Thursday, September 16, 2021

Are Conservatives Too Wimpy To Tackle the Left?


Friends, leading conservatives, and rank-and-file Republicans, have been accused for decades of wimpiness -- the suggestion being that we roll over, or at best we wag our fingers spinelessly, as radical leftists infiltrate all our institutions, cancel and humiliate their enemies and critics, and twist America into a neo-Marxist hellhole.  There's a certain amount of truth to the charge.  Conservatives are generally polite, deferential, compliant, and risk-averse.  And that's the point of the Dems' obsession with "white supremacy" and January 6th, after all: they're trying to bully us into silence, into crawling back under our rock and staying there.  And, in a distressingly high number of cases, those tactics will work.

All this is the subject of this fine article.  Check it out:


As the controversy over General Mark Milley's demi-treason intensifies, President Trump is reminding us that Milley didn't tell him anything about his overtures to China.  No kidding!  Why would he do that?  My response is simple: Milley is a disgrace and a political, partisan, ideological hack -- and, yes, a "nutjob" -- masquerading as an Army General, BUT he was also DONALD TRUMP'S CHOICE to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff!  And what does that tell you about Trump's judgement???  Nothing very flattering.  The truth is that one big reason that Donald Trump is no longer president is because his administration was shot through with closet Bolsheviks plotting against him.  The least we could have expected of Trump, if you ask me, is that he might have purged the highest ranks of the military and the bureaucracy of traitorous Marxists...and yet he didn't achieve even that.  If Trump wants another shot at the presidency, he better have a far better strategy for how to ensure the loyalty of his aides and advisors.  Otherwise, a second Trump Administration would be an exercise in futility. 

Much attention these days is focused on West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, who refuses to endorse the Dems' $3.5 trillion spending package.  Senator Sinema of Arizona is also a holdout, though, and, as Bernie Sanders admits at the end of this article, both of the Dems' big spending bills face defeat unless both Manchin and Sinema fall in line -- and fast.


Remember when Twitter censored the Hunter Biden laptop story right before the election -- probably handing a "victory" to Joe Biden, despite the story's complete accuracy?  Well, now they say, "The intelligence community made us do it!"  This naturally comes as no surprise.  OF COURSE lefty spooks would be helping Joe Biden in the election's 11th hour.  Turns out they were spreading "misinformation", but hey -- once the votes are counted, no one really cares, do they? 

Finally, if the 2024 GOP primary was held today, the winner would be...well, you already know the answer.  The interesting thing is how little progress other potential candidates for the nomination have made.  I even see signs here that Ron DeSantis's grip on second place in Republicans' hearts is loosening.  If it ain't Trump, I have no idea who it will be, but I'm pretty sure Trump wants it to be Trump, and so that's by far the most likely outcome.


  1. Dr.Waddy from Jack: I remember that "wimp factor"calumny which used George Bush as its example. That was and still is presumptuous and disgusting leftist offense! George Bush was a downed WWII pilot in the Pacific. To fly off a carrier ,to land on a carrier, to risk and then experience parachuting into enemy infested waters from which only a sub could and did rescue one (the Japanese took pleasure in tossing captured American airmen overboard with their necks tied to full fifty gallon drums). That's a wimp? What about the left's draft dodging darling Slick Willy?

  2. Dr. Waddy from Jack: Yes, I was frustrated with George Bush's failure to uphold the conservative principles he expressed in his 1988 campaign against disdainful, reflexive leftist, criminal loving Dukakis. But I never thought him a wimp. I guess he did what he had to do to keep crime victim dismissing Dukakis confined to Mass.,into which that shill blessedly disappeared. And the contrast between Bush and the draft dodger who outslicked him in '92 could not be more stark! There will never be a carrier named after Clinton!

  3. What is needed is a Christian and Biblical worldview. Regrettably, many Christian churches/denominations have been, quite frankly, infiltrated by The atheist Left. I could elaborate on this, but it is a fact that Christianity has been under attack by The atheist Left for well over 100 years now, beginning with Marx. Certainly Charles Darwin destroyed the idea (or attempted to destroy it) that The world and human beings were created by God. You can add Freud and many others to the list of enemies of Christianity, more properly ENEMIES of Jesus Christ.

