Friday, September 17, 2021

The GOP: Trumpier Than Ever!


Friends, many of us suspect that RINO Trump-haters like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are not long for this world, politically speaking, because their outspokenness re: the "insurrection" dooms them to defeat in any Republican primary.  We shall see.  Anyway, yesterday Trump scored an easy win over another of his Republican critics: Anthony Gonzalez, the Ohio Congressman.  Gonzalez was among only ten House Republicans to vote to impeach Trump for "inciting an insurrection".  Seeing the writing on the wall, though, Gonzalez has decided not to run for reelection.  Good riddance, Tony!  Not every Republican has to love Trump, but casting your fellow conservatives and Republicans as traitors and slavering domestic terrorists isn't helping matters any.  We hope you enjoy your early retirement!  Maybe you can get a job as a commentator at CNN?


In other news, it appears that many restaurants in NYC aren't enforcing the ordinance there that insists that only the vaccinated can dine inside.  The legality of many vaccine mandates is iffy, to say the least, but even if they are found to be legal they may not be enforceable, in a practical sense.  How many policemen want to go around writing tickets for "failure to be vaccinated"? 

Finally, great news for anyone who believes in fiscal sanity: Senator Joe Manchin is sticking to his guns, and to his opposition to the Dems' pie-in-the-sky $3.5 trillion spending bill.  If he means business, then Biden's signature proposal, and the lynchpin of the Dems' plans to expand government, is sunk.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I am 100% behind President Trump as our2024 candidate. No one has ever expressed, so faithfully,and at such a high executive level, firm support for the views of the real America!

    1. And exactly what did Trump accomplish? He generated fewer jobs in his first three years than Obama did in his last three, and the growth rates during those two period were similar. He promised to repeal and replace Obamacare with something better. That didn't happen. He promised a border wall that Mexico would pay for. He built very little new wall, replacing a chunk, but Mexico didn't pay for it. He got through a tax cut that favored the rich and corporations. He saddled us with billions in tariffs. Most of all, he bungled COVID, resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths, and then when he was rightly voted out of office, encouraged an insurrection against the country.

      The one good thing to come out of his reign -- the House, Senate and Presidency flipped from red to blue!

    2. Rod

      Exactly how did he "bungle" COVID? Really would like to know your opinions on this, seriously. Seems to me that it has been bungled since with all sorts of politicians (Right and Left, and with NO medical degrees or training) issuing "imperial edicts" on everything to do with COVID. Also interesting that a vaccine was released with "warp speed" and then administered even before approved by the FDA. In any event, every time some doctor questioned the party line about COVID, they were censored, almost immediately. Lots of conflicting information and contradictions out there, don't you think. My comment to you is submitted respectfully. Okay>

  2. Nick, Cheney may be in trouble because few states are as Trumplican as Wyoming, but Kinzinger is fine in IL. There is a real GOP in IL, and Kinzinger runs strong with independents. I suspect that once the political cancer of Trump excised from the Republican Party, Kinzinger will be a contender for higher office.

    President Buttigieg versus challenger Kinzinger in 2032? That would be a great campaign!

  3. Jack, you're on record as a diehard Trumper! Personally, I hardly think it worthwhile to express an opinion. I mean, only one man will get to choose the 2024 GOP nominee: TRUMP! May his will be done.

    Rod's summary of Trump's accomplishments is a teeny, tiny bit unkind, but he has a point: Trump failed to achieve much of what he promised, and almost all that he did achieve was easily undone upon Biden's usurpation of the presidency...

    Ray is right: every COVID death under Trump is supposedly Trump's fault. Every COVID death under Biden is also Trump's fault. Why not just admit that COVID was weaponized against Trump from the start? He could have wrestled COVID to its viral demise personally on the White House lawn, and the lefties still would have been sneering the whole time.

    Cheney "may be in trouble"? Cheney is toast. You think Kinzinger will survive, Rod? I'll take that bet all day long. I can't imagine how he could survive a GOP primary... Now maybe he'll run as a Democrat or an independent. Anything's possible. But I don't see him as the Republican nominee.

  4. Kinzinger won by 29 points in a district that Trump won by only 16. It's a moderate conservative district -- it's the district represented by John Anderson and Lynn Martin. Obama even flipped it in 2008. Kinzinger's views on Trump and his participation on the Jan. 6 committee won't hurt him at all and may help him. He'll easily win the GOP primary and the general.

    As for Cheney, the WY primary isn't until next summer. Over that time, Cheney will be in the media a lot hurting Trump, and help weaken his grip on WY voters. Cheney will still have a major obstacle to face, but she is the incumbent, has money to draw on and there may be a crowded primary field (which helps Cheney).

    As for Trump and COVID, he never took it seriously. His only concern was how badly the COVID numbers were hurting his re-election chances. He was against masks, for bogus treatments (such as a bleach) and sidelined his best COVID asset for fools like Scott Atlas (a radiologist, not an infectious disease expert. His actions resulted in unnecessary COVID deaths, and by not promoting taking vaccinations, helped keep COVID around to mutate and kill more people.

    The only thing his administration did correctly was to streamline the regulations regarding testing, esp. around emergency use authorization. Funding was also put into place to ramp up mass production of the vaccines. Of course, those were moves that Biden likely would have made as well.

  5. Rod, nice of you to acknowledge some of the Trump administration's successes...but I agree that almost any administration would have made many of the same moves re: COVID. Developing a vaccine at "warp speed" was kind of a no-brainer.

    I hate to say it, Rod, but it almost sounds like you need to watch more CNN. Haven't you heard: Trump OWNS the GOP! That being so, a strident anti-Trumper will have a very tough time winning a GOP primary anywhere, even Illinois. We'll see. I'll happily bet you a Coke, though, that Cheney and Kinzinger will be media personalities by February 2023, not Congressmen.