Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Throwing the Border Patrol, and America, Under the Bus


Friends, Democrats and Bidenists are very concerned about the crisis on our southern border -- more specifically, they're concerned that we're not treating the endless waves of illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande with sufficient courtesy and mildness.  Heaven forbid!  That's what's behind the latest dustup over the "whipping" of Haitian migrants, despite the fact that no one was whipped, and there were no whips present.  Doesn't matter.  The "optics" offended the Left, and that's what counts.  Meanwhile, new cross-border invaders show up by the thousands every day, and the Biden plan to deal with this calamity is, by and large, let them stay!  What could go wrong, huh? 

In other news, here's a great article by a friend of mine.  He argues that Sleepy Joe's failures in Afghanistan will come back to haunt him, especially since they feed into a narrative about Biden's gross incompetence.  I agree that the theme of incompetence and failure will persist.  I'm not so sure that Afghanistan, per se, will be a big issue in 2022 or 2024, but all that could change if a major Islamist terrorist attack occurs on U.S. soil...


Justin Trudeau has been reelected as Canada's Prime Minister.  Yuck.  What are those Canucks thinking???  We should learn from the missteps of Canadian Conservatives, though.  They towed a relentlessly moderate line against Trudeau, and they went down to defeat.  Sometimes, taking a milquetoast approach doesn't cut it. 

The Space Force is getting closer to choosing a new uniform, and it may please those of us who think that Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was the greatest cinematic masterpiece of all time.  So yeah, maybe America is going down the tubes, but we'll be well-dressed for the occasion, and isn't that a significant source of comfort?


Finally, check out these extraordinary poll numbers.  Most Americans have seen Joe Biden as more likeable than Donald Trump since time immemorial.  That's why the Democratic Party chose him as its standard-bearer in 2020.  It certainly wasn't because progressives love Biden!  Now, though, thanks to recent setbacks and a slight uptick in nostalgia for the golden age of Trump, DJT narrowly beats Biden in terms of favorability, and most Americans believe that Trump was a better president.  This is big, people!  Biden's fall from grace has been rapid and dramatic.  None of this guarantees Republicans victory in 2022 or 2024, but it does give us a huge opportunity.  If Trump plays his cards right, he may have a very good shot at reelection -- and if the Dem candidate is someone even less popular than Biden (Kam-Kam comes to mind), then Trump's chances go up even more.  And, if there's a major terrorist attack, or a flood of new "migrants", or more crime, or a neverending pandemic, or a recession, then Trump could even be the oddsmakers' favorite in 2024.  Imagine the Dems' horror!!!


  1. Once again (I keep repeating myself, Ha!), the border between The United States and Mexico has NEVER been secure, period. That invisible demarcation line between two countries (mostly in very desolate terrain) was drawn in the aftermath of THE MEXICAN AMERICAN WAR of 1846-1848 under the provisions of The Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. The legal ports of entry came later with the development of border towns such as Del Rio, Texas. Been to Del Rio many times since I was stationed nearby in The Air Force "back in the day."

    With that said, millions entered legally through the legal ports of entry from California to Texas, never showed up for their court dates, and were (in most cases) never "tracked down" by ICE. Now their kids want citizenship. You know the story.

    Come to think of it, NAFTA even helped the drug cartels get a lot of drugs through the legal ports of entry, although some got seized. However it was worth the risk for the cartels because a lot got through.
    In addition, lots of illegals (yes, even under Trump and way before him) crossed deserts and survived the trek. Lots of illegal weapons got through also, as did people from many other countries who could be described as terrorists. And who knows how many unchecked diseases have made it across to incubate new pandemics in the future?

    Are you getting my point by now? Maybe so, maybe not? Now we have thousands of people flooding the border by invitation of the current administration. They figure they might get across legally be sheer numbers.

    Without further comment, let me put it like this. BUILD A REAL BARRIER ACROSS 2,000 MILES OF BORDER, AND GET THE U.S. MILITARY DOWN THEIR TO SUPPLEMENT THE U.S BORDER PATROL, OR SHUT UP AND QUIT YAPPING ABOUT THE BORDER. I might add, that Trump's so called wall really did not do much to deter the flow of drugs or much else, although the propaganda indicates that.

  2. Dr Waddy from Jack: Thank you for defending the border patrol. I know one member and I have made haste to tell him how disgustedI am with the way they have been discredited by the left. Its the same old vicious leftist undermining! First and still, it was and is the military, then and still our police and now the border patrol. Anytime the left sees our highly disciplined, loyal, highly professional uniformed forces as an obstacle to its Marxist dreams and especially if it has the civilian power to do so(as it does now) it delights in trashing these loyal defenders of the public's well being. It is acutely aware of how damaging its efforts are to the morale of our principled uniformed forces.