    With that said, large slices of what passes for "conservatism" have been almost totally disconnected from any religion at all, much less Christianity. But you know, most Bible believing Christians will tell you that the Bible says things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. As long as human beings rely on man-made ideologies instead of God, they will be defeated.

  4. If Trump officially runs again in 2024, you can be sure that everything will be done to defeat him, to include "tampering" with the elections, for real.

    With that said, I really hope that he will not run again. Another four years will be spent trying to impeach him and so on. Very unhealthy for the country.

    What is needed are lots of Republicans running for President in 2024. But first we need to get through 2022, don't we?

  5. So the question is: Who is going to run for President of The United States in 2024? I'm just asking, but so far, has anyone declared his/her intentions? Perhaps it should be a HER (a real HER), and a tough as nails Republican. DR. NICK What's your take on this besides Governor DeSantis? How about Mike Pompeo?

  6. Dr.Waddy from Jack:I think the larger concern now though it is alarmingly brought to the fore by ths possible treason by a Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, is the possibility of deep penetration of our military by the far left. Military morale now, post Afghanistan and under assault by wokist trainers expressing career ending consequences for any who doubt, is comparable to post Vietnam 1975 military despair. But back then, the left refrained from trying to infiltrate the services.Today when hair style does not necessarily label one and when the left senses impending triumph after a further four +decades of leftist rot, they may well have achieved decisive sway, even into the highest ranks. A very obvious, widely reported emphasis in the military on "woke" doctrine at the expense and sometimes contradiction of combat training is having a predictably demoralizing effect on our volunteer military to the delight of the left. "Yes your job is to put your life on the line for your country but remember, that country is grevously flawed and in need of "fundamental transformation". OKAY?!

  7. If Trump doesn't run, which I hope he doesn't, I would like to see Mike Pompeo as President of the United States.

  8. Yeah, sure, Nick, Trumplicans are really civil. All that tape from January 6 proves that!

    Trump didn't lose because he appointed "Bolsheviks." He lost because he appointed incompetents and/or folks who had NO business being in their jobs (DeVos, Carson).

    As for Milley, his telling his Chinese counterpart (who probably was concerned over Trump's increasingly erratic behavior) to not be concerned about a nuclear attack from us was a patriotic move. Otherwise, China may have been on alert to engage in military activity. The comment about warning of a sneak attack -- if said -- is less justified.

    I hope Trump runs again, and he is the GQP nominee. As Tuesday showed, Trump is losing his influence among the GQP -- Elder got crushed. Once McAuliffe beats Youngkin in November, lots of whispers will start about the myth of Trump's power.

    BTW, there won't be a carrier named after Trump, either.

  9. Jack, I take your point about George H.W. Bush's WWII service, but the truth is that valor in combat does not necessarily translate into excellence in leadership... One can be manly in one arena, and wimpy in another.

    Ray, thanks for the reminder that, when man attempts to craft his own "truth" and his own political solutions, he inevitably stumbles. Leftism is founded on secular humanism, as we all know, which means it is founded on arrogance and delusion. Not a good start.

    Agreed -- let's survive 2021, and 2022, and 2023, before we worry too much about 2024.

    Jack, I wish I knew how fundamentally the military has been compromised by leftist infiltration. I haven't a clue. I'm sure the disease afflicts some units more than others. How the military would respond to orders to fire on American civilians, or impose a leftist dictatorship -- that's the $64,000 question... We won't know until they try.

    Mike Pompeo, huh? I hear good things, but I honestly know next to nothing about him. I'm prepared to give him a fair hearing, though.

    Sure, Rod -- the yahoos at the Capitol represent all 74 million Trump voters. Makes sense. Just like every squad of Antifa represents all Democrats.

    Trump appointed some dullards, sure, but the bigger problem is all the unappointed folks in the federal government. The careers bureaucrats and military officers knew that Trump was just a passing fancy, and their long-term career prospects would be best served by helping to undermine him. And they were right.

    And Rod says, about Milley's reported assurances to the Chinese that, if we were going to attack them, he (Milley) would give them advance warning: "if said" it's "less justified". You think??? How can anyone in the military follow a man more solicitous to the enemy than to our own servicemen?

    California proved the durability of Trump-hatred on the Left, but it didn't prove anything about Trump's hold on the GOP. Trump didn't intervene in the recall election. Presumably, he did that to maximize its chances of success. Who knows, though -- maybe if he HAD campaigned for Elder, it would have been a closer race...

