Friday, March 6, 2020

Wish You Were Here

Alas, dear friends, I will be mighty scarce for the next week or so, because your conservative hero is headed to Charleston, South Carolina, and from there I will take a cruise to the Bahamas.  Believe me, there's nothing I would like more than to take the whole WaddyIsRight crew with me.  Maybe next time?  You can fight among yourselves to decide who gets to be captain of the ship, executive officer, etc.  Anyway, in my absence, I trust you'll keep the flame of conservatism, patriotism, and faith burning brightly.  And don't let ole Sleepy Joe get you down.  He's nothing to be afraid of.  He's more an object of pity than anything else.  We'll send him into retirement soon enough!  Take care of yourselves.  Auf wiedersehen!


  1. Prof. Waddy: I bid you salabrious sojourne at sea and island; watch out for icebergs!

  2. Please Dr. Waddy Just rest and relax. Absolutely NO Offshore Banking while you are in The Bahamas.

  3. Have a great trip! No fighting, I get the 'game keeper'(whatever it is called) job, LOLOL- So, back off the rest of you, LOL.