Monday, March 2, 2020

What a Tangled Web They Weave

Friends, the antics on the Democratic side get more and more interesting by the day!  Mayor Pete and Amy "Never Merited a Nickname" Klobuchar have dropped out.  My my!  That was unexpected, as far as I'm unconcerned.  I thought they would stick it out until the Super Tuesday results rolled in, if not longer.  After all, if the expectation in many quarters is for a brokered convention, then ANY candidate who scrapes together a sizable number of delegates could become the nominee -- or could at least emerge as a kingmaker in Milwaukee. 

Be that as it may, the moderates are dropping like flies, presumably to make room for Joe Biden as the anointed one of the establishment.  The lone exception is Bloomberg, who's still plugging away and could easily amass a treasure trove of delegates in the next few weeks.  Will he too be persuaded to join in the coronation of Biden?  We shall see.

One of the most interesting dynamics in the race now is Elizabeth Warren, who is pointedly NOT dropping out, and seems to regard herself as a credible candidate for the nomination, especially in the case of a brokered convention.  Perhaps she intends to capture the middle ground between Sanders and Biden and recast herself as a compromise choice?  What's even more curious is the fact that millions of dollars are now pouring into the coffers of a Super PAC supporting Warren -- who previously derided Super PACs as corrupt!  Where is this money coming from, and what purpose does it serve?  Warren too may amass a decent collection of delegates in the weeks ahead.  Is it possible that the establishment wants to keep her in the race in order to weaken Sanders' grip on progressives?  If so, is she merely their stooge, or is she a willing participant in this anti-Bernie conspiracy?  So many intriguing questions.

Here is info on the mysterious Super PAC:

Lastly, you might want to read this article, which will be music to any Republican's ears.  It condemns the Democratic establishment for its anti-Bernie machinations, and it frankly calls for the demolition of the Democratic Party in consequence!  Hear hear!  The Dems are indeed treading on some very dangerous ground.  They seem to be itching to turn their famous talent for intolerance on one another, and to go down in 2020 guns a-blazin'...  Needless to say, if Bernie and Biden want to settle accounts with pistols at dawn, I'd be happy to "second" either of them -- or both at once!


  1. Although there is certainly no guarantee of it, Trump will probably win again in 2020, which means that we also get four (4) more years of the DemoPOOPS accusing him of collusion with the Russians, followed by more investigations, followed by more impeachment efforts, and so on. Nothing new there. It is consistent and predictable, and you can count on it. The same old b******t!

    With that said, the really dangerous time is going to be in 2024, and I mean dangerous, because we really will be entering the "Post-Constitutional Era" at that time, a term I heard on "Life Liberty and Levin" last night. The Democrats will definitely not be playing by any rules by then, and they will do anything, illegal or criminal, to seize power again, through use of force if necessary. If that sounds extreme, whoever thought back in Harry Truman's time for example, that the Democrats would be radical leftists today. Truman or LBJ would certainly not recognize the party today.

    So get ready for 2024, and hope that the GOP is prepared to counter any "Democrat" efforts to take over the country, no matter what the cost. If that does happen, I think we can count on at least 25 years of applied Socialism in The United States of America. That would bring us to mid-century when things would no doubt unravel, and a combined revolution/civil war could occur, which would bring on the very real threat of invasion from outside, either China or Russia. We are NOT immune from those possibilities.

    If that is a bleak picture of our future, than so be it. I like to think I belong to the school of historical realism, so I look at us as an exceptional experiment in world history. However, we are not exempt from what has happened to other nations in the past, regardless of their form of government.

  2. Oh, I quite agree. Nothing lasts forever, and the U.S. of A will be no exception. As the moral fiber of our people wanes, and as their dedication to democratic principles frays, the end of our little "experiment" grows ever closer. How or when it ends, though, I can only guess at. To me, the media is where the rubber meets the road. As long as the elite media and Hollywood remain the preserve of crypto-Marxists, Trump will never be safe, and neither will you or I. Perhaps violence is, in the end, the only way to claw back control of the culture, but I'm not convinced of that. I read today that a GOP and Trump supporter purchased a major stake in Twitter, with an eye to making it more favorable terrain for conservatives. That sort of activity, plus Trump's libel suits, could start to turn the tide. My hunch: corporate America is the lynchpin of America's future. Right now it sides mostly with the Left, largely out of elite snobbery, plus pure intimidation. Its interests are complicated, though, and. if the leftists embrace civil unrest, the corporate world might reconsider its loyalties (and the for-profit media might turn on a dime).

  3. I have always said there will be a brokered convention. Donna Brazile really had a meltdown this morning on live TV ( was amusing to watch, to say the least. Mark my words, Hillary will sweep in and save the day (luckily, you can not see me rolling my eyes).

    I agree with Anonymous, be afraid of what's coming up in 2024. Get ready for Thursday evening at 6:30 as the President will have a Townhall with FOX News.