    The VA Governor's race is another in which the Dems have a natural edge. If you win it, no one will be aghast. If you lose it, look out!

  10. Sure, well, at least the BLM protests represented a serious issue -- the killing of innocent black men. Jan. 6 occurred because spoiled voters couldn't handle the loss of their favored candidate who lost during the most secure presidential election ever.

    If McAuliffe wins in VA, it will be another chink in Trump's armor as he does support Youngkin. Based on Youngkin's weak debate performance last night, McAuliffe will be fine.

  11. Dr.Waddy et al from Jack: "less justified" ehh? There's an escapist euphemism if I ever heard one. Doubt of President Trump's mental stability was a classic dismissive Soviet style tactic. Having experienced paramilitary training in the NY state Corrections Dep't , including much proto Woke indoctrination( New Yawk after all)I know the troops are hesitant, for very understandable livelihood reasons, to futiley resist it in the classroom. But it does generate much resentment and doubt!
    I think the left , disdainful as always of the military,assumes it can transform our forces into a gelatinous,self destructive entity of no threat to a leftist coup, because its commanders will have been seduced and compromised. It would direct them if it could to the violent suppression of internal dissent. It would theaten the ranks with the sanctions against disobedience with which they are familiar in the military. Would they obey if directed against the real America with which so many of them identify? I think not: consider the 1993 coup attempt in Moscow. I am sure Soviet military discipline is harsh but many of them turned to Yeltsin

  12. Ray and Dr.Waddy : Marx!I mean who are we to doubt his consummate wisdom!? But then maybe he was, ehh, hasty in dismissing out of hand the most thoroughly practiced, examined,prayed over, fought over, lived, studied, tested, reformed, inspired of sublime music , architecture and oratory, revered. . . ., institution in the history of Western Civilization? And well, the dismal record of his thoughts realized in very forceful form does not foster confidence in him now does it? Perhaps if you seek destroy the, yes, vital moral foundation of a people, you should offer a suitable substitute. And gee, the Internationale, The East is Red and all those ubiquitous, benevolent portraits of Marx and Lenin and Stalin and Mao and "Che" and Kim whomever; somehow they wilt in comparison with Handel's Allelujah Chorus or with the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel or Westminster Abbey or the majesty of Saint John Paul II.And as for you atheists: it think intellectually plausible to doubt the existence of God or of his nature and his intent but to DENY his existence and to assert with inhuman material force an unworthiness in those who believe it to be true (as Ray so rightly noted as the cause of incalculable evil manifested by Marxists in power) is pretty cheeky isn't it?!

  13. Dr. Waddy et al from Jack: What did Trump do, pray? First, he "transformed". one of the three Federal coequal branches into one respecting the rule of law. He withdrew us from cynically conceived international agreements requiring of us economy destroying measures with which correspondents had no intention of supporting! He proved that a political amateur can ascend to the Presidency. He did all he could do to make of our Southern border an accreditable national border. This is of course anathema to the left since it has endured a painful 50 year ordeal through the despised American polity in order to capture real power! "Why how could this interloper intrude?!"

  14. I'd say a media covering shamelessly for Biden, and election authorities bending the rules and violating the law, also for Biden, are both "serious issues"...but then I'm a Trumper and thus I inherently lack credibility. Oh well.

    Jack, good point that getting the military rank-and-file to fall in line on day-to-day matters is one thing -- careerism alone can achieve that -- but getting them to use force against their fellow Americans is an entirely different kettle of fish. Plus, I wouldn't assume that the officers are cowed, either. They may resent the program of indoctrination just as much, and they may well recoil at the politicization of the armed forces.

    Jack, I find it entirely logical -- in fact, tediously predictable -- that leftists/Marxists would be atheists. It seems an integral part of their creed that they can imagine no higher consciousness than their own, and no higher standard of right and wrong than that which reflects their own prejudices and predilections. In fact, I applaud their consistency! They're egomaniacs through and through.

    That's a good point that Trump proved that "a political amateur [and one utterly disdained by the elite] can ascend to the presidency". They can stamp their little feet all over his reputation and legacy all they like, but if Trump can win, then so can another Trump-like figure. The real horror, of course, is that eventually we might be ruled by a LEFTIST Trump. Egad!