Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Mandate My A**!


Friends, the battle over vaccine mandates is really heating up, with a growing number of nurses and other professionals resigning or facing termination rather than submit.  That's one of the hot topics that Brian O'Neil and I cover in our latest Newsmaker interview.  You won't want to miss it.  We also talk about the politics of abortion in Congress, the prospects for the passage of the Dems' massive new spending bills, the prospects for a civil war within the Democratic Party and the progressive movement, the precarious position of General Mark Milley, who's managing to offend both Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill, the inveterate Trump-hatred of Liz Cheney and the Bushes, and more!

When the conversation turns to history, Brian and I focus on the tumbling stock market in September 2008 and the prospects for another recession in the near future, the poisoned Tylenol scare in 1982, the resurgence of the space shuttle program after the destruction of the Challenger, the Babi Yar Massacre on the Eastern Front in 1941, and the earth-shattering ramifications of the Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact and the partition of Poland in 1939.  

Whoa!  Seems like only a world-class bonehead would miss a show like that!


In other news, lefties are hypocrites!  They "cancel" anyone who doesn't pass their purity tests, but they exempt their own heroes from those same tests.  Check out the proof:


The Left is increasingly hostile to natural gas, which is the main reason why we've been able to lower carbon emissions in the last twenty years.  Will they succeed in creating a wind-and-solar-or-bust energy grid in future?  Much depends on whether they pass their monstrosity of a "reconciliation bill" in the weeks ahead... 

Arizona's maverick Senator Kyrsten Sinema is being put "on notice" by her state's Democratic Party operatives.  They're threatening her with a vote of no confidence if she doesn't support ending the filibuster and passing the $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill packed full of progressive priorities.  Will she stand up to them?  Let's hope so!  Frankly, these Dems are right that if this bill doesn't pass their party will be in hurting shape.  Let's make it so!


The American Booksellers' Association, a locus of wokeness, is helping white women unpack their "privilege".  How thoughtful!  And racist.  And sexist. 

Finally, that very same reconciliation bill, of which we spoke above, is getting poor marks from swing district voters.  Some say the bill and its spending priorities poll very well.  As usual, it depends on how you ask the question.  If COVID is going strong in 2022, and the U.S. economy isn't, no amount of spin will save the Dems.  Mark my words! 


  1. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Re: the broadcast: Very perceptive observation that the 2020 election bound "moderate" Dems and their party's far left in antiTrumpism; "it got them all on the same page". For the oh so sensitive "moderates" and their kindred Rinos, it was Trump's outright street crude opposition to the political correctness they so, nevertheless, fear and cringe before. For the radicals, it was as when a dog instinctually bristles at a natural enemy; they knew Trump was THAT(as he is!) Ok so far for all Dems, (sorta). But if these confiscatory Congressional leftist wealth transfers from the productive to the unproductive fail, then expect the "united front" (a term borrowed from the Chinese communist incremental onslaught) to fall asunder. Harris is unpopular but then Biden was no idol. Harris might serve as a bridge, supported temporarily by an extended honeymoon due to her myriad"firsts", to the true leftist savior. AOC? There can be little doubt AOC baldly manifests Dem far left hopes and intentions and that she displays inspirational resolve sufficient to concentrate leftist totalitarian fanaticism.

  2. Hmm. Could Kam-Kam be a "bridge"? I guess it's possible. She'd be a mighty rickety bridge, though. I would want to cross her!

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: You are right that space travel is now taken for granted. There are still wonders to be seen, I'm confident you would agree. This latest flight, with an amateur crew no less, reached 350 miles up! I don't think anyone has been that far since Apollo and Gemini. Two Geminis went to approx. 400 and 800 miles respectively. I've done this to death I know but this is unendingly fascinating for my pre space exploration age group.

  4. Dr.Waddy fromJack: Yeah, several states have enacted restrictions on abortion clearly and frankly expressing that in their respective state's culture, abortion on demand or for convenience or after the advent of a heartbeat is ANATHEMA! For the national government to mandate that it be allowed is to them, tyranny. Sorry New York and your presumptuous national legislators but that is as it should be. If Roe v. Wade is "deposed" you will still be able to encourage the willfull killing of unborn babies in your benighted fiefs ,until the return of our national polity to civilized, humane regard for the fetus that is but it will be STEP OFF ABORTIONISTS!in the real America, where unborn life is valued and where casual attack on it in the very sanctuary of the womb itself, is held atrocious.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I think the modern feminist movement had much justification until it embraced the virulent female and male haters of all men and it endorsed the radicals who established the proven since Roe v Wade ,unrestrained killing of unborn babies as the movement's flagship issue! The former is obnoxious and when codified unjust ; the latter condemns them in civilized society.