  4. hmm..interesting...why does my comment look like that? strange

  5. Dr. Waddy and Anonymous: Let's remember what the Dems did in '72 though. After all their emerging Baby Boomer frantic college dorm born idealism in '68 what did they get? Nixon, who they loathed. So after four years of unendurable marginalization what? Nixon! I mean, after that emotionally crushing repulse in '68, they GIRDED THEIR LOINS AND!? just went ahead and nominated WWII proven but apparently gone anti U.S. power McGovern and his twin VP choices, (Eagleton, who had to resign because of concerns about his mental health - you don't say! - and then silly Kennedy family dilettante Shriver). The by then masterful Nixon wiped them out. If we are drawing parallels to 1968 ( and I think they are very plausible), lets also consider '72 and for that matter '76, when the Dems reluctantly backslid to a seeming liberal/conservative blend in the feckless Carter. After four years of his incompetence: Reagan.

    I do think an eventual split up of our country, because of irreconcilable differences, is a plausible possibility. But I think it equally possible that the leftist madness may be defeated, especially if a resolute believer in and successor
    to Trump emerges. Pence? I think he is as conservative as Trump has proven to be; I do not for a moment think him another Bush I but I would hope he has no trace of apologetic conservatism in him.I respect his personal rectitude but hope he realizes the need for getting down and dirty with the totalitarian left. He could seal the deal in 2025 - following Trump's magnificent defense of the real America.

  6. Dr. Waddy and Anonymous: I say this on Tuesday, knowing that tomorrow we will know MUCH more. Warren will probably not be the nominee but she could be the King maker (oh how she would rue that term,feminist as she is) short of the convention. Suppose she bids her people, who share Bernie's views but of course do not find in him her man hating zeal, to swallow their hate for yet another fight and back him?. It is reasonable that he would in office appoint many of their vindictive antipathy anyway and AOC does grow apace slowly into a nominal kind of adulthood. At 70 or so Warren MAY not get another chance at the vengeful power she thinks her unassailable Boomer due. Is she sincere about her radical beliefs? She may be and she may see her last chance for enacting them in swallowing her gorge and backing Bernie. Less likely partnerships have emerged ( Kennedy - Johnson, Reagan- Bush and even the tentative Reagan-Schweikart ticket in '76).

    Would Warren's shameful acquiescence to one of the condemned half of the human race put Bernie over the top? Could!

  7. Linda: I did not see your comments until after I posted. Sometimes the blog rearranges the order of the comments.

  8. Dr. Waddy, Linda and Anonymous: I do see another hopeful sign (of a sort) in this. Andrew Cuomo has apparently come to the realization that the real America would never stoop to allow his ascendency. He has resolved therefore to leave his far leftist brand on that entity over which he now has, simply due to lala land NYC, dictatorial power: luckless NY State. It may be that he hopes to set an example for other prospective regional tyrants in, either eventually establishing a foundation for national consolidation and thorough enactment of their screed or at least confirming far leftist homelands for the time being. And that strongly suggests a widespread despair of present national domination by leftists, which could foster recklessness on their part in November.

  9. Dr. Waddy: After having reread your comments I want to say how very plausible your opinion of corporate America as the lynchpin of America's future is. The business of capitalist America IS still business. Though we have seen a disturbing tendency among many business people to accomodate the radical left with shameful obeisance to political correctness, still: the business person also displays a keen and studied understanding of what WORKS in this country; their livelihood depends on it and we outside that setting ignore that at hazard of unjustified disdain for the people who more than any other are to be credited with our miraculous prosperity and all the benefits it brings us. When the left is driven to the tawdry margins to which it belongs, they will know it.

  10. Linda, now that Sleepy Joe is the comeback kid, do you still hold to your prediction of a brokered convention? I think, ironically, the only way to get one now would be to keep Liz in the race. A two-man race, it seems to me, is almost certain to go Biden's way -- unless he makes love to a podium somewhere, which can't be ruled out. Could Liz and Bernie ultimately march over the finish line together? Could be.

    I can't wait for the town hall!

    I was hoping 2020 would be a repeat of 1972, but with Biden as the nominee we're more likely to get a repeat of 1968 or 2016...but I'll take any of the above! Victory at all costs is the order of the day.

    As for 2024, speculation is fun, but there are so many incalculables between now and then, among other things the Left's (over)reaction to another loss.

    Jack -- you're right that the bottom line for business people IS the bottom line, plus efficiency and practicality. If Trump offers them continued prosperity, and the Left offers them street violence, they will take the former in a heartbeat!

  11. Dr. Waddy I still stand with my original thought; brokered convention, even with Warren out. Especially with Donna Brazile spouting off the mouth that the DNC is not "screwing" anyone. Can't trust anything that woman says. Oh gosh, thanks for the laughter over Joe and " unless he makes love to a podium somewhere"--now I have trouble getting that thought out of my head, LOL.

    For the record, I know I am out numbered here and at home. But, somehow, the DNC will find a way to mess with either or candidate. I will contend though, the brokered convention looks less likely, just don't count out Hillary somehow someway getting involved. Buckle up, it is going to be interesting. grin

  12. Fair enough: you're sticking with your bet! I would be pretty surprised if a two-man race ended up in a brokered convention, BUT if Biden were to win most of the delegates AND embarrass himself terminally on the campaign trail, MAYBE, just maybe, the convention pot could still be stirred. Hmmmm.