Monday, March 2, 2020

Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery?

Friends, my latest article hits Liz Warren mighty hard.  We all know that for years she claimed to be "Native American" on the very flimsiest of grounds.  Well, it turns out that, all across this country, other people are claiming to be what they're not -- usually, to make money in one way or another.  Group preferences, after all, make minority group status potentially lucrative.  Read on to learn how federal taxpayers are often the losers in these games people play with "identity politics".  Luckily, Liz is going nowhere, but we can still learn from the cautionary tale that is her life and career...


  1. Dr. Waddy, it's fine not to like someone's politics. It's another to lie about their record. Elizabeth Warren has NEVER personally benefitted from her belief that she was Native American. There have been several press investigations into this, including Annie Linskey's comprehensive examination of whether or not she derived any benefit at Harvard -- either in terms of hiring or tenure/promotion.

    You are entitled to your own opinions, but not your own facts.

    1. Rod
      Welcome to this website. I am new here also. As you can see, I like to talk a lot. Looking forward to your comments. It has been rather lonely here. Tell your friends to post opinions here. In fact, it would be exciting to see more comments refuting whatever Dr. Waddy has to say. As you can see, I am conservative, but I am always ready to take on the opposition, no holds barred.

  2. Yes indeed, anything but White, (also known as European-American). Reminds me of that Hollywood Actress last year who was apologizing for her White "privileged" background, and how disgusting it was. Be black, red, brown, or yellow, but never white. Horrors!

  3. I wonder if Liz ever read "Custer Died For Your Sins, An Indian Manifesto" by the late Vine Deloria, Jr. (1969)? Dr. Waddy, I think you should find out if she has read it, and if not, you need to send her a copy. I read this book several years ago, and the author (who is "Native American") does have a sense of humor, some of which is directed towards "White people" who claim to have Indian ancestry. Also reminds me of the late Chief Dan George who was an actor with a sense of humor about all this.

  4. You know of course that there really were "White Women" who became accepted members of real American Indian tribes, and produced "half breed" children who became real Indian leaders back in the old West.

    I was just looking at one of my books, "The Searchers, The Making of An American Legend" by Glenn Frankel. It's all about the making of that 1956 Hollywood classic movie "The Searchers" starring John Wayne, and based on the TRUE story of Cynthia Ann Parker, who was kidnapped as a young girl by the Comanches in West Texas in 1836. Her son, Quanah became a Comanche Chief. There is also the 1954 novel by Alan LeMay "The Searchers".

    No matter what, I still like John Wayne movies. I'm sure he has long since been denounced as a sexist and racist. I have to go now, I am inspecting my T Shirt which says: WHITE, MALE, STRAIGHT, REPUBLICAN, CHRISTIAN. I want to be a martyr for the cause. Ha! Just kidding. Nevertheless, I always manage to see lots of John Wayne memorabilia around when I go to antique shops.

  5. Just to say that my above comment about the John Wayne movie "The Searchers" should have mentioned that it is NOT an accurate version of the real Cynthia Ann Parker story. But the movie is a good example of what Hollywood was doing at the time in presenting stories about "Cowboys and Indians" as envisioned by directors like John Ford, and acted by John Wayne and others. It is a fun watch if nothing else. I WONDER IF LIZ WARREN HAS SEEN IT?

  6. Finally, I would just like to say this, and I hope I am not out of order.

    Dr. Waddy, you need to run for President of The United States of America in 2024 on the Democrat ticket as a Native American. You can forge some papers showing that your ancestors were Arawak Indians from the West Indies who escaped genocide at the hands of Christopher Columbus and his racists sailors. The documents will look so authentic that it will take investigators decades to prove they are false. Then you need to move to the Hollywood area, make an official public grovel saying that you were brain washed by fascists, and then get a job teaching at a nearby Community College. At that time you will announce your candidacy and will be endorsed by Brad Pitt, among others.

    Again, I don't want to sound disrespectful, but you really need to do this. After you become President, you can double-cross the party by introducing conservative programs in Congress. Tell them that the gods of your tribal ancestors told you to do that, and that you have no other choice.

    Please consider this. Thanks.

