Monday, September 27, 2021

To Protect and Serve


Friends, it's no secret that our public schools interpret their mandate to be non-partisan and non-political in very esoteric terms.  That is, they define all leftist causes as "non-political", and all conservative, or NORMAL, causes as not only political, but offensive, and probably white supremacist to boot.  Here's a case in point.  BLM symbols are welcomed in the classroom, but pro-police symbolism is verboten!  And these people think they have the moral authority to educate the next generation?  I think not!


Leftists at ASU are doubling down on their demand that BIPOC students be able to screen who is allowed in the "multicultural center" on campus and exclude whites, at their discretion.  Once again, pro-police symbols are ruled out of bounds.  I sure hope the legislature and Governor of Arizona weigh in on this outrage. 


Sleepy Joe has gotten himself in a little hot water by claiming -- absurdly -- that his enormous "human infrastructure" spending bill actually costs...nothing!  Wow.  Trillions of dollars are conjured out of existence, just like that!  A neat trick.  The truth is that the Dems' bill costs way more than the sticker price of $3.5 trillion, and the last thing our country should be doing given its current deficit is expanding the welfare state.


What happened to all those Haitians camped out in Del Rio, Texas?  The vast majority of them were simply released into the general population.  You can forget about ever deporting them.  No wonder tens of thousands more are on the way!  On the plus side, are you looking for a quiet, isolated spot to retire to?  Consider Haiti!  Pretty soon there won't be anyone left there.  Just palm trees and white sandy beaches, for miles and miles. 


Finally, given the accumulation of failures and disasters, it's only fitting that "President" Biden's approval numbers are at a record low level.  How long can he go?  Time will tell.


  1. It's pretty intellectually lazy to say that the reconciliation bill will be costly and yet provide no figure as to the cost.

    As for approval numbers, Biden is not in Trump territory yet, so he certainly can go for quite a while.

    By next week, if both budget bills are passed and the debt limit is extended, Biden's poll numbers will start to climb again. And, despite the current stall, the bills will pass because the Democrats have no choice. If the bills don't pass, it is not Biden who will look like he failed -- Dems will be seen to have failed as well. Then November will be a bloodbath. That makes the prospect of Trump returning to power and the loss of democracy in this country frighteningly possible,

    1. Hey Rod

      You are right about the possibility of Trump returning to power. As a Leftist, I'm sure you must be having nightmares about it.

      With Trump back, we can restore this country to a Constitutional Republic instead of the Marxist People's Democracy run by a bunch of arrogant American Leftist elites, it is in the process of becoming.

      I spent a lot of time in Europe "back in the day" and I can tell you that I met a lot of Europeans who escaped from those Socialist Dictatorships our American intellectuals would like us to have here. I can't remember any of them telling me how great it was living east of The Iron Curtain.

      In any event, I don't really think that your hero Biden is running the show. My guess is that the real powers "behind the throne" are people like Susan Rice, to name one.

  2. Rod, it's nice to hear that you think a Trump/GOP comeback is "frighteningly possible". We like it when you're frightened! We prefer it when you're terrorized and about ready to soil yourself. Something to shoot for.

    Everyone knows that the figure of $3.5 trillion is a CONSERVATIVE estimate of what the reconciliation bill will cost. The upshot is that this country should be looking for ways to spend LESS money, not more.

    Actually, Biden IS in Trump territory, depending on which poll you're looking at. And if Rasmussen is right that, at the moment, Trump would trounce Biden in a rematch, then your worst fears are FRIGHTENINGLY close to fruition. Luckily for you, 2024 is a long way off.

    Ray, you're right that no one seems to be pining for communism in the good ole USSR or Eastern Europe. The only people pining for it are tenured professors at our elite liberal arts colleges. To be fair, though, our current woke tyrants and would-be tyrants are WAY WAY wackier and venture much deeper into left field than the communist rulers of the Soviet Bloc ever were or did. I mean, Andropov and Ceausescu had no trouble figuring out if they were boys or girls, right?

  3. I am not afraid of the GQP. They don't have any serious candidates. I am afraid of Trump. He has already attempted to overturn a legitimate election. This country will turn into a police state if he gains power again.

