Sunday, March 29, 2020

Is Socialism the Answer to COVID-19?

Friends, before you get the vapors, rest assured that the title of this post is tongue-in-cheek.  I am not now, nor have I ever been, a socialist.  Be that as it may, something interesting is happening in Europe: one of its most socialist, progressive countries -- and the one country that every leftist points to as heaven-on-earth -- is not following the party line on the coronavirus.  In Sweden, there is no lockdown.  Schools are open, restaurants are serving customers, and life, such as it is in a bleak socialist hellhole, goes on!  Moreover, Sweden's objective performance in handling the pandemic is actually better than many of its European peers.  Food for thought.

In other news, the presidential race remains close, but a critical enthusiasm gap has opened up between Trump and Biden -- and remember that Republicans haven't even begun to tear Biden a new one as yet!


  1. Bahwaaaaa "before you get the vapors" thanks for the laughs-Excellent article! Look, (going around and around in circles chasing my tail, grin) I really understand the need to protect the people from this virus, got it! But at what extent are we (in general) willing to give up the freedoms to do so? (limits on social gathering/churches/parties/family gatherings/ dinners/etc.and travel. What happens in less than 2 weeks when folks are getting their last pay checks and the supply and demand are still down?

    At some point the American people are going to say ENOUGH; I/we want our lives back, work, family etc. Right now, it is not too bad, but it will be the longer this goes on. This notion "Whatever is good for the goose is good for gander" is just utter nonsense (just calling the bullarky out, Dr. Waddy, grin). I am NOT saying this virus isn't real, I am just saying, lets get a grip on reality folks. I like Sweden's handling of this pandemic, pretty cool.

    Looking at the Covid 19 map, the nations that have less than so many cases (say 10?) are socialist nations (or some form of socialism)? Hmm I find that interesting, or are they not really reporting? Now, lets go to the higher spectrum, I find Italy highly suspicious, again, not saying the virus isn't real. I think the average age in Italy is what 45? And 99% of the deaths are ages 60+ (42% ages 80-89). Interesting. Socialized medicine at play and or just natural death? Just wondering. I wonder if Italy is just reporting ALL deaths and not the virus deaths.

    Joe Biden, so many gaffes. This is the same man who said, "After leaving the Senate I became a professor at the Univ. of PA." I have been watching his online presence, clearly, he just doesn't have it (I mean the marbles to play with).

    Ok, I think covered the bases and thoughts of many Americans, grin.

  2. I'm sure Trump will be reelected in November 2020, unless of course The DemoCROOKS and DemoLIARS rig the elections.

    All another Trump presidency will buy conservatives in any form will be four (4) years in which to prepare for the 2024 campaigns, which will of course begin before 2024. As I have said before, I'm willing to bet that Michelle Obama will make a bid for the presidency. The Clintons are has beens, and deep down they know it, but The Obamas are alive and will, and equally addicted to power as the Clintons ever were.

    I'm sure Michelle is grooming herself right now to become the first black, woman to hold the office. The Republicans better have a super candidate ready if they want to get back in the White House.

    Yes, holding the House and Senate are important, but The White House is where the real power is, although many believe that it is not.

    Just my thoughts. As far as Sweden is concerned, I really don't give a damn what the Swedes do. They think they are real special because they are officially neutral. They probably think they are superior to other peoples. In any event whatever The Swedes do will not help us conservative Americans who will have to brace ourselves for the possibility of a DemoVIRUS Victory come 2024.

  3. Dr.Waddy: A very perceptive point about Sweden, the perennial and presumptuous darling of the"why of course socialism works"crowd; " just has to be done right and if 100 million more lives are put at hazard? Ehhh. Machts nichts!Not our thang".

    A potentially decisive political dynamic is emerging from this crisis: Cuomo vs President Trump . There can be no doubt that the imperious Cuomo sees this situation as his 1940, he of the golden tongue who really cannot hold a candle to Churchill nonetheless knows this is his ONE chance to eclipse his "New Yawk know it all " image and ride to the rescue all the way to Supreme Court defining power.

    He has already demonstrated his willingness to defy in an arguably treasonous manner, that Federal power with which, in his "New Yawk" smoky detachment, he disagrees. He does this knowing that his views are despised by a significant but also numerically overpowered faction of his own state and that he is viscerally loathed outside of the coastal lalalands. That is of no moment to him,aside from purely tactical considerations. He glories in the hostility for him manifested in the real America, which he yearns to subject. He has openly asserted his disdain for all views opposite to his and his unabashed intention to smother them with consummate political force.

    At his age and his otherwise unelectability, he will seize this moment and go for it. No matter what the President does he will excoriate it with the full support of the slavish MSM and may, in doing so, create a telling image of himself (OoooH! HIMSELF!) as a resolute leader.In doing so he could eclipse the pathetic Biden.

    He has nothing to lose in pursuing this path; he is already the dictator of an unfortunate state within the real America, he'll always have that and his New Yawk and he is not one, given his EGO, to turn down this present, historic chance. Napoleon at Waterloo!

    The threat of his success is not to trifled with.

  4. Linda, yes! The American people will reach their limit with these restrictions sooner or later. My money is on sooner. Have you noticed how most blue states are in lockdown, and most red states aren't? Which states are going to weather the economic storm better? And, coincidentally, which states are faring best in terms of infections and deaths? So far, it's red America and middle America.

    Why Italy is ground zero is a partial mystery, but some people say the prevalence of Chinese tourists, the high incidence of smoking, or the advanced age of the population could be to blame.

    Anonymous, your confidence for 2020 is inspiring! Your despair for 2024 is less so. Personally, I say...first things first!