  3. Dr. Waddy from Jack: From the Clintons' high level debasement of the military (draft dodging Slick Willy's publicly affirmed loathing of our forces, Hillary's attempt to turn combat ready Marine officers into "wait persons", Clintonian denial of armor to our forces in Somalia, resulting in Blackhawk Down),Dem extolled chants of"wadda we want? dead cops, now!" and this latest calumny against our already beleagured and yet still constant border patrol - "You will do your job but know that should you manifest the slightest sign of any political incorrectness you are guilty unless improbably PROVEN innocent and liable to deserved dismissal and/or incarceration for your dutifully demonstrated oppressor status. "

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Solutions? The real America can get up and HOWL about it (and I do see this happening in my local area)and at least the remaining moderates in the temporarily Dem tilted government may take notice OR the Dems must be turned out of legislative executive office in 2022 and the then isolated Dem executive branch politically besieged OR our uniformed forces, of necessity ,may understandably express IN CONCERT, to the nation: "defend us or we united will defend ourselves!" .

  5. Ray: you're right that the border has never been 100% secure, or even 75% secure, but I disagree with your implication that there's no meaningful difference between Trump and Biden's approaches. It makes a difference whether a net total of, say, 200,000 or 2 million illegals enter the country in a given year. Politics is the art of the possible, right? In his second term, I hope Trump takes your advice -- I really do -- but even the tentative steps he took in his first term were welcome.

    Jack, in this case the Border Patrol was just a target of opportunity. The agents had the misfortune to be white. The men they were trying to control were black. From that point on, the truth of the situation becomes irrelevant, because the media will already have decided who's in the right and who's in the wrong. Pathetic!

    Solutions? I agree: we need to turf the Dems out of office in 2022 and 2024. Decent homeland security bureaucrats might also resign or blow the whistle on the outrages that the Biden Administration is currently perpetrating on a daily basis. Texas and Arizona might take it upon themselves to defend the border. Judges might order stiffer border defenses to be raised. More communities might reject, in some form, the illegals who are being dumped on them. Just some thoughts.

    1. Dr. Nick OF COURSE there is a difference between Trump's and Biden's policies. But the FACT remains that there has NEVER been any meaningful effort to construct a really effective (militarized) barrier between Mexico and the U.S., NOT EVER.

      Tons of money have been spent on nonsense, when such a secure militarized border could have been built, and especially after the drug cartels took over in Mexico.

      All this tells me is that many many people are getting paid giant bucks to keep those damn drugs flowing. That's the true bottom line in all of this. I think its called CORRUPTION!

  6. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: Ray: I agree: A complete wall and a military garrison is the only way to defend our southern border and to restrict immigration over it to that sanctioned by the rule of law. This is of course at direct crosspurpose with that of the American left, which is to open that border UNTIL the unfortunates thereby enabled have served the purpose of helping the left to its always capital goal of totalitarian rule . Then our borders will become hermetic, in order to keep us in!

  7. Ray, my own view is that the bottom line for controlling illegal migration is not allowing the illegals to work. Millions of people who aren't entitled to be in this country are nonetheless gainfully employed here. That should NEVER have happened, and someone like Trump definitely should have nipped it in the bud. But Trump is as beholden to business interests as any other president. Ergo, he did nothing.

    Jack, excellent point that the leftist attitude to borders will change completely once the imperative is to imprison us in the hell that they inevitably create. Any guesses as to when we'll reach the tipping point? I guess an optimist would say...never?

  8. Dr.Waddy from Jack: My guess? When the left has achieved a level of control sufficient to convince it that has PREVAILED, nationally. Once they are confident of totalitarian sway, their pronunciamentos will express their will. Were they to will that all Americans don and unfailing wear, red, they would expect it so! Should they deem all Americans ineligible for emigration for whatever reason, they will assert it with force and savagery!

  9. To be sure, a two-party system imposes a degree of discipline and circumspection on the Left. A one-party system would free them to exact whatever revenge against the "real America" struck their fancy. On the other hand, the next heads to roll would be those of Democratic "moderates"! The work of a true totalitarian is never done...

  10. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Oh yes, they will go after their apostates but they will not neglect to purify their, uhh, principality, yes? That is their characteristic, established, pattern, to be sure!