is just an attempt to rally the troops, and to provide cover for the Dems' own inability to get anything substantial done, but the more sinister interpretation would be that the Dems mean what they say. They really do believe that "democracy" is on the cusp of obliteration because, say, Georgia will no longer allow me to vote from my car. They are laying the groundwork for storng claims in 2022-2023, at any rate, that the inevitable (?) GOP victories in the midterms were actually illegitimate. Can they thereby stop them from happening, though, or effectually reject or change the results? We'll see.

    Yes, it appears the Senate will be forced to vote on a rules change. We appear to be safe for now, but how slim is the margin that prevents the Dems from having their way with us!

    Is Britain sure to come around? I dunno. If Boris is the best the right can do, old Angleterre is in trouble!

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I think that convinced leftists see British inspired democracy ( oh yes so for us, despite that quarrel we had 1775 - 1783) as antithetical to their Marxist understanding of democracy. To them, democracy means the freedom of "the people" from oppression inevitably directed at them . The dictatorship of a perceptive, prescient, elite is consequently held necessary, since the people are innocently ignorant, even of their own interests! Western democracy extolls the individual decision of each citizen to amount, in its totality, to a creditable popular will. History plainly records the latter vision triumphant over the former! Naturally the American left's certain manipulation of both the 2016 and 2020 elections, due to their insanely frantic devotion to results favorable to them, is in accordance with their leftist conviction that the results justify the means; this is of course fully documented in the 20th century even unto perhaps 100 million murdered! At any rate, the Schumer led Dums disingenuous concern for "democracy" is dishonest. They quake to think of how true democracy may well handle them soon!

  7. Well said, Jack! For the Left, democracy is rule FOR the people, but not necessarily of or by the people. And one can't deny that the people can and do get things wrong. Whether the elites are any more likely to get things right, however, is another question!

  8. Dr.Wwddy from Jack: But it has been indicated by history (eg. Ukrainian 1930s famine and Great Leap Forward) that, in leftist doctrine, the "people" consist of a uniform multitude, the destruction of a certain mass of which is justifiable (obviously disregarding the murderous effect on the proscribed portion) by the murderous elite. Well, its understandable that that does happen when you blithely discard all traditional values.