    Jack, I see you take Cuomo's day in the sun very seriously! You think he's planning to pluck the Dem nomination from Uncle Joe's bony fingers? He'd have to be SUPREMELY arrogant to imagine that that's possible. Biden has over a thousand delegates. Cuomo has zero. In my view, you're giving Andy too much credit. He's a self-important windbag, sure, and he's enjoying the limelight, but his statements have been all over the place -- praising Trump and the Feds one minute, and excoriating them the next. Embracing lockdowns, and critiquing them in rare moments of clarity. My view: Cuomo is too imperious to win over even the progressive elite. Give it time.

    1. I believe voter politics work in a pattern (or cycles) when it comes to electing a President. Eight years for Clinton, Eight Years for George Bush, Eight Years for Obama, Eight Years for ________________? I thing the DemoVIKS are going to get back in come 2024. Sorry, but the voters are very fickle.

    2. Yes, Dr. Waddy I for Cuomo he is a little too self centered and dare I say moody. Worse than a woman, and that's not really saying much (and yes, I include myself in this). He flies off the handle more than I do and that is saying a lot, wink.

  5. Dr. Waddy : Your views are creditable and probably better reasoned than mine. I would be glad to see it play out so. Trump could bury Biden.

  6. Of course I don't want to see Michelle Obama as President. I would much rather see someone like Michelle Malkin as President. But real voter politics tells me something entirely different. If the ReTRUMPlicans are smart, they will push a smart woman in 2024 (actually before 2024 of course), and they might start taking a look at a Hispanic woman. I'm serious. Practical politics and reality tells me that the guy thing is over when it comes to the Presidency, and so is the White thing to some extent. Yes, identity matters. If you want to beat the DemoPOOPS, you have to play their game too.

    1. Anonymous, perhaps Niki Haley? She might be a good candidate. I really liked her no nonsense/take no prisoners while working at the UN for the President.

    2. I agree that Niki would be an excellent candidate, but there must be other women like her as candidates, and even tougher.

  7. Dr. Waddy etal: Cuomo pontificated the consummate totalitarian "Kumbayaa" shibboleth the other day; "if it saves one life its worth it all". Gee that could be used to "ban" (Cuomo's favorite word except for abortion) driving, skiing, running, ladder work, venturing into the woods (bears you know) and even unto breathing. It is of course easy for dictators to say since they are free of the restrictions they force on others.

    You know, this and your comments make me feel alot better about the improbability of a Cuomo power grab. Besides, what I failed to take into consideration is the Olympian high he is surely feeling from playing the hero. This might be more than enough for him and too, like all people on a narcissistic trip, he might be as intemperate as to recklessly express a career killing whopper like "this will probably kill mostly reactionaries anyway". Even better, he might resign in order to conduct his very own "100 days" ala Napoleon and we will be well rid of his onerous reign.

    Its a very long time until 2024. Who could, in 2012, have predicted Donald Trump (Donald Trump as we knew him then !)rescuing us from Hillary. But, just for ducks, if not Pence, I'd hope for Joni Ernst and Mia Love. They are of the real America.

  8. Anonymous, I agree about the voters. Relying on the voters is a little like assuming that life is fair... There is indeed something of a pendulum effect in politics. It's highly unusual that one party would remain in power for 12 years. If you look more broadly at international politics, though, it is feasible for an opposition to become unviable, and for a democratic system to entrench one party in power for decades. It happened in South Africa, Mexico, and in various European countries for much longer than a decade. Our goal must be to make the Democratic brand toxic. We're getting a lot of help from the Dems! Could a female Republican prosper in 2024? Could be. I've always thought our first female President would be a Republican. Ivanka ain't it, though. Joni Ernst? I don't know her very well. We need to make sure she wins in 2020 so she gets a chance...

    Linda, yes -- Cuomo is temperamentally, well, temperamental. He's arrogant to the bone. Even the press picks up on that.

    Jack, I too was surprised that Cuomo served up that cliche: "If it saves one life..." A gaggle of journalists who were actually doing their jobs would have had a field day with that. One has to remember that someday even Cuomo will have to let us out of our cages, and when he does...someone will surely die. By Cuomo's own perverse logic, he'll have blood on his hands.

  9. Dr. Waddy et al: Actually I don't know very much bout Senator Ernst ( and you are so right, she must reelected.) But what I do know I like very much; she is a combat veteran (with command experience perhaps analogous to that both of JFK and Bush I0 and I expect she is nobody's fool but is also not a doctrinaire man hater like those who dictate to the Dems. Her appearance and speaking style are quite engaging. I have very, very much respect for black and women conservatives. They are the object of so much totalitarian excoriation and their courage in the face of it is a prime indicator of strength of character. Mia Love is both and they are both from the great heartland. In order to have a better supportable opinion supportable

  10. Dr. Waddy et al: . . . about both of them its necessary to lookat their voting records in Congress (i.e. do they follow through?) and I'll do that when the time comes but so very much is going to happen before then.

    Maybe Cuomo was misquoted but it would be just like him to indulge in the leftist assumption that their pronunciamentos are sprung full blown from Athena's ( or her undoubted avatar in Albany or a mountaintop nearby) head and are self evident and proof of perfidy on any who dare to doubt. Gee, where has the world seen that before?

  11. Jack, you have me at a disadvantage, because you evidently still watch the boob tube, and I don't. Thus, I've never seen many of these luminaries, including Joni Ernst, speak. Your recommendation is enough for me, though! She'll be a seasoned veteran by 2024. Let's count her as a contender.