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Saturday, September 5, 2020

The Thin Blue Line Is Taxed In Western New York


Friends, many of you are well aware that I live in Rochester, New York, close to downtown.  Under ordinary circumstances, it's a fun place to be, because there are so many things to do in the city.  Well, under these circumstances, i.e. during the coronavirus pandemic, it's a lot less fun than it used to be.  That's because "fun", in so many forms, has been cancelled.  

What's worse, though, is that Rochester is becoming a hotbed of BLM protests, and violence is depressingly common.  Check out what happened last night on my block!  BLM is becoming more and more brazen all the time.  They feel entitled to harass and threaten ordinary people -- white people -- who are bothering, and oppressing, no one.  Will these tactics backfire?  I sure hope so!  But that will only happen if most Americans know what's happening, and the media is determined to prevent that knowledge from spreading... 

In other -- and related -- news, President Trump is striking a blow against left-wing racism by banning classes on "critical race theory" in the federal government.  Now, if only we could sanitize higher ed in the same fashion!


And no, I'm not foolish enough to believe that President Trump really can compel federal bureaucrats to stop demonizing white people...but he can try and, if he's reelected, the racist "anti-racists" might begin to think about finding a new way to make a living.  Sooner or later, a Trumpian federal government will show left-wing radicals the door, if they don't scurry off to Canada on their own.


  1. BLM is The Black Panthers renamed and reorganized. I like to think of it as the Black equivalent of the KKK, using similar tactics to harass and threaten White People. There are differences of course, but both are still racist organizations. I think Hispanics have something along the same general lines referred to as La Raza. As I recall, "Native" Americans used to have AIM (American Indian Movement). In the end, they are all racist and dedicated to violence as a solution to everything. The same goes for Antifa.

  2. Quite right, Ray. These are avowedly racist organizations, and they feel entitled to use disruptive, even illegal, tactics to create "awareness" and pressure people to comply. There's one big difference between BLM and the KKK, however: the KKK never enjoyed elite and/or media support. The media will actually SING THE PRAISES of BLM radicals! They will cover up BLM crimes -- and they even have many people believing that those who are rioting are paid to do so by Trump, or by "white supremacists," which is of course the same thing. The media is making it possible for much of America to live in a fog or a fairyland --and, for them, BLM can still do no wrong.

    1. Another reason to pray to God and ask Him to prevent Biden from winning. But then I'm sure there are a lot of Christians who are abstaining from voting, or in some cases actually voting for Biden, because they think he is linked to the AntiChrist, and that he would hasten the tribulation, which will hasten the second coming of Jesus. Yes, I actually know people who think like this. Ha!

  3. DR. NICK

    Then I think we can say that the media is the propaganda arm of the Democrats, and BLM (not to be confused with BMW cars. Ha!), and Antifa are the militant arms of the Democrats. So why hasn't Trump declared BLM a terrorist organization like Antifa, unless of course I missed something. Actually I should have added Academia and the Film Industry as additional (and huge) propaganda arms of the Democrats.

  4. Dr. Waddy et Al: Thin Blue Line is a very appropriate metaphor. When the police are taxed as is happening now they are spread too thin. And boy do the criminals know it; the only force which has put them in their place (custody and incarceration) has been the police. And now ,aided by tragically misguided justice seekers, they make whoop! Surprise,surprise! They were kept under highly resented control by force and duly constituted force must separate this element from legal, if mistaken, protestors. Under the courageous and exemplary leadership of such as Rudolph Guiliani, the thuggish strain ever present as an apparent unintended consequences of democracy was put back in its cage. It must be done yet again; they will never reform, they must be taken firmly in hand lest their now plainly promised anarchy engulfs the country.

  5. Dr.Waddy from Jack: Hooray for the President. Let this be the first of a decisive series of direct counterattacks on the far left's presumptuous totalitarian attacks on our educational institutions. So much of the American academy is sponsored or directly administered by elected government and is therefore subject to the control of legislatures and chief executives if they will pay heed to the real America, which doesn't want the totalitarian left educating anyone. It is of course futile to expect this of occupied states like NY and CA where the population is subject not citizen. But the national legislature and Chief Executive can,if they have the political will, take these benighted places in hand just as they did southern states in the '50s-'60's. President Trump has shown the way; please Mr.President, turn up the heat on these incipient dictators as is practical for you.

  6. Ray, when I pray, I try not to ask for anything too a Trump win...because I don't like to tell God his business, so to speak. May His will be done, right? I hope God finds America worthy of four more years of Trump, but maybe, in His infinite wisdom, He feels we have four hundred years of Marxist oppression coming instead? We ARE lowly sinners, after all!

    Is BLM a terrorist organization? Certainly it merits designation as a hate group and as a terrorist organization just as much as many of the right-wing groups that have been so labeled -- more, in the sense that BLM has inspired much greater levels of real-world violence. Having said that, BLM is a "big tent", and I don't doubt that many people marching in its "anti-racist" parades are peaceful and well-meaning.

    Darn, right -- Jack! When the police spend all their time observing, but not confronting (heaven forbid!), rioters, their ability to protect us from criminals is compromised. Violent crime is mushrooming in almost all big (Dem-run) cities. This ought to be a bigger scandal than the riots -- certainly bigger than the rare instances of "excessive force" -- but instead the media barely acknowledges the crime wave and the literally tens of thousands of victims thereof.

    Jack, I believe there's much, much more President Trump could do to pressure federal agencies and universities (which are almost as dependent on federal funds, after all) to uphold Americans' democratic rights, including the rights to free speech and freedom of conscience. Assuming he's willing to issue Executive Orders, and assuming that the federal courts will not stymie him with national injunctions (which has been less and less common of late), Trump could put the fear of God into these "enemies of the people". I think his unilateral extension of enhanced unemployment benefits is something of a turning point. He's demonstrated the irrelevance of the Congress even when it comes to the "power of the purse". Plus, the pandemic has shown how strong executives can effectively legislate independently. It only remains for Trump to seize the initiative and impose conservative public policies -- and to dare Congress to stand in his way.

  7. There is a talk of IF Cuomo doesn't get the funds needed from the federal government, our police and fire departments will be cut here in Steuben County. If that isn't political blackmail, I don't know what is. Perhaps Cuomo ought to manage his budget accordingly like the rest of America has too.

  8. Linda, there just isn't enough money to go around, thanks in large part to the lockdowns and travel bans. Trust me -- EVERY department will be cut, and soon!