    If Dems can get their shit together in the next few days, they will be fine, and the country will be on a glide path to a robust economy for the balance of the decade. If not, the future is bleak.

    1. Hey Rod,

      You need to be very afraid of Trump, because if he becomes President again, your Leftist dreams of a United Socialist States of America will go POOF!

      If your DemoNISTA party stays in power the only thing that will be "robust" will be morning coffee.

  4. Dr. Waddy from Jack:A teacher out West has hazzarded his living by displaying a propolice American flag in his classroom. Freely featured in the school are posted displays of "politically correct" leftist convictions. Predictably, obsequiously and tiresomely, the school administration pontificates that support for the police is disturbing to some and therefore inappropriate in a public school but that prominently displayed expression of support for politically approved causes indisputably troubling to many is "educational and redeeming".

  5. Dr. Waddy from Jack: In our locality, an Assistant Principal at an"Intermediate Middle School" ( wot da!? Used to be just Junior High) has been taken to task for expressing a wide variety of opinions opposite to those of the left, in a religious setting off campus. An opinion is held by some that modern social media destroys the barrier between public Constitutionally protected political speech and that which is,actually or by implication, "taught" in school. And of course, the leftist preempted superlative of "hate" is casually and presumptuously wielded. The student promulgator of a petition urging the Assistant Principal's firing claims over 2000 supporting signatures. She asserts her school is public and tax payer supported and , consequently should not tolerate such expression (belike I suppose, even unto a woodchuck in his hole, lest he be troubled thereby). Odd that! The taxpayer supported aspect is one we conservatives have urged for a long time, in reference both to our blatantly leftist State University and increasingly, to public secondary AND elementary schools (I have seen there radical bias first hand, having subbed even in our rural schools).

  6. Dr. Waddy from Jack: The unleashing of vicious antipathy toward the police is, among those motivated by concern over police use of force but also by unconnected dilettantes who thrill to the virtual disparagement of authority from the shelter of their dorm rooms, for the latter, anarchy at work and expressive of of ingratitude unlimited. Consider the murderousness of those localities where the police have been set on the defensive; it condemns reflexive disdain, which is worked often from the dutiful shelter of police guaranteed protection in our often officially endorsed criminal exalting administrations city, state and federal! Eg.Chicago and Chicago leftists, including the casually luxurious Obamas.

  7. Rod, you really think the key to a robust economy is MORE government spending? Man, I would love to meet the guy (or gal) who taught you arithmetic...

    And if "attempting to overturn a legitimate election" troubles you, then the LAST party you should belong to is the Democrats. That's all you people did for FOUR YEARS! Maybe not de jure, but de facto, and facts matter, right?

    I wish I had as much confidence in Trump as Rod and Ray. I'm afraid there's a good chance that, if Trump gets another term, he'll flounder around for four more years as the entire establishment undermines him (successfully). Rod, you have no reason to fear Trump 1.0. Trump 2.0 could be a different kettle of fish, I suppose...

    Jack: the Left is entirely consistent! Their feelings matter. Our feelings don't. Pretty simple formula really. Elegant in its way.

    Jack, may I ask: what's been the fate of the besieged principal so far? I've heard about the case.

    1. Dr. Nick

      So who do you want to see as our next Republican President? I would really like to know.

  8. Dr. Waddy from Jack: So far the school administration has taken no action against him. What it should do, I think: make it abundantly clear to the petitioners that their demand that he be summarily fired smacks of totalitarian repression of views they do not like. Student petitioners should be directly counseled thus.

  9. I'm glad to hear that, Jack. I hear a bunch of conservatives showed up in support of him at the last school board meeting. That may have made the difference!

  10. Ray, that's a great question. I'm not sure. I want a winner -- that's priority number one -- but I also want someone who will use ALL the powers of the presidency, plus the bully pulpit, plus some good old-fashioned Yankee ingenuity, to really stick to the Left, and to put our neo-Marxist enemies flat on their backs and keep them there permanently. Failure is not an option. Who is that ideal GOP standard-bearer? I honestly don't know, but I wish I did. Some of it is unknowable, though, since you can never tell how much of a person's words will translate into actions, or whether they'll lose their nerve when the chips are down...