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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Take That, Lefties!


Friends, I just couldn't resist posting this outstanding declamation by Jordan Peterson, erstwhile Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto.  Peterson eloquently laments the rise of intolerant wokeness, plus diversity, inclusion, and equity initiatives (to which he applies the apt acronym DIE).  He calls on professors, artists, corporate CEOs, and other people in culturally, politically, and economically influential positions to stand fast against the tide of neo-Marxism.  I defy you to read this article and not come away deeply impressed.


And there's a big story out of the U.K. today.  Prime Minister Boris Johnson is ending most COVID restrictions, because of the waning reach of the dreaded omicron.  Bravo, I say!  Britain's conservative government was, unfortunately, at the forefront of oppressive COVID mandates.  Now it's at the forefront of the restoration of liberty.  That's an improvement, needless to say. 


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: That article was way beyond impressive. In its eloquence and informed plausibility it painted an appalling picture. I will be using the term DIE regularly and I hope it becomes a maxim! That article will be a frequent go-to for me, WELL I WOT! Any of Doc Waddy's readers who have not yet done so, please hasten to read it, I urge you; it is an exceedingly competent expression of that which know to be true!

  2. Dr. Waddy: from Jack:I agree but I understand Boris is facing significant opposition for offenses I know not of. Should he be unseated in his dominant post in the Mother of Par!iaments, we should mourn but yet applaud his return of Britain's sovereignty from inferior and presumptuous continental sway!

  3. Glad you enjoyed the Peterson article as much as I did. I know many conservatives are utterly devoted to the man. I don't know him all that well, but I have yet to find anything he's said or written disagreeable. His forfeiture of his tenured position has the wheels turning in MY head, I can tell you. Of course, I don't face nearly the scorn or the political pressures that he does/did.

    Boris, I hear, is in hot water because he had a garden party and flouted some COVID rules. Well, who hasn't flouted some rules in recent years? I suspect it will all blow over, especially given that Britain is poised to brush the pandemic aside. Omicron is looking more and more like our way out. That will be a boon to Boris. Maybe also to Biden?

    1. Peterson is yet another secular humanist trying to make a Canadian dollar or two while the sun shines. Some 50 years from now, I doubt he will shine in the pantheon of great literature. Does anyone remember another Canadian, Marshall McLuhan, who died 40 years ago? McLuhan was "all the rage" for a while and then faded into obscurity rather quickly, as will Peterson. Peterson, and other clinical psychologists of his ilk, think they are prophets. People read their stuff for a while and then the books they write end up in antique and used book stores. So, Nick, keep those wheels turning in your head, but keep the ding bats out. Okay?

  4. Hey, it's not Peterson's fault that he's Canadian... That is unforgivable, though. On that we agree, Ray. :)