  7. Welcome Rod Carveth. Warren might not (or did she?)have personally or even politically benefitted from her belief that she was Native American, however, she certainty used it to her advantage. I would also argue perhaps she honestly thought she was and when she found out she wasn't, she should of stopped saying it and even believing it. I often wonder why her family never said anything when she was repeating those stories. Personally, I find the term Pocahontas that the President uses funny, but at the same time quite disturbing that it is being used. The very fact remains that during the 1980s and 1990s she listed on her job applications the partial Native American heritage and was listed as a Native American faculty member in a national law school directory.

    Thanks Anonymous for your comments. I am afraid I'm running behind in keeping up here.

  8. The subject of Liz Warren has been interesting.
    However, I am awaiting Dr. Waddy's predictions on whatever comes out of this SUPER TUESDAY.
    No matter what, I do believe that the "Democrats" are planning something drastic (and possibly illegal) to prevent Trump from getting another term. I just can't believe that something traumatic will NOT happen in the next few months.

  9. Dr. Waddy, Linda, Anon. and Rod: I can trace my ancestry directly back to Edward III of England (really, I can) and it affords me many bases for righteous recompense. There has occured a recent opening in the royal succession and since no one else has applied for it I do so now, notwithstanding the fact that I am, by my modest estimate, 777,895th in line. Failing that, I claim of the powers that be compensation for the the mental and emotional distress which plagues me constantly over the disrespect shown my cousin George III, in that scurrilous document still celebrated in our country, the Declaration! I mean, fair is fair.

  10. Rod -- if you mean that no one has ever proven that Elizabeth Warren directly benefited from her "Indianness" in a professional sense, as far as I know that's true. I never asserted otherwise. I pointed out that she made her claims "at times and in circumstances when they could potentially bring her personal advantage". That's 100% true. Can you think of another reason why a person in the legal profession or academia would make such dubious claims? Can you deny that, oftentimes, the reasoning behind hiring and promotion decisions is ambiguous? The point is that Warren put herself in a position to benefit from her fraudulent claims, and that's...not cool! Just ask any Indian!

    Anonymous, your hospitality to Rod is appreciated! He is most certainly welcome here, and some give and take never hurt anyone.

    Don't get me started on "white privilege" -- a paradigm that is designed to legitimize anti-white racism in virtually any situation. The default view of any liberal these days seems to be...where there's white people, there's racism! Can't prove it? No matter -- we can assume it and go from there.

    As for John Wayne, oh, the poor man was long ago condemned as a racist and a retrograde fascist. I think it was his sympathy for the Vietnam War that cinched the deal. As far as I'm concerned, he was a great American.

    Anonymous, I appreciate your endorsement for a presidential run! Assuming I could erase this blog permanently from the internet, I suppose I COULD reinvent myself as a fake Indian. Here's a head-scratcher for you: why are men allowed to become women, and vice versa, but a white person can't become black, or Hispanic, or Native American? How does the Left square that circle??? Same way they square every circle: by telling people who disagree to shut up! Works every time.

    Linda, thanks for the backup re: Warren. It really is puzzling why someone with DISTANT Native American ancestry would claim to be Indian. You may be right, though, that Liz ia crazy enough that she might have believed it. Could be!

    Jack, your case for compensation is bulletproof. You might also have mentioned that, as an Anglo-Saxon, your people (and mine) were very badly manhandled by the Romans, the ancestors of today's Italians. Mass murder, slavery, indoor plumbing -- we suffered every indignity you can think of. Surely we deserve a nice slice of Italy in recompense, no? Just make it the part that isn't saturated with the coronavirus, please!

  11. Dr. Waddy: But my royal ancestry is Norman, and therefore inimical to the Anglo-Saxons. When one further considers the Viking origin of Normandy I stand thoroughly condemned and would best not assert my tenuous victimhood.

  12. Not so, Jack! The Vikings have been redeemed by some historians. And surely, if they WERE beastly at times, it was their parents' fault...

  13. Dr. Waddy: 'Tis certain, yes, they had VERY much to do with medieval history (and in saying so I do not equate my knowledge of the time with yours) and their infusion of Viking, ehh, assertiveness in a perhaps otherwise disinclined so populace arguably led to that fortunate melding of Anglo-Saxon and French culture after 1066 which produced that greatest of all civilizations, that of perfidious Albion. The parents of the Vikings who stormed the blessed Lindisfarne Island all unlooked for ? I fear to imagine them!