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Again, well said. This mandate for vaccination is facing unprecedented resistance, notably from health care pros who know what the hell they are talking about. Some of them are giving up their jobs! You are right; how will we replace them? Why is Gov. Hochul, in whom we had lodged hopes of a departure from Cuomoesque dictatorship, persisting in this? Is this to establish perceived necessary credentials for a gubernatorial run in leftist polluted NY? Would she foster such conflict for personal gain? Perhaps she intends, after election, then to establish common sense in the NY executive branch? ??

  7. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Yes, what about assurances we had that if "herd immunity" ,perhaps approx. 80%, were established, the rest would be automatic?! Perhaps not so? Perhaps because this would unjustify authoritarian controls on behavior so very convenient to the incipiently totalitarian left, (whether intentended or not by Gov. Hochul)which has received much useful practice in control in this "pandemic" windfall?! Power never gives up power sans decisive restraint. Washington was a virtually unique exception and was widely lauded for it. We would be most foolish to trust our future to leftist restraint in this instant!

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Booksellers as leftists? Probably generally so. I say this as a conservative librarian who has found my profession shamefully and often reflexively obsequious to the left. Booksellers are our vocational cousins though perhaps intellectually superior.

  9. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I thinkthe left very much fears natural gas because it affirms a comprehensive two word solution to their ostensible concern about carbon emissions immolating the planet at the perfidious behest of voluptuary mankind. But gee, it burns pretty clean (as a former chimneysweep I know that!) and we have got a zillion years worth of it right here in real America Pennsylvania where we don't have to squat before neomedieval foreign potentates(except for our own leftist government pashas eg. in NY). Why does the left spurn this common sense solution? Well gee, maybe because they don't WANT an unforgiveably available common sense answer to their (gasp) disingenuous(!?) concerns? What they want is a prolix solution dictatorially mandated by them, manifesting "fundamental transformation" of our economies,our legal systems, our polity and our society. Maybe that has been their purpose all along and their touching concern for the "environment" (ie. redwoods, 3 inch lizards and fish but NOT the civilized environs of execrable humans), is but a front to advance their totalitarian intent. In the 20th century they failed CATASTROPHICALLY in the political and economic spheres and now "the environment", which to them encompasses whatever they say it does or does not, is the setting for yet another sociopathic power grab!

  10. Dr.Waddy from Jack:Woodward? I despise him for his vicious , leering invasion of the private lives of President and heroic Pat Nixon in his execrable coauthored book The Final Days. I am loath to credit him for his current description of Gen. Milley's possible gross insubordination in his latest book but should further exposure prove his allegations objectively supportable, then the General should be taken in hand by the military justice system at least.

  11. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Again, a perceptive observation that Nazi ethnic murderousness in Russia cost their offensive much in time and effort and may have prevented victory. My understanding is that the SS extermination troops followed the regular Army "Wehrmacht" ( excerpt from a Wehrmacht soldier's letter home: "they know what we bring"). But Hitler's broadcast to all his forces "Be ruthless" must have motivated many even in the assault advance. Could devotion to such sociopathic insanity have slowed them down, even preventing their entry to Moscow? Maybe so!

  12. Jack, I wasn't aware that the Muskonauts went that high. Amazing! And America barely noticed. That's the sad part.

    You're right -- many, many states would gladly criminalize abortion, if they got half a chance. They may!

    Jack, I wouldn't count on Hochul embracing "common sense" AFTER she wins reelection. By then she'll be damaged goods. There's simply no way for her to win the nomination of her party AND stay (or become) a level-headed, decent human being.

    Jack, I'd say the abandonment of any talk of "herd immunity" is a tacit admission that the vaccines aren't as effective as we've been told. The Dems/progressives are themselves admitting this, or implying it, by remaining masked and in hiding.

    Jack, you're right (as usual) about environmentalism being a front for totalitarianism, although I would add that most leftists BELIEVE in the imminent destruction of Mother Earth implicitly. They'll believe almost any mumbo gumbo that comes down the pike, if it bolsters their image of themselves as morally and intellectually superior, after all.

    Jack, I'd almost go as far as to say that Milley's decision to speak to Woodward, in itself, should be grounds for his dismissal. Then again, for some strange reason President Trump gave Woodward access too. Reasonable people need to stop indulging the man!

    It's an interesting question whether the Holocaust could have been decisive in diverting resources from the Nazi war machine that could have tipped the scales against the Bolsheviks. Who can say for sure... The other key might have been winning friends among the Russians, Ukrainians, etc. The Germans were always bad at making friends. They were arrogant enough to think that they didn't need any. Oops!