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Friday, September 4, 2020

Not Smiling Anymore


Friends, many of you will be in mourning because federal law enforcement gunned down Antifa "freedom fighter" (and accused murderer) Michael Reinoehl.  It's a shame that he wasn't captured, if you ask me, because a high-profile Antifa trial would have been interesting!  No doubt Sleepy Joe and the Kamster would have stepped up to contribute to his legal defense fund.  Oh well.  We'll never know...


In other news, voting is underway!  As you'll see here, the pattern of voting in 2020 will look vastly different than in past elections.  Dems are voting EARLY and they are voting BY MAIL, as never before.  Republicans will have some catching up to do on election day and at physical polling places, therefore.  How will this effect the results?  Possibly not at all.  After all, the raw numbers of voters haven't changed appreciably.  You better believe both sides will do their best to spin preliminary figures into a tidal wave of support, however.  And, as of today, based on votes cast, the Dems are probably way ahead in North Carolina.  Luckily, the election isn't today!  Let's not lose focus, huh?


Finally, the pandemic continues to shrivel up and Sweden.  And so, you might think, would the rationale for lockdown measures.  But, as this story concedes, we have a long way to go before the "final report" on the coronavirus is written.  Things could get worse in Sweden, at some stage.  Things are already getting worse in most of Europe -- despite the fact that brilliant socialists are in the lead there.  Odd, no? 


  1. DR. NICK

    With the sad possibility of a Biden "victory" looming, what can we expect in the event such a catastrophe happens?

  2. DR. NICK

    In making such a request I am asking for a separate article from you. with a list of all of the things Chief Commissar Comrade Joe
    Biden and his Assistant Chief Commissar Comrade Kamala Harris can and will do to screw the country up and make a substantial number of Americans miserable again.

    Clearly, millions will be ecstatic if Joe and Kamala win, because they are too stupid to know how much they are being socially engineered and controlled by the DemoLISTAS.



    Forewarned is forearmed, so to speak.

  3. Dr. Waddy et Al from Jack:That thug got off easy. All antifa who do violence deserve a traitor's death at the end of a rope after a military trial.

  4. Dr.Waddy from Jack: All of the ilk of this not lamented low life are by definition terrorists and should be met by decisive federal armed force, including the military. The law abiding majority MUST be done right! There are proven mechanisms in our country for enacting needed change. Those who ignorantly and arrogantly attempt violent change know this but disdain it because it blows up their game, which is the acquisition of totalitarian power guided by the most tragically wrong headed doctrine in history.

  5. Ray, that's good fodder for an article, but it's a lot to tackle in one piece. Maybe I could focus it more on public order, or election integrity, or some other theme?

    Jack, I understand your frustration. BLM and Antifa are engaged in terrorism -- low-grade terrorism, most of the time, but, if we fail to confront them and punish them, then we can surely expect much worse to come...

  6. DR. NICK

    I still say that you can produce such a list of things that the BidenISTAS would do, should they win the elections. I'm sure it would be a very comprehensive article. I also realize that such an article is not east to write, but if anyone can do it you can.

  7. You're too kind, Ray! I'll give it some thought. I plan to dash off another magnum opus tomorrow evening.