Thursday, January 13, 2022

Get the Jab...Or Else!


Friends, the pressure on Americans to get vaccinated has been intense.  As you can see here, even the Statue of Liberty is swaddled in face masks and eager to jab everyone in sight.  Now, though, the vaccination mafia has experienced a notable legal/constitutional setback.  The Supreme Court has blocked the Biden Administration's vaccine/testing mandate for large employers.  Granted, many employers will probably still require vaccination, and, granted, many states and localities may impose their own blanket mandates, which are likely to be upheld.  Be that as it may, the federal government isn't empowered to force every worker to get jabbed, according to the Supreme Court.  I approve of this ruling!  As you know, I'm vaccinated myself, but I see no compelling justification for forcing the vaccines on unwilling Americans.  Please yourself, I say!


Breaking news: federal prosecutors have filed the first "seditious conspiracy" charges against January 6th defendants.  This is interesting!  Of course, charges don't always produce convictions, but these legal developments will give the "insurrection" fairy tale a shot in the arm.  The political implications?  Expect the hue and cry from the Left to intensify...and expect the Dems to go down in flames in November 2022 regardless.


Finally, more and more studies are underlining the virtual non-existence of omicron fatalities.  There are increasingly strong arguments, therefore, for why we should declare victory over COVID, or at least dial down our pandemic anxieties and countermeasures.  Will this happen?  It's hard to say.  It depends on political calculations as much as it does on medical judgements. 


  1. Nick,

    Why did YOU get vaccinated? I'm not saying you should or should not be, but I'm just curious as to why you got vaccinated in the first place.

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: My my, they never give up do they? Seditious Conspiracy! WEll! I wonder if there is a statute of limitations on that offense? If not, why then let's go to town on it. I'msure there are many '60s radicals,some of them welcomed today in the salons and highest circles of the Dems, who are culpable for grievous mischief satisfying this indictment. Shakespeare's Richard III, at a late point in his amoral career, says words to this effect: "Oh well, I've done so much evil now that to do more cannot add to my account, so on with it". I think you are right in predicting that the Dems will do a mighty fluff in Nov.;maybe they have resolved, as did Richard, that they have nothing to lose in giving way to desperation.

  3. Ray, that's a fair question. I got vaccinated mainly because it's very important to my mother, I tend to believe the scientific consensus that the vaccines are (mostly) safe and (mostly) effective against the original strain(s), and frankly no injection holds any terrors for mighty Dr. Nick! Omicron, on the other hand, seems to take no notice of the existing vaccines, so I'd say the rationale for further boosters is getting weaker all the time. I expect there will be NEW vaccines soon, though, aimed at omicron, and then we'll face the quandary all over again.

    And you, Ray?

    Jack, I have no doubt that the Dems intend to profit politically from insurrection mania, BUT I also have no doubt that most of them genuinely believe that DJT, you, and I are seditious monsters and we deserve what we get. Ergo, the January 6th inquisition is, for them, a labor of love.


    1. What has always been "strange" to me is that the so called original vaccine was rushed into use rather quickly, don't you think? Rather interesting that as soon as the virus struck, the vaccine appeared at "warp speed" which is really fast. Tells me it was an experimental drug, and as you know the FDA did not approve it until after Biden took office. Lots of political pressure there?

      It is also a bit scary that the major announcements about this virus are usually made by politicians with no medical degrees or training. As you know, Fauci can't be believed, and is under heavy fire by two members of Congress, both of whom are medical doctors.

      Both my Mom and Dad are deceased, so no pressure there for me to get vaxxed or not. Several relatives and friends of mine are loyal and obedient servants of the state, however, so if the government told them to piss in a cup and drink it, because urine therapy is good for you, they would do it.

      This whole business reminds me of "Dr. Colon's Monster". My guess is that there will be another variant/strain after Omicron, and another after that, with a surge this Fall during the elections. Very convenient time to have such a new outbreak don't you think?

      Finally, this is gigantic bucks being made by big Pharma, so the more strains and boosters makes for even greater profits, don't you think?

      Do I believe in conspiracies? Well, I teach history like you do, and we both know that history if full of them, real, imagined, and created. Does anyone still believe that only Lee Harvey Oswald was behind the JFK assassination. Do you believe "The Warren Report"?

      In any event, as long as these dangerous fools who are controlling our government now are still in power until 2024, I think we can expect Covid-19 to be around at least until then. That's three more years of this.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: The far left captured Dems are political animals whose ever purpose is to secure for their disdainful elite arbitrary, unlimited and unassailable power. It would be used for incidental dictation of policy at all levels of public and theretofore private life. Yes, they continue to affirm their conviction that any opposition to them is by definition evil and deserving of forced auto da fe and guaranteed social immolation.

  5. Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Ray! You didn't say whether you were vaxxed yourself, but I can make an educated guess. :) Of course, it's none of my business anyway. We should all take responsibility for our own health and medical decisions, in my view. But I agree that the vaccines were rushed, and that there was and is immense pressure on the "experts" (and all the rest of us) to conform to the consensus view that vaccination is the answer to the pandemic. I'm glad I got the vaccine, and it seemingly did me no harm, but I firmly believe that the virus will take its own natural course, and thus the only way to beat COVID is for COVID to beat itself. Now, I don't agree that the surges are necessarily engineered, as you imply, but I certainly recognize that they are exploited politically and commercially when they do arise. The dilemma for the Dems is that the political capital they earned on COVID in the early days is rapidly running dry. By November, I seriously doubt that another surge would be to their advantage -- but they are artful little creeps, so who knows.

    Do I believe the Warren Report? Hard to say. It's definitely not my area of expertise...but yes, I tend to believe that there may have been some involvement by the Soviets, the mob, or other interested parties.

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack : I remember that day. Who would trust such a task to a low life sporting a Mannlicher Carcano (which gun guys know was the most undependable of WWII rifles). Maybe they were looking for a guy so unbalanced that he would scoff at the almost certain forfiture of his own life. Then maybe, yes, it was the crack brained expression of one of the wounded minds so prevalent among criminals. You may have to have been among them to have witnessed that kind of "thinking".

  7. Boy, I can't even imagine what it must have been like to be a witness to those events! Of course, I can't imagine what it must have been like to live in America before it lost its mind, either... By the way, I don't discount the possibility that Kennedy was, in fact, killed by a deranged misfit. Stranger things have happened. The plausibility of that scenario is reduced, however, by the Jack Ruby wrinkle.